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Blu-ray vs. HD DVD

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Microsoft, Sony and dozens of other large corporations have spent years NOT agreeing on a standard format for the next generation DVD. The result: two separate and incompatible formats are being offered to consumers. Eventually, like Betamax and VHS before them, one will win and one will lose. As of now, which one will win and which one will lose is uncertain. What is certain is that consumers will lose. Why? Some consumers will buy the losing format and end up with obsolete equipment. Many more consumers will buy nothing until after there is a clear winner - and prices will remain high until a mass market is developed.


It is our belief that we the consumers can determine the winner in this format war. How will we do this? By having YOU vote for the format you prefer to win (Click here or on "Comparison between Blu-ray and HD DVD" link in the "Learn More" section to the left to see a comparison between the two formats). Then we all agree to buy the format that wins the vote. OK, it's as much a social experiment as a consumer stand. But our goal is clear - push the losing format to drop out. Let's take control! WHY DID YOU VOTE AS YOU DID? Share your thoughts in the forum below.
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it will be blue ray all the way frm now on

I agree. More and more tiles coming and who knows what might be in the works. Hope these rabid hd dvd fans wil get a grip sit back and enjoy their upconverter players.

LETS HOPE LETS HOPE maybe sony will go by by 08/03/hd_vmd_fo...

Yeh Right. A multi-billion dollar corporation with the highest name recognition and brand loyalty of any consumer electronics company in the world is going go bye-bye; particulalry after they just destroyed Toshiba in a hi-def war that could have easily lasted 1-2 more years. Do a reality check, buy a Bluray player, and perhaps some Sony stock as well.

LOL you sony puppets kill me! thanks for your input "DESTROYED" NOW THATS FUNNY

So terminology is the issue? Ok, "destroyed" is admittedly a porr choice of words - excuse me for using such a strong adjective/adverb in my post, I didn't realize that every word would be examined in what amounts to a casual comment. Substitute "destroyed" with the more subtle "bested" and see how that sets with you.

I drive a Jeep by choice. Am I, therefore a Chrysler puupet as well? My luggage is Samsonite, Am I "their puppet, as well? and on nauseum.

whats so funny ?

I think he's referring to the destroyed statement. HD DVD is gone; but Toshiba is extremely far from being destroyed. Even in the HD world and next gen playback they are already well under way to their next offering. Now the funding and resources previously given to HD DVD are being put into new R&D for other HD solutions.

Thank you

So steve your puppeteer is Toshiba then right?

negative sir I just despise sony SORRY i think we will see how this blu ray thing goes But for now I WILL NOT base my home theater on a game console and I pitty the people who do and the blu ray players are out WAY out of what I'm willing to pay for at this time SO call me all the names you want to BUT it's going to be along time before I jump on this crap wagon! you know sense we are on this subject....ALL of you sony fans here you can't tell mee that every sony thing you have owned has worked up to parr I could list at least 9 things I've bought that was crap.. so I made a vow not to buy my HI-FI stuff from WAL-MART and sony is jumping up and down to have there PS3 sold there. so let me know when ROTEL. KLIPSCH. ONKYO INTEGRA NAD. jump in that way i'll get a good product

