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Bellas lullaby

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Whos version of Bella's lullaby do you want to hear in the Movie Twilight ?


"We reshot the 'Bella's Lullaby' scene with a different piece of music," Pattinson explained. "I heard my original one the other day, and I really liked it. I was kind of depressed afterwards, but I like the new one as well. The new one I didn't write; the composer Carter Burwell did it.

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I like robs version better cuz there aren't the other instruments in it

I just dwnloaded Roberts version and it's sooo beautiful!
It sounds more like the version i thought of!

The right lullaby is by carter burwell.

robert is a very talented composer.

VOTES... ?

Rob originally wrote it for the movie and i think it should be acknowledged.It is probably 10 times better than the composer's version anyway.We Support You Rob and i also fully agree that you should pos your version somewhere on the internet...Like Youtube.Or on myspace.Just Somewhere so your fans can also appreciate the work you did.

Rob's version is like NOWHERE on the net. Ppl say its this song called River Flows In You but thats by Yiruma. Rob should post his somewhere but I dont think he's giving it to anyone.

robert i love you !!!!! you inspired me to compose my own lullaby!!!!

I love twilight soooo much it is my all time fave movie and book!!!!! :)

The composure by Burwell is no comparison to Robert's! Robert's is absolutely beautiful!

I thought that Bella's lullaby was The river flows in you by Yiruma? >.< confused!

I think it would be fitting if Rob's version got into the movie <3

hi, could you give me a copy of the lullaby? i want to play this one. thanks

A composer should be payed to do the work not some actor...

ppl where did u here robs i havent heard it and i want to where did u hear it...ive heard the carter burwell one and i dispise it its horrid and i want to hurt however thought of even puttin it in the show but where did u hear robs????tell me plz pretty PLZ

i never heard robs but i wasnt to impressed with CARTER BURWELLS VERSION

I haven't heard Robert's version of Bella's Lullaby, but I have heard Carter Burwell's only because I have the Twilight CD!!!!!! hee hee hee

Ok if u pre-order the tickets on then u can hear the bellas lullaby (remix) and it SUCKS OMGGG it is NOT how stephanie described it in the book its just the same verse recorded over and OVER again it totally and COMPLETELY SUCKS!!

It will be best if Robs' lullaby for Bella was used because he was in the moment when he did it, he plays Edward so he has a better idea of what Edward feels than anyone else.

Keep it real ,I like Robert's better....

They should have kept Robbie's!!!


if they didn't want to use rob aka spunk's verison then why make him do it and turn around and tell him no it breaks my heart when people do that.

i think he's really talented. he can act as well as capable of making good music. I'd really love to hear his's such a shame they picked carter's version. i think more people will buy the soundtrack if Rob's version is on it.. but hell, it's Bella's lullaby, i can imagine it in my dreams, and i can't wait to hear it, whether it's carter's version or Rob's version......

i agree with maria c lets hear robs voice somewhere

I would like to hear both versions of the song. Since they won't be using Rob's version in the movie, they should at least give the fans a chance to hear it on the soundtrack. Even if it was a hidden track, the cd would sell tons more.

Let's hear Rob's version. After all, the picky test audiences (-if that's the reason-) might've had their way in voicing their disapproval of his version and wanted something different. Please let's prohibit the makers behind "Twilight" from pulling another I Am Legend move on this, where the picky test audiences who might have been sniffing glue before seeing the film complained about the ending that explained why the monsters were after Dr. Robert Neville and replaced it with the crappy ending where Dr. Robert Neville just blows the monsters right up.

I want Rob's lullaby! :)

Rob was right in explaining that his should be in the movie concidering he IS would only make it right...

you've got to put robert's his song was awesome, plus it would meean more if his was on there.

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