Create a Campaign

Campaign Template Types
You can select a campaign type from the list below. If you are not sure which campaign type is best for you, review the campaign descriptions with the selections to get a good feel for which type fits for you. Notice there are several campaign types, you can: create a Petition, create a Pledge and create a Vote.
Select Petition Petition A campaign requesting a right or benefit from a person, a group or authority.
Select Pledge Pledge A campaign that serves as a binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something.
Select Vote Vote A campaign in the form of an expression of preference for an issue.

What is a YouChoose Campaign Template?
A campaign template is a ready to use webpage that is customized for each campaign type. When you make a selection, a campaign template preview will appear to the right so you can see how your customized campaign layout will appear. Simply hover over or click the type of campaign that you wish to start from the list above, then click on the continue arrow to proceed to the next step.
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YouChoose a Campaign Template Preview
Template Preview