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should abortion be legal?? our new president thinks so...but do u??

if u do then YES ......if u dont think it should be legal NO

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a baby does feel the pain and so does the mother, her uteras is acctualy scared which makes an expected pregnancy very unlikly. and yes it is between her and God but she should have to live with the punishment for her actions. im not saying that we should exclude those who fall short cause honestly that all of us, but we need to be embrassing of those who mess up. Abortion is the exicution of a human life and it needs to be illegal
Abortions happen, it is a fact of life. It doesn't matter if they are legal or not. A woman who wants one will find a way to get one. It really is between God and her. Since it is legal why not use what we can to cure diseases? Here is a thought, If the Pope decided birth control was ok matter the need for abortions would not be so high....think about it.
if you guys dnt wana have kids then dnt have sex no anden de culo caliente cabronas y cabrones
Keep it mothers choice. Said and Done.
Abortion is WRONG!!!!!!! The unborn child can actually feel the pain of death. Think about it. If u were pregant would you want to put to death an innocent little baby?????
how do you know the unborn child can feel pain?
because studies have been done that show a heart rait change in the baby
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That's what adoption is for!

ur a fuken **** how would you lyke it if they aborted you
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