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Blu-ray vs. HD DVD

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Microsoft, Sony and dozens of other large corporations have spent years NOT agreeing on a standard format for the next generation DVD. The result: two separate and incompatible formats are being offered to consumers. Eventually, like Betamax and VHS before them, one will win and one will lose. As of now, which one will win and which one will lose is uncertain. What is certain is that consumers will lose. Why? Some consumers will buy the losing format and end up with obsolete equipment. Many more consumers will buy nothing until after there is a clear winner - and prices will remain high until a mass market is developed.


It is our belief that we the consumers can determine the winner in this format war. How will we do this? By having YOU vote for the format you prefer to win (Click here or on "Comparison between Blu-ray and HD DVD" link in the "Learn More" section to the left to see a comparison between the two formats). Then we all agree to buy the format that wins the vote. OK, it's as much a social experiment as a consumer stand. But our goal is clear - push the losing format to drop out. Let's take control! WHY DID YOU VOTE AS YOU DID? Share your thoughts in the forum below.
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OK I thought you were just talking to someone else in the above post but why the hell are you calling me Charles. Should I call you Trevor or Chris?
Who ever it is you think I am you are wrong, just like with your stupid pricing crrap above. For one thing you can go by anything but MSRP, you can't compare it all on just one site or store, and you can't expect blu-ray to be the same as DVD. That would be like expecting DVDs to be the same as VHS when they came out.

That's great, but they need to be lower. While I certainly have no problem paying more for an HD disc. New adopters might not be so keen on that logic.

That's why we are called early adopters, because we are willing to spend more now not to have to wait.

Here is a review of Terminator 2 on HD DVD, I thought some of you might find it interesting:
"I wouldn't rate 'Terminator 2' as highly as the original 'Terminator,' but then there are just as many (if not more) fans of the cyborg saga that would. But no matter -- 'Terminator 2' is a great action flick that's tailor-made for high-def. Kinowelt/Imagion's 'Ultimate HD-Edition' is easily the best version I've seen on disc yet, and tops Lionsgate's Blu-ray version. We get the extended cut of the film, tons of supplemental material, and video and audio that (for me) outranked the domestic version. It's a shame that HD DVD is dead, if only because we won't get great discs like this anymore that boast so many interactive bells and whistles. But if you want to pick up a great last hurrah of an HD DVD disc, 'Terminator 2' is certainly worth considering. "
For those of you who have compared dual format releases, I've always found it interesting that the HD DVD versions have consistently rated higher in overall quality to it's Blu Ray counterpart.
What was that about higher bit rates again?

People this is a complete LIE!!! Most reviews on average rated Blu-ray above hddvd on both audio and video. This 'one' review is likely a hddvd biased site.
Now that hddvd is dead it doesn't really matter, bluray was always better and getting better with "HIGHER BIT RATES". Don't believe if you choose, but if you talk to any compression engineer they will set you straight. The ones I've conversed with have worked on both hddvd and blu-ray titles.

Hey Joe C. you sound just like Charles from Halifax (who once stated here he actually wasn't from Halifax). Your typing style, content style and even experiences are the same. So Charles are you really from Antigonish or somewhere else in NS.

Now I'm seeing your logic above why you were calling me Charles. I read many of the posts far below where you and Charles and others argued back and forth.
I went back and found some posts of Charles' to see why you think my style is the same, or experiences. And this bit about Charles not being from Halifax.
I read Charles post on that, and he said he's from just outside of Halifax somewhere. Do you even know Nova Scotia? Get a map. Antigonish is over a 3 hour drive away. I don't know this Charles of yours from the f**king hole in your head d1ckwad, but he sounds like and interesting guy because he put you in your place and made you look completely boneheaded all over the place.
Now on to this style thing, I don't see how my typing is anything like his. Maybe you picked up something that is unique to just Nova Scotians that I don't see, but I don't see any resemblance with him to me, other than he is a true bluray highdef fan, and did a great jobs of dispelling FUD. The other thing I think you are confusing is one of my early posts on projectors and screens, where I had read some of Charles L.'s ideas on it. Maybe that's why you think we're the same. for one thing, projector/screen combos are huge in Nova Scotia right now, so no wonder we share a similar taste. Ron, I'm going call you Ron from Toronto from now on, close enough eh?
Call me Charles all you want, Ill take it as a compliment, after what I read, but I'll just call you Chris from Toronto.
You are just trying to get off topic with the issues because your arguments and knowledge suck you complete tur6d!

