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Blu-ray vs. HD DVD

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Microsoft, Sony and dozens of other large corporations have spent years NOT agreeing on a standard format for the next generation DVD. The result: two separate and incompatible formats are being offered to consumers. Eventually, like Betamax and VHS before them, one will win and one will lose. As of now, which one will win and which one will lose is uncertain. What is certain is that consumers will lose. Why? Some consumers will buy the losing format and end up with obsolete equipment. Many more consumers will buy nothing until after there is a clear winner - and prices will remain high until a mass market is developed.


It is our belief that we the consumers can determine the winner in this format war. How will we do this? By having YOU vote for the format you prefer to win (Click here or on "Comparison between Blu-ray and HD DVD" link in the "Learn More" section to the left to see a comparison between the two formats). Then we all agree to buy the format that wins the vote. OK, it's as much a social experiment as a consumer stand. But our goal is clear - push the losing format to drop out. Let's take control! WHY DID YOU VOTE AS YOU DID? Share your thoughts in the forum below.
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The real losers in this war: (1) Early buyers of blue ray players who now have an obsolete player. They can join with other blu-ray buyers in the law suit sony/Samsung (and others manufactures who new blu-ray was not finished) (2) early buyers of the HD DVD players who paid too much. (3) People on both sides who were/are to stubborn/close minded to take advantage of the deals the competition between HD DVD and Blu-ray created this last year. How can anyone believe that a $99.00 HD DVD player + 5 free movies was not a great deal. I purchased 10 HD DVD movies through Amazon BYGO free & BN discount for an average of $6.50 each. So I have a player and 15 HD DVDs for $165.00 or about 1/2 the cost of a blu-ray player alone. Purchase a blu-ray player and these movies now and it will cost you more than $600.00 (so who lost money) The HD DVD movie 300 cost me $13.00. Transformers $14.00 Planet earth HD DVD series cost me $29.00 Vs $70.00 for blu-ray. The Matrix trilogy cost $39.00. 15 other HD DVD movies cost an average of $8.50 each. There were 100s of movies that were available for under $10.00. regular dvds cost more than that! Even if you don’t buy a single HD DVD movie, the HD DVD player is a great up-converting DVD player, (+ you also have 5 free movies!) The savings from the $6-$14 HD DVD movies would pay for a blu-ray player in the future. In November Toshiba ran a sale through Walmart. Sony countered with a sale on the 80GB PS3 + 15 blu-ray movies of your choice in the store, + 1 free PS3 Game for $469.00 (that’s $400 in free blu-ray movies/games) bottom line is you could get a HD DVD player, Blu-ray player/Game system, 20 High def movies for $569.00. If you subtract the retail cost of the movies (@$20-$30), the total cost of a HD DVD player and the PS3/Blu-ray player would be $69.00. What a deal! I will continue to buy HD DVD movies and Blu-ray. Finally, yes there is software available that will allow you to convert and use your HD DVDs movies in the future. And even play it on your PS3.

That is why I'm glad I bought a PS3 and don't have to worry about anything "new" popping up to interrupt my movie enjoyment. It is a real great piece of technology that everyone should have the chance to experience.

From the looks of thing I might be able to own some dreamworks movies on blu-ray. I can't wait until blades of glory switches back to blu-ray. I just bought myself a ps3 a week before thanksgiving last year when our toshiba tv died on us and then my dad bought a 52 inch sony lcd 1080p tv. I'm also hoping that family guy blue harvest will go on blu-ray to.

I glad HD DVD is going to loose. I'm more of a sony lover than a toshiba lover. I can't wait to own shrek and tranformers on blu-ray.

I'm all for Bluray and have been for over a year. Personally, I don't LOVE Sony or HATE Toshiba. Am saving my real passion for the 2008 election. But, I do PREFER Sony products to Toshiba's similar offerings.

I's over blu-ray wins. Paramount warner brothers and universal have gone to bluray exclusivly. It will only be a matter of time that dreamworks will go exclusivly to bluray to.

I vote HD DVD. In fact, I've put down a second mortgage on my house so I could buy stock in HD DVD drive manufacturers. They'd better win!

Have you guys been under a rock? The war is WAY over, and Blu-ray won. Toshiba has announced that they will stop manufacturing the HD DVD drives and stop shipping them by mid March. Hope you have fun with the extra payment on the house, or you could just give the money back. The format war is far and away beyond over. Hope this cheers somebody up and depress others who couldn't see the writing on the wall. HD DVD was the inferior format all along and you guys bought into it at an artificially low price because that was the only way they could move any kind of number of players. They had less studio support and WAY LESS backers for the format to succeed. Hope everyone enjoys the Blu-rays that will be coming out over the next few months.

You'd better check with your attorney or a financial consultant prior to signing on the dotted line. As you are undoubtedly aware, a "second" in Beverly Hills could easily amount to several million dollars. And, there a rumor going around that HD DVD might not be the "winner" that is was predicted to be. This, with regard to any associated stock performance and those widely circulated rumors to the contrary. I think if I were you, I'd hold off and not engage in any large trading at this juncture. As always, just another opinion from a guy who has a feeling that Bluray might become the eventual format of choice - LOL.

Marty and Thomas, do the two of you live in a cave? Do me a favor and google "blu-ray". You are sure to quickly learn that blu-ray won the format war last week when Toshiba announced they were abandoning HD-DVD....sorry

I just thought they were being sarcastic & goofing around...?

