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Abolish the N-word

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The n-word seems to be every where nowadays. And everyone seems to be using it. White people, black people, kids, adults, musicians, and washed-up comedians. It's being used as a greeting, as hip-hop kinship, and a term of endearment. It seems today's younger generation don't realize the history and violence behind the n-word. Many people seem to believe using the n-word is now vogue.


The n-word, once a common label used for African American people, became a derogatory racial epithet. The n-word has carried the emotions of hate and contempt throughout the centuries which is why it is so painful to hear. Every time you say it you release the spirit of hate into the world. The use of the n-word should be abolished and only used in reference to historical matters.

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I am running a campaign now to not only abolish the 'n' word, but to replace it with the 'm' word - madiba. It not only uplifts us a a race, but also serves to honor the man who sat for 27 years inside a jail, rising to beocme the president of the very country that jailed him. Please visit, or visit my FB page "What's Up My Madibaz?" for more info.
tenter case law, judicial percedent primary authority } People v. Grupe, 532 NYS2d 815, 141 Misc.2d 6..US Const. does not support 14th Amend. {freedom of speech, when it liable for the hate crime of racal slur's) Penal Law sec. 240.30 subds. 2, & 3....Ethnicity use of racal slur of n-word is punishable in criminal court of 15 days in county jail....
I have never used this despicable word, and I do not permit it to be used in my presence. ANYONE who dares to attempt to insult me by using this "word" to address me will receive a rude awakening. I am a product of both caucasian and negroid parents,hold a PH.D. in Archaeology, have lived in and visited numerous countries and have studied the etymology and the ethnology of this word, and I try to educate whenever I can. It astounds me that the younger generation to a considerable degree are totally ignorant of the the extensive depths of this concept.
theres an article posted about this same word. kind of controversial. Let's try our hardest to keep this word dead.
theres an article posted about this same word. kind of controversial. Let's try our hardest to keep this word dead.
Living in The South, I feel that this will be a difficult task. Yet, I am willing to put forth my efforts at attempting to see a total erasure of this term from our vocabulary!
Here is the problem: We have decades of Civil Rights movement struggling for equality. People have died for such freedoms. It is a term used to opress a people while that opression was alive and well, and while there may not be ideal equality in the world, the reason for it's use is now dead. Now we have "black" people, "half black" people, thugish individuals, hip hop propegators, some dark skinned hispanic people, all who use the term freely amongst eachother. Even the "half white half black" people. But then the second a person of presumably "white" decent uses the word in the presence of someone who typically uses the word among his/her peers, that is immediately met with tension, stress, social akwardness, and even hate, sometimes violent. The fact that one color, or race, or ethnic group of individuals can use the word, but another color, race or ethnic group of people cannot is wrong. More pointedly, it's called "RACISM". I don't have a problem using ANY word. However, if it is not socially acceptable to use said word if you are one color, and the reason is soley based on the color of your skin, then this proves that this lovely word is only a catalyst for racism and that racism should be banned. Here I have a condition, and ultimatum: The day a white person can use the "N" word amongst a group of "colored" individuals with no fear, racial tension, hatred or prejudice, is the day that the word is acceptable to be used. Until then, no one is oermitted to use it knowledgably in my presence.
i do not use it because i find it offensive but a person below has a good point: that feeling will be there whether we "abolish" the word or not. we, as a global and national community, need to put more effort into fixing that. tolerance is key.
The word is the absolute wosrt kind of vulgar filth. Its offensive, self-rightous and cruel coming from a white person. Coming from a Black person, its demeaning, self-loathing and ignorant. Its very much like a disease and we will ALL be better off when it is finally eradicated.
The 'n' word can get abolished as people might wish.. but does anyone really believe people will stop using it? its too widely spread around the world. too many people know the WORD. but not the MEANING. it will be impossible to stop everyone from using it. these days its not even always used as an offensive word. as someone said.. even african-americans themselves use it as a greeting.. i personally find the word offensive.. but yes.. FREEDOME OF SPEECH. it cant be stopped..
my great nephew, is African descent and my niece is African,and Jamacian descent,I think people,need to stop fearing one another over a person's color,I'm part native ,I don't look it ,but some of the racist things i've heard from people is truly disgusting,I think,if god made us all the same color ,it would be one strange world,I'm glad were all different ,so we can learn from one another,my niece and nephew are two beautiful people and hearing racist slang,words,and ect. is only hate and fear that needs to be stopped!!!!
hating yourself and your own people can never be a good thing! People who insist on using it, even after being educated about it, are in the Black KKK in effect.

