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And the Oscar Goes to: Heath Ledger

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Dark Knight’s success was expected, and if you were lucky enough to see the movie you probably are still experiencing the after effects of the late Heath Ledger’s terrifying performance as the “Joker”. An Oscar nomination is inevitable for Ledger and I think it is safe (and sad) to say that he is the James Dean of this generation.

Only one star has won an Oscar from beyond the grave (Peter Finch, Network in '76) so we shall see if the statue will go to Heath early next year. I have not read one bad review of Ledger… even The New Yorker gave him a rave (and that says a lot). With all due respect, this is one hellava way to go out.


Sign this petition if you feel that Heath Ledger's performance as "The Joker" deserves an Oscar.


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Heath ledger may have passed away but his performance as the joker will never die!!

he deserves this oscar

he has to win

there is no competition

I Love Heath Ledger.
He HAs To Win This.
He's An Aazing Actor.

Hello!My name is nicholas larizza.I think Heath Ledger deserves the oscar award because he shows to us a real "Joker" ally with the most powerful criminals of gotham city .We could saw a crazier joker and more dangerous too.I thought the joker's performance was good and i wasn't wrong about that.When I saw the movie I saw him very excited as the joker's paper he really scared me on the cinema.

Heath Ledger definitely deserves an Oscar for his performance!!!

it's so sad that he died.
and a terrible way too.
he would've been an amazing actor,
this movie proves it. i hope he wins it
i'll cry if he doesnt.

Me from India, I have already watched the movie 6 times, have gone crazy for this performance. Ledger rocks and if he doesnt get Oscar for this, I wont believe in Oscars anymore.


definitively yes!!
He Was the joker, he was bloody brilliant!
Its rare to see somebode get a character like that so well
Hellz yeah you get and oscar Heath!

i've always love heath ledger, and he was amazing in this film ( :
i don't think anyone else could have been better as the joker

he should get it!
his performance was mind blowing
and he committed to the role
he was not just an actor
he was the joker

Who is better...?

Just saw the movie yestrday. It was fantabolous!!! Heath Ledger really made the movie and i'll be shocked if that performance didn't earn him an oscar. Its well deserved.



Heath deserves an oscar more than any other actor.
He totally pulled off the joker,amazing acting.
Love you heath. R.I.P

The best joker... I love him...

Te quiero Heath, desde España, siempre contigo

Oscar para el!!!
And the Oscar goes to... HEATH LEDGER!!!
of course!!

the best joker imo

Oscar to Haeth...his Joker is great...

R.I.P., Heath..we love U..

i think taht heath ledger is one of the most remarcable actors in the history...only he was able to show the joker in this way...he was sitting all the days along in the hotel and thinking about the role,making a special voice,laugh for the joker..he deserves an oscar!

He's made a masterpiece. He deserves an Oscar as noone does.


his performance was excellent... no one could perform that role better....
an oscar would be an oner for his memory... he diserves it

There is no question about it. Ledger's performance was simply incredible. I don't think i can go all out as to say he is the best actor ever, only that he was well on his way towards becoming so. He managed to characterize the role so utterly compellingly. I despair when i think that this was his last (full feature) film. Just imagine what he else he could have done. Tragedy.

I cannot see anyone else being given an oscar over Heath Ledger. to do so would be a grave misjudgement. His performance is truly deserving of recognition. An Oscar is the least that can be bestowed. If only he were still with us.

Heath Ledger

He deserves an OScar for god sake!

Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar, him being dead has nothing to do with it. He truly is the joker, truly in his character that you didn't even realize it was him. I've always loved him, and no matter what anyone can say about him he was amazing. R.I.P and his family is in my thoughts.

Heath Ledger was an amazing actor, and The Dark Knight proves it! You can't even tell it's him. It's The Joker. He did so well, and he definitely deserves an Oscar for it!

Heath Ledger performance was so good that watching the movie made you forget that it was heath... any actor that can do that deserves an Oscar! Heath Ledger deserves an oscar because he made the movie! I really don't think it would have done as well if anyone but heath had done the "Joker"

I believe if Heath Ledger hadn't died, the movie would have still been a hit which means he deserves this more than any actor, ever, he was an inspiration to every inspiring actor/ actress.

I personaly think Heath Ledger is the best actor EVER.
Batman begins was never this big.
and since heath ledger plaed the joker in this one, it is better than it could have ever been.

I still don't think they should make a sequil without heath ledger, it just wouldn't be the same at all.

no one is like him
he was an amazing actor with a great life
he i amazingggg
seen the movie 4 times now(:

Never seen anyone amazing as heath ledger

se lo merece!!!!

100% OSCAR PRIZE DESERVED... sad he's unavailable for a sequel, at least until we all die i think... (hahahaha) - Trying to come up with a joker line style.

My respect and admiration to ledger and his family.

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