This will be my last post! (For some reason someone is callin me out personally, but the Mods are deleting my posts when I call them back, so what can a person do)
Anyway, it was interesting to say the least. My last advice is to be happy with your high-def purchase, and just get back to high-def again. Don't listen to those on here who are Calling people out personally as you can see below. Ignore those who are soured by the high def war, and only wish to destroy high-def, while now promoting downloads and anything else that is not high-def, contradictory to what they once were promoting.
Forget about those who are obsessed with engaging more war talk that is completely bogus with out of context links on Sony and others that try to proove their completely illogical point. They are just bitter and desperate and being negative with no logical basis for their arguments. Some profess that Sony has all the control and will keep prices high, but they are just bitter and don't know anything about business, manufacturing or how marketing strategies work in the real world. They don't how a clue how licensing and patent royalties work, and thus will try to deceive you into thinking that Sony has the power and is abusing it to keep prices high. These are just desperate mistruths, from obsessed fanboyism of people who can't accept that hddvd lost, and they are beyond grief conselling for their loss. They are looking at the market in a bubble, only seeing right now, the worst possible time of year to compare pricing. Look past the now into the future and you'll see that competition will drive prices down, and Sony does Not have the control over the other CEs to stop this. Nor would they want to as some profess. Some persons on here take Sony's press release and other press releases as gospel truth for the future, put it out of context, and put it in the here an now with no thought of the real world of competition, sale pricing or other factors that will happen at christmas. They'd have you believe that the MSRP is the low price point you will find. They are just spewing garbage Sony bashing links and talk from other bitter and obsessed hddvd supporters on other sites that can't get past their loss.
Sinking all of high-def at this point, is just plain sore losing, but some here have taking it to new low levels, beyond obsession.
For those who are not completely closed minded, and those who are loyal to high-def itself, I salute you, and lets all just enjoy high-def for the future, not downloads or anything else that's not high-def. But Blu-ray high-def, the new high-def media of the future. Sony did an awesome job in marketing strategies, but they are only one company that does not have all the control. They were smart to take one for the team in putting it in their PS3's, as one of the best marketing strategies, but also to focus on getting the base specs on audio and video right from the beginning that would get us well into the future, and not get hung up on extras. Many big companies involved with the BDA & the BDA itself also had much to do with the blu-ray victory. Good luck and enjoy.

Mnay good points Charles. Too bad I was so late in the game as I support your position entirley. Good luck to you and here's hoping that the HD DVD fan boys will slowing be silenced as time passes and reality sets in. P.S. Don't hold your breath waiting for an admission though.

Everyone should be happy with their HD purchases. If you made a choice you should be happy with it. My point is Charles has no inkling on business, chooses not to accept any information contradictory to what he believes even when stated by Sony or the BDA. My point is Sony wants to maintain this product as an early adopter product for the next year. If you consider yourself an early adopter you should already own one, if not you might want to wait a year. This will allow you to easily get product with the finished specification at the best average prices (not the lowest prices; but also not the highest.) Those who hold licenses most certainly dictate pricing. Many games are destroyed and never exist due to the inability to come up with licensing fees that will deliver a product at a sellable price. Most items are most expensive at release not due to lack of interest by the public; but high licensing fees as R&D tries to quickly recuperate their costs. come out of the red and enter the black. This is why Sony and the BDA want to maintain high cost. BR was very expensive to create, 6 years in development, prior to release nearly 2 more since then. The technology was built from the ground up and therefore had no quick start or previous R&D costs covered. Lastly as put forward by Charles Sony and the BDA did a great job marketing and that costs a lot of money. Only a child or youth would presume that giving away free movies, free players, the advertising, the fees paid to production houses, price drops on PS3, etc have no cost involved. Somewhere someone had to pay for all of these things and now the cost must be recovered in order to make the product profitable. Realisticly even Sony knows this product will NOT have the lifespan of DVD; therefore costs need to be recovered more quickly than normal. This is true because there are other options on the horizon (or here) already whether Charles likes it or not. Also in this day and age anyone can see and knows technology does not have the lifespan it once did. Look around VHS was with us approx. 20 yrs, DVD approx 10 yrs. CRT televisions nearly 50 yrs, LCDs are just starting to catch on (with approx 10 yrs behind them) and this year sees the release of OLED (Organic LED) with a smaller form factor, faster refresh and brighter color. Do the math technology is moving at the speed of light and will not stop no matter how many postings Charles puts up denying it. As an owner of a technology based business these facts affect me every single day, if I refused to accept them my family would be mighty hungry. Contrary to what Charles says I know HD DVD is no longer; but that doesn't mean I have to run out and buy an unfinished BR player at a premium price. I have nothing to proove, and at this moment am already once bitten and therefore twice shy!
Lastly as Charles points out BR is HD for today, not for the future, enjoy it today if you have, get it if you want it, wait a bit if you want to be safe; but realize it will change, the question is how and when not if.
Happy hi def to everyone no matter what format you enjoy it on, BR, HD VMD, HDTV, HD DVD, Satellite, Cable, ITunes, Microsoft, Internet streaming and every other way I haven't mentioned.
Thank you.

