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80s/90s Classic Toon/Kids TV Show channel

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The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Cro, Dinosaucers, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Dragons Lair, Jem, G.I. Joe, Transformers (G1),  M.A.S.K., COPS, Botsmaster, King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors,  Noozles, SuperTed, Fantastic Max, Hey DUDE, You Can't Do That on Television, Savage Dragon, Care Bears,  The Real Ghostbustera, Mighty Max, Mega Man, Yo Yogi, The Adventures of T-Rex, Pinwheel, Swat Kats,  X-Men, Mr. Wizards World, Space Cases, Alvin and the Chipmunks,  The Pirates of Dark Water, Street Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Silver Hawks, Thundercats,  My Little Pony,  Camp Candy, Fufur, Kissifur,  Bobby's World, Capital Critters,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  Freakazoid, Widget, Biker Mice From Mars, Bucky O' Hare, and the list goes on.

These are but a sample of the classic 80s/90s cartoons and shows that I as well as many others have grown up with and would gladly see again.  Unfortunately, a lot of this Golden Era of programming, if not on dvds or for dispersed viewing via various websites and TV channels, has yet to see the light of day since last century. With many exceptions,  a lot of kids programming now seems to be either cartoons and shows of yesterday redesigned and repackaged for todays youth or concepts and designs that look as though there was REALLY little effort involved.

This petition is for all those that yearn for the animated and live action kids programing of the 80s/90s.  To inspire the creation of a channel like Boomerang and Toon Disney,  but show nothing but the 80s/90s programing that remind us of when kids TV was really good. 

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A TV channel for all the stuff I watched when I was younger? Oh yes please!! You're going to need more than one channel though but you'll get incredible ratings! All the adults will watch with the kids!
Accidental double post that it won't let me delete...
He-man, Voltron, SilverHawks, M.A.S.K, Ronin Warriors, Swat Kats, Mega-Man, Wheeled Warriors...I remember all these great cartoons. I remember when we first got sattelite tv, cartoon network used to show some. Now days most of what cartoon network shows is stupid poorly drawn excuses of cartoons, that teach children its alright to be idiots. The cartoons from our era taught children right from wrong. Our cartoons came with a moral lesson. I scour the net looking for these old wonderful shows that bring back so many good memories. Hopefully some day someone will create a channel that carries as you said the "golden era of childrens television".
I think there should be a 24 hour 80's channel featuring the best shows, movies, cartoons and videos from the 80's! Most of the new shows today stink. Imagine: Too Close For Comfort, Different Strokes, Magnum PI, MCGyver, all on the same channel. Saturday mornings the way they used to be with the smurfs, and a Saturday night movie featuring a big hit from a certain year (ET, RAMBO, THE BREAKFAST CLUB) I even say add a video show to showcase when music sounded great!!!

I think they should bring back all the old 80's cartoons and Tv shows today it seems that todays well everything just doesn't cut it. Bring back the things that brought families together and stop taking things away from us that make us happy. Today it seems like broadcast companies only put crap on tv and television ratings where are the days when everyone could watch things and not worry about weather or not your children are in danger.

I certainly agree with you! They should have a vintage disney channel! Like how the radio on my tv works it has the year and it actually has the old commercials and everything! even news! That is what they need! That is my idea. They should Also bring back Vault Disney!

I agree completely

there was a show on USA that was like a mortal combat show they had pieces that went on a belt and i cant find the name of it any ideas

Specifically can you show GEM, GI JOE, Thundercats, Pirates of Dark Water and He-Man!

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