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Alex O'Loughlin/Moonlight Blood Drives

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The Moonlight Gala blood drive was a huge success !  39 presented to donate blood . 32 units were collected !  We will post the dinner auction results soon !

A big Thank you to the donors & everyone who supported us !

We would like to say Thank you to Mary Beth , Kane & Mike here at YouChoose

Alex & Dayna  for all your support , Marci at the ARC & her team who worked the blood drive& Melissa for the vid !

Thank you to the following for giving us permission to post pictuures they took so we all could share in the fun!  Evilyn ,Greeneyes,VG99, Lstevens ,Kellykat & Gretchen !



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To honor Alex O'Loughlin passion for saving lives I show my support for Moonlight Season 2.
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Donate Blood to save Moonlight.
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Donate Funds To American Red Cross in Moonlight's name.
32 Pledges
Announcing an international branch of the Red Cross donation campaign pro Moonlight: ____________ Dear international Moonligh fan community, Over at Moonlightline en Español we Latinamerican and Spanish fans have been discussing a world wide campaign to raise Moonlight awareness. We decided to organize one day where fans from around the world could make a monetary donation (easier to do en mass than blood itself) to the Red Cross in Moonlight's name. The date we have set is the 28th of September, Moonlight's premiere anniversary. The donations go directly to each country's chapter of the Red Cross. The plan is to draw media attention to the widespread nature of our donations and of the support for Moonlight. We are organizing a way to get a global report of the total donation amount after that day. Please expect more specific info. I pledge to support this effort
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Moonlight must come back! Mick St. John is the best vampire ever!
Bring the moonlight back please


I love Moonlight and i want the season 2 go on with more love scene with Mick and Beth. It's soooo hot and sexy. Soooooo cute and i love him very much. Continue your good work, Mick. I love you! Bye! Carole. XOXO

I am so happy that I will be attending the Moonlight Gala...And will be eligible to donate there. I was not eligible to donate ate the Alex O'Louglin / Moonlight Blood Drive in La Vergne, TN.

I gave blood last July25th at the Moonlight blood drive in San Diego, and got to meet with Trevor. Hoping for another opportunity to donate with Moonlight as the sponsor.


I don't know if anyone out there has seen HBO's TruBlood, but it isn't anywhere as entertaining as Moonlight. I watch it because I love vampire shows. The chemistry between the two characters on TruBlood comes no where near the chemistry between Alex and Sophia. Still can't believe it was canceled. Elisabeth

Moonlight was a breath of fresh for TV. So much reality crap that isn't worth watching. This was one show the whole family watched together. We couldn't wait for our 1 hour of pleasure watching the best show on tv. Maybe another network would be smart to pick up this show. Atleast give us an ending! Release this on dvd and see how much money WB makes!

Moonlight was a breath of fresh air on tv. The only thing tv execs are concerned about is what stupid reality show to produce next. This show was great and the whole family watched it together. If another tv network would pick up this show they would be very happy with the revenue. Please put this show back on! At least give us an ending! Put Moonlight out on dvd and see how much money rolls in!


PLEASE SAVE ALEX AND MOONLIGHT! Alex is saving so many people through his association with the Red Cross!

I live in Germany and my family and me are dead keen on Moonlight and we would do all to have this wonderful show back on our screen.

pat wolfe in cinti.ohio aka as micksgirl13

I don't live in the USA, but I still support the cause in Canada by donating at Canadian Blood Services.

I will never look at the MOON the same way after this series.It's a shame it wasn't given more respect. The Whole cast, Trevor and the rest of the writer's and producers were definately shortchanged. Best Show ever. We will continue to donate, to save lives, and to honor the hardwork of those who started all this.

Alex is all heart!! I appreciate his crusade for the Red Cross. We need more humble actors like him. Moonlight deserves a second season!!!! Moonlight Fan Always:)

I'm getting really tired of the TV Money Men making decisions that do not support what their viewers want (make that intelligent, sophisticated, viewers with money to buy products). And it's all the networks! Most shows are either hopped around from one night to another, or not given enough time to take hold and find an audience, before they are cancelled. To add insult to injury, the show is cancelled and ends abruptly in mid-story line. The least they could do is tie up the story and give it some kind of conclusion, rather than keep us hanging....f-o-r-e-v-e-r! If a show is lucky enough to make it, nowadays, there is such a long break between short seasons, that you've forgotten some of the characters and story lines by the time it returns to the air!

So, now they've done it to us of the few shows that I actually look forward to seeing, is gone! I'm on the verge of giving up my satellite dish and TIVO, and going back to the library to renew my card! At least I can choose to read the really good books, and find out how the stories end!!

count me in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moonlight is the show more seen in years, refreshing in their script and actors and seen by people of different ages, countries and cultures, both so that we joined by a cause in common, helping to mankind through the Red Cross, which another series does this, heard this CBS?

No me puedo creer que quiten la serie... Yo casi nunca veo la tele, es más la detesto. Como mucho suelo ver algún que otro programa inglés. Y para una serie que vale la pena [vale si hay más pero no las han cancelado aun] van y me la quitan! Espero que recapaciten y la sigan poniendo...aunque hay que tener narices... mira que comprar los derechos la sexta en una serie que se va a cancelar...

I already donated money to American Red Cross in honor of Alex/Moonlight.

keep this show

I only watch about 4 shows a week and Moonlight was the best one. Haven't looked forward to a show in a LONG time. The story and characters were great, Alex O'Loughlin is a fantastic actor, and I can't believe it's been taken off the air. Are you guys stoned? Because that has to be the only reason an idiotic move like that could have happened. Please let rational thought take over again, and PUT IT BACK ON! (P.S. When is Season 1 coming out on DVD, because I'm going through withdrawal...)

hey WAT STUPID IDIOT CANCELLED MOONLIGHT HUH....... well i sugest u put it back on nd as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coz its the best vampire/crime/romance show that been on since Angel got it.... good now please put it back on asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mentioned that I already donated money to the Red Cross but I put my plea in that I really want Moonlight back. I have been watching television for quite some time and it is the best show I have ever watched on television. I still cannot believe that such a high quality show was cancelled. Bring it back, please.

I already donated money to American Red Cross in honor of Alex/Moonlight.

hi you should really bring moonlight back its like the only thing i watch on tv and i love shows and books about vampires so PLZ BRING MOONLIGHT BACK ON TV AND I BET EVERYONE WOULD BE HAPPY THANXS

I'm not a crazy vamp lover or anything ,I just liked the show, and think highly of people who can think of others and not just themselves.

I think that blood drives for moonlight are grate it's clever and giving just like the show.ALEX'S PART AS MICK, GAVE A GRATE SPIN ON VAMPS.HE HAS THE PERFECT LOOK THAT MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH VAMPS ALL OVER AGAIN.

Moonlight was the best show on tv,It had the best actors, a great story line,and you went and canceled it, I just do not know what you where thinking, I for one, stopped watching cbs,afther that, nothing compares, to ML,give us season 2, show us you have,some conection to the 8 million fans, to ML,cbs do something that makes sense for once.....Besides having, Alex O'loughlin,sign the contract with cbs,You have a, *VERY TALENTED ACTOR* puy him back to work...........HE IS GREAT;)

Interesting how they always take a good show and cancel it only to replace it with reality tv crap. Let the show stay on the air!

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