Interesting reply Joe. So rather than research yourself or encourage others to do the same you would rather discount my statements as falsehoods? The review was taken from High Def Digest. I suggest you familiarize yourself with them.
No, it's not a lie. Unless you completely disregard the opinions of the staffs over at DVD Town and High Def Digest. Please look for yourself.

Every stat I've ever seen comparing the two showed bluray had consistently better audio and video than hddvd. I don't know which hddvd biased articles you read from your links at dvd town and where ever else you find FUD, but you need to redo your research and broaden it quite a bit, because the statistics show your wrong. Show me you stats comparing the two formats on both audio and video from multiple sources (at least five). You don't have any do you!
Oh I did the research before I bought, and your statements are wrong.

They need to promote that **** i can see it have tommy chong with a hd dvd and someone ask him what wrong and he said im just not that high and have a cutscene with him with a blu ray player with a cloud of smoke and say with the higher bit rates im totally living in high definition lol bit rates


the puppets string are being cut ws/playstation-...

Steve P. the "Puppet Master" lol
That is awesome to hear. PS3 is not even the best picture quality when it comes to movement, as specific newer standalone models. I love it. My buddy and I had an all day high-def shoot-out a few months back, where we put my PS3 up against his HD-XA2 on his 12 foot screen (JCV RS1 projector). He put all the best hddvds against my blu-ray discs, and we even compared many same movie titles, like Warner titles, etc. He had his tuned perfectly for his projector and his setup.
I sum it up for you: Though many titles were equal in quality, even more titles of both same movie (Warner) & best hddvd against best blu-ray (POTC, etc.), were not. Man was he pi$$ed by the time I left. He soon after bought a PS3. Enough said!
So what this article above is telling us, is that not only are we going to get better movies in the future with "HIGHER BIT RATES/LESS COMPRESSION", but new players are going to make blu-ray look even better than most do now! Awesome news!!!!!

Hey Joe when you called yourself Charles your buddy was your brother, other than that the story is the same. Check previous posts folks, you'll see. This article says nothing about Higher bit rates or less compression. It does say even current BR players from the same manufacturer give better playback performance. That is why I choose dedicated units to fit into my audio/video setup, so I can fully enjoy all of their capabilities. When I want to watch movies, I want to movies. When I want to play games, I want to play games. Thats why I purchase dedicated hardware to perform the tasks I wish to perform. Not all in one bargain solutions.

Wow Chris from Toronto, you really are on quite a kick. I read the story of Charles L. (that is the guy you're talking about right Chris?), and his is completed different. Man are you reading into things with a huge leap. The only thing people will find in previous posts is what a f&*kIng a$$ you are. I read too many of your crap, and not just with this Charles guy, but many others.
When you want to watch extras watch extras but don't confuse them with high definiton Chris from Toronto, delusioned by his 'buddy' Charles.LMAO He was too polite to put up with your bull you &*&^%&*&^% turd.
You miss the point and details in everything, read the artcle again moron from Toronto.

what was hd dvd best we all know potc likes good even on time warner hd cable

That is because POTC was is truely digital. Most of the movie was filmed digitally. Therefore you are dealing with a natively digital film, not an upconverted film.

you know what? you are a pretty cool guy..I this this is all going work out somehow (i still don't want a ps3) BUT my thoughts on blu-ray are changing for the better so please forgive the puppet master for being a jerk

Not a surprise at all.

For those who are looking for high-def but require internet interactivity in their list of 'must haves', but also want it at the lowest price point throughout the next year or so, you may want to re-define in your minds the difference between what a "gaming console" is and what a "fully interactive household media center (that can also play games)" is. Check this out: 008/03/24/ps3-2...

I'm with you on this one Joe. This is my first visit here and I had to spend a little time reading to get up to speed on whose who and the general post ewar attitude out here. Seems like a few sore losers want to profile (no pun intented) every Bluray supporter as some kind of 14 year old gamer. I do have a player and am not personally interested in games, but one can't help but see the PS3 as all of that + "fully interactive household media center," as you see. A PS3 at it's price point and with the flexability it has is not necessary just a "toy" for teens. Good comment, good link. Thanks.

Check this out. Adoption is slowly happening, and will happen, but this is a good sign: ws/?id=1138

A Vote for Sony AND Blu-Ray !!

Another vote for BluRay and Sony too. Good choice Jody.

And another Bluray vote although I think the election's over lol.

BLURAY all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bluray, yes.

I vote for DVD and the fact that its not an incomplete mess of a format at 3x the cost.

A vote for DVD. A very profound statement as apparently you're no friend of hi resolution video. 3X the cost of what? A two-pack of lightbulbs?

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