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Blu-ray vs. HD DVD

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Microsoft, Sony and dozens of other large corporations have spent years NOT agreeing on a standard format for the next generation DVD. The result: two separate and incompatible formats are being offered to consumers. Eventually, like Betamax and VHS before them, one will win and one will lose. As of now, which one will win and which one will lose is uncertain. What is certain is that consumers will lose. Why? Some consumers will buy the losing format and end up with obsolete equipment. Many more consumers will buy nothing until after there is a clear winner - and prices will remain high until a mass market is developed.


It is our belief that we the consumers can determine the winner in this format war. How will we do this? By having YOU vote for the format you prefer to win (Click here or on "Comparison between Blu-ray and HD DVD" link in the "Learn More" section to the left to see a comparison between the two formats). Then we all agree to buy the format that wins the vote. OK, it's as much a social experiment as a consumer stand. But our goal is clear - push the losing format to drop out. Let's take control! WHY DID YOU VOTE AS YOU DID? Share your thoughts in the forum below.
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Actually if you talk to any compression engineer he will tell just the opposite. The less compression during a particular scene, the higher the bit rate throughput spikes, the better the video quality, especially in terms of clarity, detail, and shadow detail or black levels. Some newer blurays are spiking up to and above 40, which the hddvd technology was never designed for from initial specs. This is the reason some movies look clearer, more detailed and better black levels, than others.

Is it just me or are some of you guys just stubborn? And like creating arguments based on your denial of reality or what will become reality? Blu-ray won, Toshiba's HD-DVD is dead. Hardly anyone really has 1080P tv's yet.... Blu-ray will be around for awhile. And there is also a new technology 1700P in the works in Japan or is already in the test phase. Pretty much EVERYTHING gets upgraded or replaced in time. (except a Lite-Brite or a Easy-Bake oven, someone is being stubborn there too!) So ofcourse something new is around the corner. I knew Bluray would win over HD-DVD. I knew it from the start.... VHS won over BETA because the 80's wasn't about which technology was more TECHNICALLY ADVANCED. Things were more simple back then and nobody wanted things too technical or complicated......"simple". This is the 2000's, things changed. We have cell phones stuck to our heads and have run flat tires on our cars..This is the total computer era and total technology era now. There was NO WAY HD-DVD could have was a looser at the starting gates against BLURAY. You can either sit on the corner and watch the crowd walk by you and wait for the right spot to join in......or you can just get up and join the crowd and enjoy what we have now instead of holding out for something better...but are you really gonna enjoy that 34000P TV and TITANIUMRAY player while your busy trying to keep your teeth in and worrying when the last time you drank your prune juice?

Yea I hear you there was one reason that HD DVD would had never won was no-region coding stupid for them to think the studios will approve technically they both was the same to me no lie comparisons they both look great depending on the movie

I agree they both look stunning, until I compare them on much larger screens with some of the newer titles, but thats just the videophile in "me" coming out, superfussy.
but your right on with the no-region coding, and also other things that the studios wanted like BD+, higher throughput specs and disc space capability. from their perspective i would think these would be most important, not to say the new functionalities aren't important to them such as pip or interconnectivity.
richard b you left out mr potatoe head lol but your points are good, life is too short. some people live their lives for retirement putting all their money into retirement funds. there has to be some balance so you can live for today as well. cut back a bit on the retirement fund spending or dont worry about the goverment getting a little extra on income tax because of it and live it up a bit.
too many times have i seen workaholics that waited for retirement and either took a heart attack or came down with something just after retiring leaving them in bad health or dead. it think there is something to be said about high def or even movie enjoyment in general that can relax you and releave the deadly day to day stress that can build up over time. live for today, with a plan for tomorrow as well, i say.

The war is officially over now. Toshiba dropped HD Dvds, major film makers like Warner have gone for BD, even stores like wallmart and best buy are only selling BD players now. Blue Ray Discs have won this war.

Are you HD DVD fan boy die-hards so disappointed that you would actually cheer if Bluray failed to catch on? If so, and assuming you'd let 1080p optical disc go "down the crapper" just because YOUR format didn't come out on top, you are not a true high resolution entusiast. Geeze Louise, give it up and move on. Cant' do that? Enjoy your HD DVD players until they blow up. If people felt the way some of you do, we'd still all be buying VHS players and cussing (SD) DVD.

William T Please stay cool.. I for my part will tell you if you can give me a bluray without REGION PROTECTION, BD+. And with a final version 2.0 or better, Combo disc or a way to play those movie on a portable media other then PSP i am in. For now i will only rent them or watch it on cable. You know the music industry try to make a choice for us but MP3 as made a new way to listen to music and the industry add to adapt. Now it's time for movie studio to do the same. If i buy something i believe i have the right to use it as i like. And tell me what's wrong if i want to buy a movie not available in north America that i can have in a other country. I rest my case.