I certainly HOPE that Thomas M. was kidding about obtaining a second mortgage to buy stock . For my part, notice the LOL at the end. Dpending on whether or not Thomas is serious, my reply was indeed sarcastic, or "goofing around" to be sure. Had to re-register again as the youchoose auto email validation process never touched my inbox??? I don't really think that matters much anymore anyway. For the record, I have been and continue to be a Bluray supporter. Poor Chuck J. Hope I didn't scare the daylights out of him thinking that HD DVD was making some miraculous last minute comeback - L.O.L.

Doh, no brainer.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (Taken from an HD DVD UK Blog)
Wow what a week Is all I can say!
Sure we all knew what might happen after Warner withdraw from it's HD-DVD side of things, but we didn't know how fast things would drop in one week.
Even with the major studios going to blu-ray you may or may not have noticed they didn't announce going blu-ray exclusive like Warner did, this leaves them open to release as much or as little as they see fit depending on sales of future releases.
Even in the UK after the worst week in HD-DVD history we have new releases being announced, here we have a couple more due in the summer.
Godfather Trilogy, The - Paramount - 02/06/08 - RRP £29.99 - BEST UK PRICE INC P&P £22.49
Charlie Wilson's War - Universal - 05/05/08 - RRP £24.99 - BEST UK PRICE INC P&P £17.99
As far as UK releases they are all still go, though for a couple of exceptions which are Warner titles (Clubland, LA Confidential) which look very much in doubt now.
What does it mean for the future of HD-DVD?
Well of course since the players production lines have ceased and what little units left will make out there will result in there never being more than 1-1.5 million players out there and the major studios will feel it first, my prediction of how long literally HD has left before no more movies will be released.
Major Studio Releases (Universal/Paramount) - Most releases will be done by June/July, a couple of major blockbusters may be released on HD up to Xmas 2008.
Medium Studio Releases (Kinowelt etc) - Have stated all announced titles will still hit HD, though its unknown how many will be released after these dates (Mar/Apr) My guess would be only if sales are there, continuing up to Xmas 2008 with a couple of releases a month. On a side note it looks like Hairspray (MHE) release has been canned.
Smaller Studio Releases (Opus Arte etc) - Since they are specialist releases, they will always have the people that bought a HD player in the first place and as long as they make a profit should keep churning the releases out, well this side of Xmas at least!

i hate blu-ray ****. red is the color what i need.

Thank you for that informative message. By the way, gather up your "red" system and head home. The war was over a week ago.

Red, red
I like red
Some like it Blu
I like it red
Red, red
Knock ,em dead

Red's dead, Blu's cool.

Red, red
I like red
Some like it Blu
I like Red
Red, red
Knock 'em dead

Are you any relation to Rex A, a resident of Washington? Just curious, as he was one of the loudest HD DVD cheerleaders in this forum for a long time. Please advise, and if you are related, please offer condolences on behalf of all of his Bluray-supporting "friends" here at youchoose.

It's ALL over. But a nod for Bluray since I'm here.

Just a brief stop here to applaud Sony, LTD for their Bluray victory. I also wish to inform any interesed folk tht still visit this forum that Bluray hardware prices have in fact dropped by as much as 20% in the U.K. in the past few days. I mention this as their seemed to be some concern that the prices would go up. I never understood that logic, but I can assure you that prices have indeed been lowered at least within my locale. Thank you.

We shouldn't expect a price change in North America, especially at this worst possible time of year. Might see something in Jul-Aug, but definitely there will be cuts between Sept-Dec.
Though there are always deals if you shop around.
Here is a list of all the different players out now and coming soon: ayers/compare.p...

You must be lucky, there certainly is absolutely no change here.

BR hardware has increased here approx 10% so far and software as much as 35%.

Yeah, Blu Ray hardware gone down approx 20% in the past week.. Let's hope the likes of HMV and Virgin Megastores drop their disc prices soon. Can't believe they are still charging £27.99 for most new film releases!!!

When there was a war to choose Beta and VHS , VHS won simple because of cheaper technology , so many consumers go for that reason. Sony has learn a lesson, from that previous war , so in order to get ahed they bought many movies studios , and by doing that they back up themself by support of the media. What is the hardware with out of software . By developing a Blu Ray format they knew , that the studios will ewentually pick the Blu Ray , simple because of the ownership of Sony. Personally I do beleive that Blu Ray will stay at least for + 5 years , until something new will come out with better and cheaper technology. Newerless , electronic, never ended , always is something new every year . But for the costumer stand poind of view, we don't need 2-3-4 diffrent format for HD . So guys , enjoy Blu Ray for the next few years until something else will come, and it will , matter of time, and how smart the electronic company will be.

Andrews Video, about an hour away in O.C. is already blowing out Blu-Ray in preparation for the pending release BD-Live. You buy any Sony LCD and pick up a Sony BD for 1/2 price. So the couple of guys that have predicted drop in BD players are ON THE MONEY. Am betting we'll see sub $299 BD players galore by Christmas 2008. [cite] LA Times advert.

Hey guys on and all....Blu-Ray is still recovering from this prolonged fromat war. It was a real battle through the first 9 rounds - then a sudden and somewhat unexpected KO early in the 10th. I think it's just a wee bit early to supplant Blu-Ray with another technolgy. It should have at least a 5+ year life span in it's various iterations. Sony can only relax for the weekend. The engineers are probably already working on profile 10.0 and/or "Ultra-Bluray."

I agree AT LEAST 5+ years. but also agree with Charles below who stated a decade at least. Either way luray is here to stay for a good long while.

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