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Blood Ties - Season 3

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Blood Ties Fans, Let's make sure that Blood Ties has a Season 3 on Lifetime.  Sign this petition to show you love the show.

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The best supernatural series / love combination why cancel when its just getting started lots of answers need to be discussed. It has everything I love to see in a series it teases you and I'm not not talking about the tease where out of nowhere its canceled I hate when I get into something and out of nowhere its canceled there was still things that needed to told I just don't think its right to cancel you know after it was told that it was being canceled I did'nt leave my sister alone I was so upset

I love this show. I have loved it since the first time I saw the commercial for it. Blood Ties is amazing. The actors are phenomenal. I stay home on Fridays just to watch this show. I love the love triangle, and I cannot believe that the Lifetime Execs are trying to leave us with the cliffhanger at the end of the second season. It would be very idiotic to take the show off now, especially with all of the support that it is getting. Let's face it: in the US, Blood Ties MADE Lifetime! So please don't cancel one of my, and countless other peoples, favorite show!!!

Please keep BloodTies. I love this show.

Love Blood Ties! Please bring season 3 back if not on Lifetime then maybe SciFi!! Season 2 did end alittle weird with all the men in Vicki's just walking out on her.

bloof ties has to krrp on going!!!!!!!

i love blood ties the way season 2 endend was stupied. i hope there is a season 3 and if there is vicky should hook up with sexey heney and not mike i mean henery was sexyer than mike. hes not even cut. and plues who is vicky going to ask to help here woth all the dimond stuff.

I live in Latvia, but thanks to internet i can watch all Blood ties episodes. I realy hope that this show will have season 3.

Please, Please, Please, dont take Blood Ties off of LifeTime. Ever since I saw the first episode i have been hooked. Henry is so so so sexy and every night it comes on my friends and i sleep overs each others house just to watch him and Mike fight it out over Viki.

Please Keep Blood Ties on. I love the show and the guy with plays Henry is sexy and he breathes life into the show. I have watched faithly since the first season and its a shame that once you get a fan base you go and do this. So please keep it.

I love Bloodties it is has been a true honor to watch it.lifetime if you let go of BloodTires me and everyone who watchs Friends and Family will not watch Lifetime anymore.Barbara S

I can't imagine NOT watching Blood Ties....I look forward to it! KEEP IT!!! -- Shelly R.

i love this show keep it on -------mark D

i love blood ties although i work on friday nights so i have to go online but when is the show actually now i have tried to look for it and can't find it can anyone help me

Please ! I'm french,I live in France and Blood Ties is increasingly known in France thanks to Internet. It's really a brilliant series . Please! You give us another season. The end of the last season is really disappointing, such a good series cannot be concluded by that. Keep it on !

bloodties is a good show. also very sexy!!!!!!!!! keep it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For heavens sake there is so much rubbish on TV at the moment...reality tv programs with has been celebs. Please give us another season of this wonderful show. The stories are fantastic the chemistry between the key characters is fantastic. Go on, you know it makes sense. Viki has a job to do and she's only just started it.

I work shift work so my watching Blood Ties will rarely if ever show in any network ratings.I still use my VCR. That was my lifeline for watching Blood Ties. Also love that Toronto is Toronto; my home town. Also one of the few shows that my family enjoys together. Please bring it back for Season 3+. There are too few enjoyable shows to watch nowadays to lose one of the few good ones. Reality shows not allowed in our household. The more reality shows on TV, the less TV our family watches. Thanks for listening.

It isn't fair. When you are watching an interesting tv series, suddenly they decided to cancel the show. They don't think about the fans, they only think about money. They don't have a heart!

You can't cut blood ties off with that, come on, have a heart, many fans are waiting for a thrid season, so be nice, and give the people what they want

We all LOVE Blood Ties! It is so entertaining and I love to sit down with my popcorn and watch it! I will be so sad if you get rid of it! PLEASE DON"T!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg, they have to bring blood ties back, it's the best thing going! we all love it and don't shut up about it, we'll be heartbroken if blood ties does not come back! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am 15 years old and i am from the UK where Blood Ties is also getting aired on Living TV on thursday nights. It is my favourite show in the world and i have fell in love with it. I then heard that it might not be coming back for a 3rd Season and i was devastated (so much so that i actually cried in school but my friends didn't laugh because they all watch it with me) IT IS THE BEST THING GOING AT THE MOMENT AND I COULDN'T LIVE NOT BEING ABLE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, SEASON TWO ENDED WITH SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. BRING BLOOD TIES BACK!!!!!!!!!!

i'm only 15. i'm from the UK. i actually wait for every thursday to come around just so i can see blood ties. i love it. it's my favourite show ever. i even love it more than sex and the city and friends (which is a big thing as i am a fan of both). BRING BLOOD TIES BACK!!!!!!!!!

The best program on tv at the moment dont shut it down.

This is the best show which I sow, 3 season must to be. Bloode Ties Forever!!!

We are awaiting with impatience the third season Blood Ties! It's the most interesting serial!

We are awaiting with impatience of continuation third season of Blood Ties! It's the most interesting serial!

Blood Ties is one of the few interesting things on TV. Please Lifetime, inject a little dough into this show to improve the production values and let it rip. It is very very popular with its fans (it goes without saying). Do not give up on a good thing.

Come on Blood Ties rock dont take it of the air i will be lost without it and so will everyone who watches it!!!!

The show is something that I really injoy watching. I like that whole vamp show and I watch reruns of Angel, Moonlight and Blood Ties.
It would be a real same to take it off you air on the original Life Time.
People are worried that the only way to watch it if decided to make it on another package that costs more money for all of us.
News tip, I am in the 20-30 age range. Everyone I know in my age group like these types of shows. Guess what that is ratings. Yeah my strange work schedule does not always let me support my shows with statistics in viewing. You take these shows off your programing lists you will face the undying fact that we are your main viewers. I see less and less comercials for older women between 30-40's, and 40's plus. Those commercials are more during the period between 10am-5pm. We are the new parents in my age group and we are the ones that your sponsers want. You are probably losing viewers to moonlight and ghost whisper because it's either a movie that has been over done or reruns.

Don't get me wrong on the reruns but limit those episodes more and bring back Blood Ties. People like to have fantacy in their lives. Think about that, you lose viewers every day to other networks because you're looking to still keep the older viewers programs on over the newer views that buy packages from the satelite or cable companies.

Think about that before you cut your viewers even more.

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