Agreed. When region protection, the somewhat defunct BD+, a final settled version, backwards compatibility and one thing you left out, when prices settle to fair market value I will be in the HD market again. The biggest issue Sony has to face is that if it doesn't happen soon, they may find themselves fighting for the market once again (which would cause me personally to sit it out a little longer). This time the dust will settle before I do!

You guys are hilarious. I'll address you both.
You forgot to add in 1,000,000 free discs, the exact same DVD upconverter as hddvd used, give them away for $50-100, a side order of fries, all you can eat buffet, must be voice activated, do your landry for you, and then we'll
You guys will never be happy because you are stuck on the way Toshiba hddvd did things, as so superior, that you can't just enjoy the best quality audio/video high def without all the extra bells and whistles.
You're caught up in region coding? Give me a break.
Your list of demands is so unrealistic, that you will never go back to high def, and you know it. Region coding is here to stay with studios wanting it. But new releases are region free after a certain period of time after release. Why is that so big a deal?
BD+ is here to stay. All studios want their movies protected from illegal abuse. If you have a bad disc or get a major scratch, just send it back for a new copy. But blu-ray has the TDK coating which is better than anything on the market right now, so it protects the discs from normal wear and tare. Don't sweat the small stuff.
2.0 If you absolutely can not just enjoy the high def movie and must have web interactivity, just wait a while, but tone down the complaining in the mean time. PS3 is 2.0 go with that if you can't wait, but stop complaining to the point you want blu-ray and by extension, high def to fail.
Why the hell would combo disc be a show stopper for anyone?
If you need it to be on portable medio like iPods/mp3 for music, then find something (special iPod for movies or something), and download those movies off the web. That's not even high-def stuff you are demanding there, so it makes no sense as an argument to be a show stopper for you list of demands on blu-ray before you buy in.
Remember, listening to portable music doesn't require awesome lossless quality so that's why MP3/iPods took off 'for music listening'. High def movies can't be compared, because the whole heart of the experience is in the awesome picture quality, especially on much larger screens, which is just the opposite. High def is about seeing bigger and clearer images, not smaller and compact sounding music.
Backwards compatibility to what? DVD? Not an issue. New movies to older players? Buy a future proof player, PS3 or wait for a 2.0 standalone, but remember most 1.0 or 1.1 players will still play the 2.0 movies with awesome quality (just not the extras).
Market argument again where if prices don't drop there may be no blu-ray. You're just dead wrong and paranoid. Too many CEs, studios and retailers, will make too much money over the next 10 years on this stuff for that to happen. You're trying to rush a new technology into mass adoption in too short a time frame. DVD never happened that fast. Give it time. Wait it out if you're not willing to be an early adopter. ws/?id=1138

For someone who denounces HD DVD fanatics, you sure have the rantings of a bluray fanatic. First, bluray has inferior upconverters to toshiba, this is fact. Region coding is an issue, as not everything is produced for every region (and yes, the fact that HD DVD has DVD region coding was an issue for me). BD+ is manipulative and even worse, open ended. I am one of those people who would rip my dvd's I owned and store them on my portable computer to play without using a disc to conserve power on the device I was using, so for me, BD+ is a huge problem. It would be fine if the blu version came with a dvd version combo (like HD DVD did) because then I'd still be able to transfer it to my portable devices in lesser quality. 2.0 is only an issue for those of us that have used it (and on a player less than half as expensive) as we've come accustomed to those additional features, but more importantly, 2.0 provides the ability to upgrade! Thats a biggie for me. There are many things, price first of all, that would have to happen for me to adopt bluray. Oh, and that TDK coating you are talking about was put on there because bluray data was so close to the surface of the media that even the most minute scratches destroyed playback, so while the coating did provide a fix for that issue, it created another... which was a lack of space for a 3rd layer. Though 3 layers isn't hugely necessary at this point, when higher definition players come about, the extra space will be needed (just like dual layering of dvd's happened). HD DVD had no problem designing and prototyping a triple layer, so here is another area HD DVD had the advantage in (although it was really quite minimal, as 3 layers of HD DVD = 51gb and 2 layers of blu = 50 gb). Also, the Ps3 isn't an option for me because I'm not going to spend 400 bucks on a gaming machine that has no interesting games that I can't already get for my 360 which has better online, a better game library, and much better controls and features. I don't see a gaming rig as a viable home media player, thats just how I work.

