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Blu-ray vs. HD DVD

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Microsoft, Sony and dozens of other large corporations have spent years NOT agreeing on a standard format for the next generation DVD. The result: two separate and incompatible formats are being offered to consumers. Eventually, like Betamax and VHS before them, one will win and one will lose. As of now, which one will win and which one will lose is uncertain. What is certain is that consumers will lose. Why? Some consumers will buy the losing format and end up with obsolete equipment. Many more consumers will buy nothing until after there is a clear winner - and prices will remain high until a mass market is developed.


It is our belief that we the consumers can determine the winner in this format war. How will we do this? By having YOU vote for the format you prefer to win (Click here or on "Comparison between Blu-ray and HD DVD" link in the "Learn More" section to the left to see a comparison between the two formats). Then we all agree to buy the format that wins the vote. OK, it's as much a social experiment as a consumer stand. But our goal is clear - push the losing format to drop out. Let's take control! WHY DID YOU VOTE AS YOU DID? Share your thoughts in the forum below.
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A friend of mine told me that a salesman stated to him: for a little less money than a bluray you can have an HD DVD that's almost as good as bluray!" Almost as good means "NOT AS GOOD"! Why bother? Just buy the bluray already!
Blu-Ray=Awesome HD DVD=Fail
Blu ray is too expensive. every1 already has dvd players and dvds and there isnt enuf difference in the quality to make every1 hav to switch over to buying new expensive machines and more expensive movies cuz they're blu ray.. its better just to keep dvds
i thought hd dvd was dead ?? oh a reply to alan P. the original DVD was developed by sony ... but toshiba copyrighted the hd-dvd name .. thus they cant use the name again but i think the story continues to the point that they said the if they had a dvd indicated in the name it would have to be bacwards compatible ( meaning that the HD dvd would have to be readable by the old dvd lens ) i'm just trying to say is that the blu ray name wasnt their first choice and later changed the name to blu ray as a nod for them using a blu laser for the reading lens
they are pretty much the same but apparently blu ray has a really good picture or whatever. but hd dvd is good because its better for people, i guess. i just dont like the words blu ray. i stay loyal to dvd
Hasn't Blu-ray already won?
i wont vote for either... add an open-source option, that can be standardized, used by all, and has players that can read blueray, HD DVD, DVD, media files (.avi, .mpg, .mp3), and is compatible with all HD home recording formats... and i'll vote for that option. an open-source standardized media format would end the media format wars for good, since it wouldn't be designed for or maintained for-profit and could therefor adopt any features, technology, or code without being accused of piracy, since piracy is theft for profit. it could maintain itself, and it's open-source successors as the end all media format technology. no tyrannical for-profit glutton would be able to touch it for adaptability, ease of use and implementation, sophistication, or et cetera... die capitalism die!

there's no reason to kick out DVDs cuz most ppl prolly cant afford a Blu-ray rite now so um that would really suck for those who cant afford it and have DVDs and suddenly they stopped making DVDs so yea

Little over a year and I still have my HD-dvd player I bought for the grand price of $99 sitting in my living room. I only have 9 movies which I got free with the unit. Been using the thing as our main dvd player as an upscaler. One thing I learned from this whole deal is I have no intention on getting a blu-ray. Upscaled DVDs are more than good enough and the price for Blu discs and the player are not worth it. Judging by the poor overall sales in comparison to dvd players and movies Im not alone in that thinking. If and only when a blu player drops below $100 and the discs are the same price as regular dvds Ill finally get one. Until then, I see no reason.

Well, it's almost a year later, and I still have issues with my BD player. I never had any hangups with my HD DVD player. I never had any firmware issues. I never had the crazy long load times that I have with my BD player. I still watch the movies I have on HD DVD, and even bought a new one on eBay last night. I like both formats - don't get me wrong - but Blu-ray has so many issues and kinks to work out still. It's not standardized. I liked the no hassle from HD DVD. I still wish there would have been more time to sort it all out...but who knows....

I'm with you on this one. I have owned my Toshiba HD-DVD player for nearly a year now and have never had any problems. And burning my hi-def video camera footage to an HD-DVD format on standard dvds has worked perfectly.

