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Blood Ties - Season 3

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Blood Ties Fans, Let's make sure that Blood Ties has a Season 3 on Lifetime.  Sign this petition to show you love the show.

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Bring it back, please.
This thing is really worth seeing.
I don't want to watch Blood ties again. I think that final serie was perfect because I hate happy ends;X it would be horrible. "deep Dark" makes "blood ties" different from other TV series
Bring it back! or at least a finale movie.
i want blood ties :X
Bring it back i LOVE Blood Ties!!!!!!!!!!
Please bring it back, or at least do a movie length episode (or 2) to finish it!!!
Deffo should be bought back im so angry it got axed!!
bring back blood ties please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring Blood ties back please! I absolutely loved it!!!
I love blood ties I think it is a awesome show and it took till now to find it again I want it back and I want to own all of it to rewatch it again
come on we have waited to long for the next season.
please keep this goin its one of the few shows i watch with my bro who has MD(muscular dystraphy) we LOVE it
keep this show going its one of the few shows i watch with my bro who has MD(muscular dystraphy) we LOVE it
keep this show going i love it i watch it with my bro who has MD(muscular dystraphy)
keep it running i loved this show i watch it with my bro that hads MD(muscular dystraphy)
Please keep the show going- its one of a kind!Love it!
please keep going It just cant end like this
I love it keep it going
I loved this season, please finish it off it was just left hanging very dissapointed
please i want another season!it can't end like this!!1
Please I want another season! (From Chile) :)
Please, it cannot end that way! We need more!
plz bring it back im in love with them and now im gonna have to cry because now we dont know what happens well i know because i have the books but i still want to SEE it
yes please make more bloodties its my fav thing to watch i have season 1&2 i watch them everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please make more please
yea i want it back also!!!!!!!! it ended on a friggin cliff hanger!!!>:(
Bring back 'Blood Ties'
I'm form Romania and just finish'd the first season(and started the secound one) don't tell me there is not going to be a tird one
We are German and we love Blood Ties too. Henry and Vicky are so sweet together...
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