I guess you missed my sarcasim on the upconverter thing. I was taking the position of a hddvd fanatic of what they left out from above. they left out one of your favorite arguments for hddvd the upconverter. you misunderstood, no big deal. oh well just having some innocent fun. like i said, if you need a new copy get one from the manufacturer. i dont blame them too many have illegally ripped the studios off for too long. but you shouldnt need a copy because of the happy mistake of TDK coating making them way more scratch resistent. speaking of illegal, it will probably take you the same time to download the lower quality version of the net for free and it would to rip it off the combo disc so why have a second unecessary disc lying around. just download it, doesnt even have to be sd dvd quality for those portable devices. 2.0 OK wait it out if it means that much, I'm cool with that. By the time they need the 3rd layer TDK or someone will have reformulated the coating to be even thinner and more resistent I'm quite certain. if you see it primarily as a gaming console, then wait it out. I personally think of it more along the lines that Sony and even Microsoft intended these consoles to become. more than just a gaming console, but rather a fully interactive hub for your home that just happens to have the ability to play games. think about it they are both basically just computers with glorified sound and video cards anyway. I think for many a computer will end up being the home interactive hub for everything. pop in a Blu-ray drive in your PC or MAC and get a high def sound/video cards with hdmi outs.

I wasn't talking about copying the disc to copy the disc, I was talking about ripping the movie and encoding it to be watched in other devices. The arguement about downloading you made is very flawed. IF bluray were to replace DVD as the standard, BD+ won't allow it to be ripped, so downloading it will be impossible as there won't be anyone able to rip it. Not to mention, even if they could, they would have to reencode it to a much less substantially sized file to make it downloadable, and to be honest, I just don't like downloading movies. I'd rather rip and run my owned material, which I should have the right to do if I own it. So dvd does all these things for me, and my tv is only 42", so toshibas upconverter is a good choice for me, unless bluray fixes many of the problems that I have with it, I won't be adopting. Even just for the fact that I would be one more notch towards the abolishment of DVD, which I cannot abide by, as it fixes all of my problems with bluray. I don't necessarily agree that a 3rd layer would be as simple as you think it would, not that it particularily matters as by the time that they figure that out, flash drives should be capable of more than 50gb capacity (just need to get the cost down) and they can be vastly more compressed than optical media, while still maintaining excellent quality.

Your missing the point though. Movie studios aren't going to get rid of BD+, its not BDA or Sony, its the studios demanding this protection. Big reason why many studios went exclusively bluray.
Also you're mistunderstanding me on the downloading thing. I knew you weren't talking about just disc to disc. I was referring to just ripping to disc. So what I'm saying is just download the movie off the web in a non-high definition format down to your hard drive, maybe even less than dvd quality, and then copy it to your portable device. Then you don't need the DVD copy (unprotected) to rip from down to your disc & then compress before copying onto your portable device. Just download from the web, and copy to your device. No need for standard DVD doing it that way. You can get pretty much any movie there is in a smaller footprint compressed size off the web.
Studios likely don't want DVD to compete with bluray too much because it would slow down adoption of high def discs, and thats likely a big reason for no combo discs now.
i think you underestimate where they are with the 3rd and 4th layer discs right now, but no sense arguing over it, time will tell. But flash drives are a lot further away than you think from being an affordable media for high def. the big obstacle is like you say 'the cost' that is going to take many years to come down to where its affordable at that size point, giving bluray media an easy 10 years without any worries.

Thank's Ron your right i forgot the price.


Some of you still questioning the growth of blu-ray and whether the "format survives at all"? I suspect many if not most prior hddvd supporters are jumping on the blu-ray train, getting back to their high def roots, not getting caught up in semantics about cost of players, or blinded by Sony hating. Plus with the new HDTV's and projectors starting to flood the market, it only stands to reason to spend a fraction more on a Blu-ray player and get their money's worth out of the $1000-$5000+ TV they just bought, not to mention an awesome new surround sound system.
Retailers will be showing/comparing the new Blu-ray high def technology on their high def TVs more and more now, because it will help sell more TVs. They are not going to pop in a standard DVD to show off the quality of a 1080p/24 TV are they? What are consumers going to want? The newer better quality TV. What are they going to do to get that quality? They're going to have to buy a Blu-ray player. As more and more rental stores continue to stock more and more Blu-ray titles, many will be intrigued to buy in to high def, and leave DVD. Wait until 1st Quarter 2009, that what everyone in the retail, movie studio and CE manufacturing industries are talking about for high-def really taking off, not to mention all the insiders as well. We haven't seen anything yet!

The best system for HDTV sales is CABLE HD or Satellite HDTV. Most peoples watch more TV vs DVD and cable and Satellite tv will get better and better.But your right more and more peoples will buy blu ray players that doesn't meen that some other option will be available in a near future. Technologie is going faster and faster. The only chance blu ray have is if movie studio stay behind them and we have seen that they can changes their mind with some $$$.