A little something on what I have been saying about improved internet and HD downloads:
also see on
With technologies in development the estimated speeds here could be low, meaning even better experience and higher numbers.

For Charles:
You won't like this either its a discussion on the feasibility of having BR in XBox.
I quote:
"but such a device would only happen if Microsoft can make one on the cheap (and keep in mind they would have to license the technology from Sony—oh, to be a fly on the wall in those meetings)."
Sony does have the pricing power.
Full article:

It gives me a real tickle to see Sony backing MS into a corner. I hope Sony sticks it to them, big time.

Strange concept MS decision to back current technology equals being backed into a corner?

A happy Blu-Ray owner here. Still enjoying my obsolete (lol) Sony player.

So for you Sony fans here you have it directly from the horse's mouth no BR under $300 until at least 2009. Sony+CEO+Bluray...
The cheapest 1.0 players may get as low as 299 until some time next year.
For Charles, although Sony has no control on pricing, they can foretell the pricing strategy for the next two to three years for all manufacturers of BR players. How do they do that?
Pricing is being dictated by the BDA (headed by Sony) bda-manages-blu...

Ron you're so wrong on this. What a bone head. Sony can only foretell their own future pricing, not everyone elses. I think you have the BDA/Sony thing so wrong. The only think you are true to is your determination to see Sony & blu-ray fail, even if that means the death of high-def.

This Ron character is still carrying a torch for HDVD?
Put away your weapons and go home. the War has been over for a while. Buy Blu and Be happy. Sony only has control over retail pricing anyway, there are a number of their own units availble for under $300. Just look around or make a few calls if you want one. If not, enjoy your HD DVD player and don't spoil the party for those of us who are gald Sony and Bluray won this thing.

First there is no torch to carry for HD DVD (so try not to be narrow minded like Charles). Next specials or used units do not count, so unless you know somewhere to get units everyday all the time under $300 then your statement is not correct. Next pricing has been on the increase not decrease check my post several days ago. If you're so happy with your choice no one should be able to 'spoil your party'. Parties can only be spoiled when not going that well in the first place. Lastly I will not be looking for a BR player until there is a finished product on the shelves. Then and only then can I justify spending my hard earned money on a product. PS learn to read an entire thread not just the ramblings of one fanboy. My post says absolutely nothing about HD DVD only Charles keeps bringing it up. I think he's a Sony employee or press agent as he takes incredible offence to any post not favourable to Sony, the BDA or BR, even if the post is a direct quote (as published by the media) of any one of those organizations. So you could hope on the madman tour or post useful discussions here. If you know that the CEO of Sony is clueless and does not know what he is talking about post it; but don't ramble inanely on how everything you do not like is wrong without something to back it up.

Yeah I am out to single handedly destroy Sony the BDA and its members and crush BR. What are you on? I forced Sony CEO Stan Glasgow to make that press release. Are you at all for real? I have seen defensive; but you take the cake. I am really beginning to doubt you are the age you suggest you are.

let me know if i can help! believe me if i could take sony out of service I WOULD IN A HEART BEAT!!! so blu ray fans stick that in your PS3 and smoke it

Gee, I guess Adudio Central didn't get the FAX. My sister bought a Sony Blu-Ray player there on Wednesday for $279.95 + 50% on selected HDMI cables. Audio Central will never know, but she was prepared to pay $500 for a Blu-Ray player, as long as as the Sony logo was present. Money isn't everyting. Just ask Toshiba.

Special prices and sales do not count. When a company speaks of pricing strategy they are talking regular every day price, not limited run specials. The articles do not state no one will be allowed to promote the product through pricing or other incentives.

I don't believe you quite understand how pricing works. People can and will sell below wholesale cost to get you in the door to buy other products. If they sell you a BD player for undercost, chances are you will walk out with some BD movies which are marked up well above cost to compensate for the loss. If you look, you can find BD players below cost, however this is not and will not be the norm.

Thank you a voice of sanity.

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