But since Blu-Ray won the war, I was graced(?) with a Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray player for Christmas. My first step was to see if it could handle AVCHD video on standard dvd's as stated in the manual. It could not. So I upgraded the firmware from 1.0 to 1.1 and found could play the AVCHD disks that I created flawlessly.

All was well until they implemented firmware 2.0 with BD Live. They took away the ability to playback AVCHD disks due to 'piracy issues'. So what is a person to do with a hi-def camcorder without a dvd player that will play it back in hi-def. So I returned the unit to Wal-Mart for a full refund and will continue to burn my hi-def home movies onto hd-dvd disks. Besides, with the advent of streaming hi-def movies over the internet through companies like Netflix, it looks like Blu-Rays victory will be rather short-lived.

My 48" HD Plasma already shows more than I need to see on the actors' faces with HD DVD. I really don't care enough about an extra pock mark showing to run down and get Blu-rays to replace all my DVD players.

See you in the pile along with Betamax and Firewire!

People, if you thinking Bluray is a latest successor or winner on these decades you,re really wrong again.
because what happend when hd-dvd dropout by Toshiba but why hd dvd sales is still alive again? sales more than bluray, mind you..
http://formatwarcentral.c om/index.php/20...

Blu-ray sight and sound quality are unbelievable. For those of you that are skeptical, there's no better movie than Transformers to make you a believer.

On 1080p, the picture is crystal clear, the colors are vibrant, and the sound is amazing, I swear you can practically feel those freakin' robots.

Full of good bonus features that update in real-time (BD-Live capabilities). Plus Michael Bay talks about how they took each Transformer from toy to movie star.

You can find out more at

Jeff, TF

i've seen both, and Blu-ray is the one that is sitting in my living room.

HD is the biggest comercial lie ever told, a DVD upscale to 720p or another resolution looks almost the same as a Blueray or HD DVD, the look really really good, and pretty much everyghing plays them (on the cars, computers, and all video game console) Blueray will be a considerable good format in 4-5 years, for now DVD is good, and DVDDL can storage movies in 720p format which is HD too, DVD will rule for the next 4 year, HD is too expensive for the public, first is the TV, then the Player, than the HD audio system, that alone is almost 2000 dollars if you really want to get total HD (1080P) again is a comercial lie to sell all those devices.

I for one am glad that Blu-ray won. All the HDDVD supporters kept saying that the higher bit rates and more capacity was useless. Here is part of a review of the Blu-ray release of Top Gun from Hi-def Digest. It reads:
Paramount offers a wealth of audio options on the Blu-ray of 'Top Gun': Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround (48kHz/24-bit, identical to the previous HD DVD), French and Spanish dubs in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (640kbps), and best of all, a DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio 5.1 Surround (48kHz/24-bit) that's exclusive to this Blu-ray. With bitrates noticeably higher than the TrueHD, the DTS-MA is the clear winner -- it's a pretty sizable leap in quality.Loudness is noticeably stronger on the DTS-MA right out of the gate, but even after volume level matching, clarity and depth of sound are superior over the TrueHD (which is no slouch on its own). The subwoofer delivers excellent bursts of low bass, that hold quite tight with only the deepest rumblings flattening out a bit. Surrounds are lively and engaged during the aerial dogfight sequences. Rears have noticeable heft, with smoother imaging on the DTS-MA. although imaging may be a tad smoother on the latter.

Even non-action scenes have some pronounced atmosphere, which isn't always the case on older catalog titles. Dynamics have great punch, with the DTS-MA really impressing me with how much more pronounced peaks and valleys sound. I still wish the pop/rock tunes were bled a bit more to the surrounds (the score is superior here in terms of bleed), but that's indicative of the original sound design. Despite the increased loudness of the DTS-MA track, I had little problem with dialogue, which is clear and generally well-positioned in the mix. 'Top Gun' sounded quite good before on HD DVD, but I found this Blu-ray and the DTS-MA track to be a surprising improvement.