Dont forget that contrary to the BR fans, MS and Apple already have the backing of many studios for their electronic HD. Kudos to Charles, early to mid 2009 is the earliest BR will really start to kick up. Until then growth will be slow; but steady. The problem for BR is who knows what else is waiting around the corner in a year from now?

Man you sound so paranoid about what's going to happen in the future. You want bluray to fail don't you, admit it!

Format War Part 2
DVD vs Blu Ray
http://www.eproductwars.c om/dvd/

Look how close Blu-ray is to DVD average price already, and blu-ray is barely out of the gate.

Charles, you can't compare an average price. You have to compare titles and title for title BR is still 50% or more higher. Although some of this value is in the product new tech, more featurettes etc, the full price difference is not justified. Things like Enchanted at $23.95 BR and $14.99 SD cannot be justified!

OK I thought you were just talking to someone else in the above post but why the hell are you calling me Charles. Should I call you Trevor or Chris?
Who ever it is you think I am you are wrong, just like with your stupid pricing crrap above. For one thing you can go by anything but MSRP, you can't compare it all on just one site or store, and you can't expect blu-ray to be the same as DVD. That would be like expecting DVDs to be the same as VHS when they came out.

That's great, but they need to be lower. While I certainly have no problem paying more for an HD disc. New adopters might not be so keen on that logic.

That's why we are called early adopters, because we are willing to spend more now not to have to wait.

Here is a review of Terminator 2 on HD DVD, I thought some of you might find it interesting:
"I wouldn't rate 'Terminator 2' as highly as the original 'Terminator,' but then there are just as many (if not more) fans of the cyborg saga that would. But no matter -- 'Terminator 2' is a great action flick that's tailor-made for high-def. Kinowelt/Imagion's 'Ultimate HD-Edition' is easily the best version I've seen on disc yet, and tops Lionsgate's Blu-ray version. We get the extended cut of the film, tons of supplemental material, and video and audio that (for me) outranked the domestic version. It's a shame that HD DVD is dead, if only because we won't get great discs like this anymore that boast so many interactive bells and whistles. But if you want to pick up a great last hurrah of an HD DVD disc, 'Terminator 2' is certainly worth considering. "
For those of you who have compared dual format releases, I've always found it interesting that the HD DVD versions have consistently rated higher in overall quality to it's Blu Ray counterpart.
What was that about higher bit rates again?

People this is a complete LIE!!! Most reviews on average rated Blu-ray above hddvd on both audio and video. This 'one' review is likely a hddvd biased site.
Now that hddvd is dead it doesn't really matter, bluray was always better and getting better with "HIGHER BIT RATES". Don't believe if you choose, but if you talk to any compression engineer they will set you straight. The ones I've conversed with have worked on both hddvd and blu-ray titles.

Hey Joe C. you sound just like Charles from Halifax (who once stated here he actually wasn't from Halifax). Your typing style, content style and even experiences are the same. So Charles are you really from Antigonish or somewhere else in NS.

Now I'm seeing your logic above why you were calling me Charles. I read many of the posts far below where you and Charles and others argued back and forth.
I went back and found some posts of Charles' to see why you think my style is the same, or experiences. And this bit about Charles not being from Halifax.
I read Charles post on that, and he said he's from just outside of Halifax somewhere. Do you even know Nova Scotia? Get a map. Antigonish is over a 3 hour drive away. I don't know this Charles of yours from the f**king hole in your head d1ckwad, but he sounds like and interesting guy because he put you in your place and made you look completely boneheaded all over the place.
Now on to this style thing, I don't see how my typing is anything like his. Maybe you picked up something that is unique to just Nova Scotians that I don't see, but I don't see any resemblance with him to me, other than he is a true bluray highdef fan, and did a great jobs of dispelling FUD. The other thing I think you are confusing is one of my early posts on projectors and screens, where I had read some of Charles L.'s ideas on it. Maybe that's why you think we're the same. for one thing, projector/screen combos are huge in Nova Scotia right now, so no wonder we share a similar taste. Ron, I'm going call you Ron from Toronto from now on, close enough eh?
Call me Charles all you want, Ill take it as a compliment, after what I read, but I'll just call you Chris from Toronto.
You are just trying to get off topic with the issues because your arguments and knowledge suck you complete tur6d!

Interesting reply Joe. So rather than research yourself or encourage others to do the same you would rather discount my statements as falsehoods? The review was taken from High Def Digest. I suggest you familiarize yourself with them.
No, it's not a lie. Unless you completely disregard the opinions of the staffs over at DVD Town and High Def Digest. Please look for yourself.

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