And the Oscar Goes to: Heath Ledger

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CONGRATULATIONS HEATH! WISH YOU WERE HERE TO ENJOY THE ACCOLADES!  THANKS EVERYONE! Dark Knight’s success was expected, and if you were lucky enough to see the movie you probably are still experiencing the after effects of the late Heath Ledger’s terrifying performance as the “Joker”. An Oscar nomination is inevitable for Ledger and I think it is safe (and sad) to say that he is the James Dean of this generation. Only one star has won an Oscar from beyond the grave (Peter Finch, Network in '76) so we shall see if the statue will go to Heath early next year. I have not read one bad review of Ledger… even The New Yorker gave him a rave (and that says a lot). With all due respect, this is one hellava way to go out.   Sign this petition if you feel that Heath Ledger's performance as "The Joker" deserves an Oscar.
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I have never seen anyone

I have never seen anyone take a role of a villian so serious. He took it to a level unlike ever before. I was amazed with the terror the he awoke in all of us in his role as the Joker. It is very sad that his best role came about in a time when all we want to do is celebrate him.

His performance was the most

His performance was the most brilliant, marvelous, stupendous, thrilling, chilling, heart stopping acting I have ever seen. RIP Heath Ledger- Great work.
I'm planning to see the movie a third time, just to see and listen to him act again.

Same here. But I haven't

Same here. But I haven't seen it more than once. I would see it a million times if I had the money.

heath ledger surely deserves

heath ledger surely deserves an oscar for his splendid performance and portrayal of emotions in the movie.....he simply stole the movie....

Heath Ledger was simply a

Heath Ledger was simply a miracle in acting and as a person. He was the BEST actor EVER in my opinion with such a talent and an exceptional person who could play various characters the way as he did (with his heart and his soul!). I will forever miss him on screen for more amazing roles he might take... If Heath does not get an Oscar, then Oscar award might just be a joke!

u are so rigt i will miss

u are so rigt i will miss him he is so sexyy i am obsesed with him but i am not a jacka## like people that stalks matilda and that other lady i dont like because she stole my hunck of man kandy away from me.... that reminds me I HATE THAT MOVIE CANDY because he makes out with a ugly grl and every second he kisses this gay girl 2 me no effence 2 the peeps wo like that movie......sry

Yes, and... yes!!!!!

Yes, and... yes!!!!!

He deserves this Oscar above

He deserves this Oscar above all !
Not coz he's dead bcoz' of his brilliance in acting a character created by somebody else.
May he rest in peace...

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