i hate the word whether wit an er or an a and never use the word im african american

There is a website that helped me convince people to stop using the "N" word:
Go there, it will truly turn your, and whoever sees it, life around.

I think it my choice as what i say. I hate it went people don't like something & tries to spot everybody else. Live your life & I will live my. Stop running everybody else life. Get a life

It might be easier to take you seriously if you took the time to learn to spell, and compose sentences using actual grammar.

In other words, you may have the right to say what you want but it becomes void when what you say or do messes with someone else's right to be happy and live without fear or hate.

Here's an idea:
Instead of trying to get people to ban a word, whatever it might be, which is not only unconstitutional, but a relatively impossible goal, just ignore it. If you don't let someone know that it hurts you the word itself looses its power, and when it no longer holds power you will see it fade away. It will never disappear completely, but the meaning of a word can change, and the effect of a word can change, and I think that's the closest you will be able to get.

the n word has never come out of my mouth nor do i allow it to be used in my house and if i happen to be around someone who uses it i tell them to not use it in my presence or my children who are mixed with black and white. never has my family used the word in my presence but i can not say the same for their fathers family which would be the black side but they know not to use it in my house and they know i will leave their home if they use it. it will not stop being used till everyone black,white,purple or green stop using it and showing their own ignorance


Niggar, there I said it. It is just a word and it is unconstitushinol to abolish a word. Because something called freedom of speach.

spewing hate towards people will not help prove your point, rather the reverse...

Besides abolishing the N-word, we should also bring to attention that it is not alright to call a grown black man "boy" or a grown black woman "girl" or "gal". Of course ppl will do whatevr they please in the end, but it tis cowardice to let it continue without even trying to stop it. Let ppl come up with another word, I'll still be pleased that ppl stood against the use of this one.

good point!

I believe that if you abolish the word there will just be another word people will start using instead, it is an endless circle to try and abolish the word . Yes I do believe it is wrong to use but there will be something else to replace it.

we have to start somewhere...just do right

As I am African-American, I find it doubly offensive...nasty word!!!

Well, well, well now see Mr. Roger P. has a very interesting point. Based on the fact that what he states is true and alsoit's actually part of the definition of this nasty little N-word. The problem for those who states its history is; your grandparents were not denied an education based on the color of their skin. Therefore you see No harm in it, just like the african-american children of today. And Roger if I may educate you also the rap culture as you previously stated feel because the hardship they suffered they have that right, 'cause the color of their skin and because no one has taken the time to educate them on their history. T.W. I see you also are uneducated, to be offended because of being compared to a nice dry food item is nothing when being called a LOW,IGNORANT FORM OF LIFE! I suggest you grab a Webster's dictionary dated before 1950, where you'll see the definition for that ever so dirty N-word is: NEGRO, BLACK,DIRTY & any other mean thing you could think of. Oh and here's some food for thought, in that same dictionary the definition of the color white is; Clean, Good & Pure and other nice little words of that nature. Justin H. Free Speech, baby you are so right, all I'm asking is before you call someone out of their name, hmmph, look it up and make SURE that it actually applies to whom you're using it on. Thank You- after all until somebody actually finishes their family tree, you'll never know the next person you call such a foul name might be a distant cousin of yours. You ever wonder why its so hard to trace your roots or get your parents to tell you about anyone besides their parents??? ASHAMED... ha ha ha now I'm lol

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