There is another HD format called HD-VMD(HD Versatile Multilayer Disk) getting ready to burst upon the scene. It is a low-cost red laser technology, as already available in DVD players that achives HD by providing multilayered diskspace to reach resolution upto 1920x1080 pixels, conventionally known as 1080p. Currently it provides diskspace of 30 GB and promises to increase the layers to provide a storage space of upto 200 GB. It provides upto 7.1 sorround sound channels that includes Dolby Digital Plus and is fully backward compatible with existing DVDs, CDs etc upscaling DVDs to the near resolution of the magical 1080p. The product's USP is its incredible low price considering that one of the two players currently retail at $150 apiece. The top bosses in the company have claimed that even if they retail the player at $90 apiece they would still make a profit which Blu-ray can never achieve. Ofcourse, the Blue-ray people have countered it. The only difficulty expressed by the company is pursuading major Hollywood studios to agree to bring out software in the format. They are even trying to convince the Mumbai Film Industry to adopt the technology while embrassing HD. The company wants to survive alongside the existing HD format as a lowcost alternative and not to be seen as a competitor to its more tech-savvy rival. So friends ! if they are able to cach the Indian entertainment market and for that matter the whole of the developing world, they have a winner in their hands.

I'm sticking with dvds

First of all, I have happily been watching BD movies since the purchase of my PS3 (which is whole other bag of good stuff altogether).

I have an HDTV and would like to squeeze the most out of that purchase. It makes sense to have as many options as possible to make that HDTV purchase worthwhile. Secondly, the BD discs are more durable. If you have children (even if you don't) you know how easily the discs become scratched and even unplayable. All of my BDs look pristine because of the protective layer.
These are only practical reasons I've mentioned. There's also the fact that movies DO look far superior to their regular DVD counterparts even when upscaled.

Now, there's nothing wrong with DVD if you don't plan on getting a high-definition monitor or audio equipment. But for those of us who do, and the numbers will only grow with time, BR is the future and will be for some time.

If it ain't broken don't try to fix it. Whats wrong with DVD. Both BR and HD require HDTV which until they sort out the price of these then BR and HD will have trouble selling. Another format will probably come out in the next few years that ticks all the boxes and blows these 2 out of the water. If you put DVD up on the voting buttons I would guess that most of the people would be happy sticking with what they have at reasonable costs. DVD is not dead by a long shot yet.

HDTVs are selling. Maybe you don't have one but more households are picking them up every single day. New formats are inevitable. Happened to VHS, LaserDisc, DVD and it'll happen to BD someday, too. Just like game consoles upgrade every few years.

it seems that BR win HD its several advantages:
1,the monolayer capability of BR is 25GB,while HD is 15GB,and the Double-decked capacity of BR is 50GB,bigger than HD 'S 30GB
2,ps3 are made by BR which is so popular and HD has lost a good chance.and SONY pay more to movie company and BD win another good chance
3,HD can be produced by the same way like DVD,so it is easy to be pirated,but BD is no so easy to be pirated
ok,no matter you buy CD,VCD,DVD,Blu-ray or HD-DVD,there is a good tool to repair the scratches on them--discrepair machine.this is a new and large industry, more and more cds and dvds are used, however most people do not know they can be repaired when scratched, so have to throw away, that is one huge loss, they just need to pay less money to buy one disc repair machine,then many discs are saved,it is very worthy.especially for dvd rental stores...
our company has been on developing the discrepair machines for more than 7 years,developed several models--Disc Buddy,SY7,SY4,SY5 and so on.our purpose is to improve the machine quality and reduce its price--lowest price of these machines is just 80 USD,the highest price is no more than 700 USD,up to now,we have many distributors in ASIA,EURO,UK,AMERICA,AUSTRALIA.
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A Big waste of money!! I've seen both of them Nothing is different they're both the same! I'm sticking with the DVD's I have now. There's no point in switching! It's not like an "8 track"!!

I will just wait!

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Yea Buddy!

why should we have to send more money t0 change our movie collections so some one else can make more money. Get over it. ps

you don't have to do that. it's the most ludicrous argument ever. When a studio reissues a movie as some Ultimate Collector's Edition Super-Duper Whatever are you compelled to purchase it (it's called "Double Dipping," by the way).

It seems for most people who own BR, they plan to purchase titles that they don't have and the ones that are yet to be made yet. Some will upgrade their old ones and that's their coin.

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