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Bring back Dog Chapman

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This is a petition to bring back dog.

Put Dog Chapman the Bounty Hunter back on the air. 



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Bring dog back, i miss it.

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I really enjoyed watching Dog Chapman,The Dog Hunter.I want to see him back on the Air,it's just not the same since he hasn't been on TV,Please bring him back,Please.Thank you,Carol

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Dog Chapman, his family and his posse are the best at what they do and deserve to be BACK ON THE AIR!

Dog and posse you rock!!!! A&E should have never taken you off this is one of the best shows they have! I guess they do not care about viewers having anything to view???? Can't wait for a new season guys.

Thats was my favorite show and i want the DOG back everyone makes mistakes and no-one is perfect and he made his ways right so leave him and bring him back
thanks cindy from corsicana,texas

While everyone makes mistakes, maybe his words were just thrown out of context. Son was mad at Dad and wanted to show him in an angry way to the public. I am sure even if no one wants to admit it, some times parents just want us to take to our own. Yes that is blacks with blacks and whites with whites. Nothing wrong with having an opinion about your child, this does not make you a racist. I think Dog and his family did a lot of good and showed alot of love on this show. You see so much gang and violent shows without happy endings, thats alot why the world is the way it is today. Let him say sorry, allow him his mistake. He is not God, nor shall he be judged as such. We are all human and make mistakes, some judged more harshly than others. Recognize him for his good, don't stone him for one mistake!! Bring them back.. God Bless!!

My name is Gail and I believe Dog is very sorry and truly regretful for what he said and intends to see that it doesn't happen again. My family really misses seeing the show on TV. We watched it everytime it was on. Please bring back the Dog!

Who hasn't said something they arregated later out of anger does that change who that person is or all the good that person done that has effcted so many others lives? I don't think so, please keep helping your fallow man god knows we all need a little help some times.

dog's the man, put it back and keep it on

hello my name trina andsading to say i miss dog ,family on tv what ordarne people can do other people life if he can do it other can follow to doing good from bad he has a heart after god ,whom ever belivie in should not perish that what god sa in the bible that what dwayne belivie in to doing god work thank him for that their should be more man like him out there make peace in the world thank you .for hear me out trina,family from vacouver canada pls we miss your family god love you to he aways with in mind,heart to.

I think that they should bring back Dog the bounty Hunter. I love watching the show. He is a very wonderful person and a loved Christian man. He and his family are all very wonderful. They should bring him back to tv. Because there are things that everyone can learn from him and his family.

dog is wonderful i caught every single episode and want to see him and all his crew back on tv.... here awesome

He is the Man! Please bring back the show there is no action without the DOG!!!

all of our family think that "DOG THE BOUNTY" should be put back on tv, he and his family are brilliant at getting the bad guys and cleaming ups hawai of the ice.......BRAVO DOG AND FAMILY..From dave and ren and family from england britain

Please bring him back. He helps so many people good and bad

I'm CANADIAN and DOG the BOUNTY HUNTER makes me wish CANADA's legal system had bailbonds and bounty hunters BRING DOG BACK!

Put Dog Chapman back on TV just because he used inappropriate language to his son does not mean you had to cancel his show, there are some people who are more racist than Dog and he shouldn't be penalised for a comment he made to his son. If he was in the KKK then fair enough, but he isn't so put him back on.

Dog needs to be put back on the air... He is the original, and i'm tired of seeing shows, where people are trying to be like him... He always prayed to the lord before every bust.. I hope when i get his age, i have my life as good as he has done with his family.... Please bring him back. He ismissed by many people.. Thank you............

DOG needs to be put back on the air.He and his family take a bite out of crime,they're taking criminals off the streets.WE WANT DOG BACK !!!!!!!!!

bring the bounty hunter back on tv so he can continue his work the way GOD intended him to . I think it is the worst sin in the world to anyone from doing the work GOD intended them for sincerly merri janulewicz

My Name Is Dawn And I Think Dog Chapman Needs Too Be Put Back On Air. Dog is not a rasic's person

I want the Dog Chapman back on tv ,he is my hero and fan

i love the dog and his posse bring them back on

I amanda and my Military friends love dog the bounty hunter, and Will only watch him... Now then Watch your Ratings GO DOWN HILL>>>>PUT DOG THE BOUNRY HUNTER BACK ON TV



Bring back Dog - 'cos Sandra Scott just ain't got that Chapman charisma... no offence, Sandra...

I think that DOG needs to be back on the air.They are good people and are only trying to help people out. People say things but I don't think Dog is a racist... Stop playing this dumb stuff and put him back on the air...

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