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Alex O'Loughlin/Moonlight Blood Drives

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The Moonlight Gala blood drive was a huge success !  39 presented to donate blood . 32 units were collected !  We will post the dinner auction results soon !

A big Thank you to the donors & everyone who supported us !

We would like to say Thank you to Mary Beth , Kane & Mike here at YouChoose

Alex & Dayna  for all your support , Marci at the ARC & her team who worked the blood drive& Melissa for the vid !

Thank you to the following for giving us permission to post pictuures they took so we all could share in the fun!  Evilyn ,Greeneyes,VG99, Lstevens ,Kellykat & Gretchen !



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To honor Alex O'Loughlin passion for saving lives I show my support for Moonlight Season 2.
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Donate Blood to save Moonlight.
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Donate Funds To American Red Cross in Moonlight's name.
32 Pledges
Announcing an international branch of the Red Cross donation campaign pro Moonlight: ____________ Dear international Moonligh fan community, Over at Moonlightline en Español we Latinamerican and Spanish fans have been discussing a world wide campaign to raise Moonlight awareness. We decided to organize one day where fans from around the world could make a monetary donation (easier to do en mass than blood itself) to the Red Cross in Moonlight's name. The date we have set is the 28th of September, Moonlight's premiere anniversary. The donations go directly to each country's chapter of the Red Cross. The plan is to draw media attention to the widespread nature of our donations and of the support for Moonlight. We are organizing a way to get a global report of the total donation amount after that day. Please expect more specific info. I pledge to support this effort
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There are only two shows on network television that I ALWAYS watch - "Sunday Morning" and "Moonlight".

I really enjoy this series and sure hope that CBS gives us a second season. Alex O'Loughlin does a great job of acting and his actions promised to the Red Cross are noteworthy.

I would love to pledge to give blood to save Moonlight - or for any other reason. I cannot because I have a heart condition and some other problems and my Dr. said NO! I stay home alot due to my illnesses and, believe me, I have watched alot of TV. (there's only so many books you can read a day!!), The quality of the shows on TV these days STINKS! Thought I am an educated American, STINKS is the word that best describes the shows being produced today. However, I have found that MOONLIGHT incorporates so many good qualities; good actors, good story lines, fantasy, etc. that it is a show worthy of my weekly attention!!

Perhaps CBS prefers to cater to the more uneducated American than the educated who can appreciated a show such as Moonlight!??? I hope they can prove that this is not true by continuing to show Moonlight EVERY Friday night for many seasons.


All my family love moonlight and never miss it.We watch it both Tuesdays and Fridays on Living TV.

I've never cared about a show the way I care about
Moonlight. The actors, the storyline, the action
and humor hooked me from the first episode I caught.
Please give us another season of Mick and Beth and Josef. Other shows are so predictable - Moonlight is the only show I bother to watch these days.
- Anita
West Sacramento

Please do not cancel this show! Moonlight is SO much better than many of the others.

I love Moonlight and knowing that Alex is so involved in giving blood and saving lives, I have even more respect for him.

This show is wonderful and deserves another chance!

please, someone, i need to know if there will be a blood drive in ohio sponsoring moonlight. i will so be there!!!!

I love Moonlight ! I have never been this Involved in a show before! I f I could give my blood I would!

please save moonlight its the best show on tv

If Moonlight is cancelled it will be the biggest mistake the network has ever made. This is a great show and deserves a 2nd season.

Please DON'T say your NOT bring back Moonlight. GREAT cast and writers!!! It truly is a fun show. At our house we look forward to it every week. If donating blood will bring it back next season, then my family and I are in!!!! helping saves lives works too.

I Love Moonlight and have never gone through the lengths of e-mailing ,blogging, and voting on polls and ect... for a show in my whole life.Simply put ,the show is worth it. My sympathies goe out to the writers, cast,and crew of this wonderful program. I appreciate all the work they put into Moonlight to make it the quality show that it is. I pray someone considers this wonderful show and puts it back on TV.

Dear Alex and all cast members of Moonlight.

I read about the demise of your program. I am so sorry for the entire cast and crew who put so much into making this show work. Please know that you have many new fans because of your dedication and talent.

I have signed the petitions, donated to the Red Cross, purchased the t-shirts, and bought and downloaded all of the episodes on itunes. All in the hope of helping you save the show. Now I am signing again. This time to try to get your show moved to another channel.
Whatever the outcome I will follow you in whatever projects you choose. You have another fan who loves what you do. We will all keep our fingers crossed for a season 2, or a move to another channel If our efforts are not successful we will look forward to any new projects you start.
Please Mary Beth let us know how the efforts for the new season are going.

Sue Simmons should have asked CBS What the----are you doing ??

Love and best wishes to all.


I am a lifelong believer of blood donation, and I am strangely attached to moonlight so to combine them both is a wonderful idea. As an O- I am often called on to donate and if there is a chance it might help our show come back, I'm all for it. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!1

Hey, lindsay d. I too am an O ... I'm O neg, so I'm what's refered to as a universal donor. They can give my blood to anyone. I too get called on often to donate ... usually for an infant. It's a wonderful feeling to know you've helped save a life and every time I donate, they hook me up with a quad bag so they can give my blood to four babies. That's an AWESOME feeling. Now if I can donate to give new life to Moonlight ... that would be incredible!

Keep Moonlight Alive!!!!

I wrote a comment earlier and when I posted it disappeared, so I'll try again. Like Alex, I'm all for giving life. I will donate blood, I've been doing that regularly for many years as my 8 gallon pin will attest to. I will also do this in support of having "Moonlight" return for a second season ... and a third ... and a fourth ... and a (you get the idea!) We really want this show to stay on the air!! It is well written, well acted, witty, sexy, it's a love story and has lots of action ... it has it all!!!! It was never given the chance it deserved due to the writers strike, which was NOT their fault ... yet you're jerking the rug out from under them. There are MILLIONS of us out here who love this show!!! Please don't live up to your network letters again ... Cancel Best Shows!!! I will not stop fighting to keep this show on the air.

cbs is losing a great show this had it all give it a chance u guys gave jerico 1 moonlight is a awsome show. moonlight is the best show on tv bring it back CBS

I just signed up--to honor a great show. I NEVER get involved with tv shows--but this one is different. I'm emailing, snail mailing and calling all numbers I can find to protest the cancellation. Go to a Moonlight fan forum to find out how you can contact tptb as well! Let's not give up on OUR show. CBS will lose me for good if they don't reverse this decision. How often do we find a show that has so many people so passionate about it? Never!! Call/email CBS. Let's be heard.

Support the Red Cross, support Moonlight, thank you Alex for making this npossible.

sorry for the typo--Thank you Alex for making this all possible.

We have to do all we can to keep this show going. It is my favorite show & would hate to see it over. Moonlight is the best.

After having just seen the last episode of Moonlight I will do almost anything to get this show picked up....I pledge to watch the show and promote it as much as humanly possible...also I will organize an office blood drive we have over 200 employess..


PLEASE listen to the fans of MOONLIGHT. I am 54 years old and I do not usually get so caught up in a show as I have Moonlight. Up until Moonlight I had never visited a blog, chat room or fan sites.FINDING SOMETHING YOU REALLY ENJOY AND ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT DOESN'T COME VERY OFTEN. We the fans really LOVE this show so PLEASE CBS HELP us keep Moonlight. This show needs a second chance from you. A show so rare it has it all, action, suspense, compassion, forbidden love, humor, laughter and drama. What more could you ask for. MOONLIGHT ROCKS AND DESERVES A CHANCE!!!!!!

This is a sexy, intelligent show with great actors, great music, and great story lines. It is SO not fair to kill this show off because its ratings faltered due to the writers' strike. It deserves a chance to prove itself. Come on! Look at the passion of Moonlight fans! This is the only CBS show I watch - if it doesn't come back, you'll lose me for good.

this is the only cbs show i watch too. they need to give it another shot...they did with jericho. if we could only figure out something to send them to make an impact, like fans did with peanuts for jericho, which worked. know there are blood drives going on but the network probably doesn't notice it. we need something "in your face"

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