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Bring back the Pontiac Trans-am.

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            This year GM is set to release the 2009 Camaro.  Its styling is similar to the new Mustang's retro look.  The engine is bigger than in the past and I do not think they are releasing a V-6 version for 09.  This is all well and good and I really like the Camaro, but I love the Trans-am and Firebird.  Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted a black Trans-am.  Burt Reynolds drove one in Smokey and the Bandit.  Michael Knight drove one in Knight Rider.  And I want to drive one sometime in the next ten years.  I couldn’t find anything concrete on the internet.  It looks like there is a concept car built for the Trans-am but no talk of an actual release.  I think they will probably release it in 2010 if the Camaro does well.  All I can say to GM is PLEASE DO!!  There are a lot of people out there that are anxious for this car and would definitely buy one.

  If you love Firebirds and Trans Ams and want GM to bring them back Sign This Petition.


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1st let's be honest the TRANS AM was the best muscle car ever made in every thing , 2nd as for the Camaros thay still have a long way to touch the TRANS AM history like the big block power , the handling and the unic beauty of a T/A . 3rd i own two 1979 black TRANS AM one Y84 and the 2nd is WS4 and u can say thay are every thing to me , so let's hope that the GM knows what they are doing becaue a TRANS AM it's not just a car , it's a LEGEND and got a big reputation and a lot of fans . I hope again to see a 2009 TRANS AM burning the roads ...

I am very disapointed that GM has decided not to release a Firebird to compliment the Camaro. It's difficult to have a performance division without a performance car. I myself am a Formula guy. A true pony car to go up against the Ford Mus.. I can't even say out loud. I have '89 Formula and a '79 TA. And would by a new Pontiac Firebird Formula/TA in the morning if available.

The GTO is a performance car and will be released in 2010 as of right now. That will be the Pontiac version of the Camaro so Pontiac will be the performance division with a performance car once again.

I am pissed that Pontiac Motor Division is so stupid and not seeing what's going on around them! There is a market for the Trans Am. If they were to manufacture them today looking like the 1977 & 1978 concept, I would purchase one immediately. Pontiac had made the Trans Ams too luxury and costly like the did with the Corvette in the 70s. I have a 200 Ram Air and I don't need the leather seats, all the fancy electronics. Just make a base Trans Am and allow the customer to add the options. If they bring the cost down the younger market will buy!......Mike

All the standard features are done to bring the cost of the car down. Its cheaper for GM to buy 10,000 parts and put them on every car as opposed to buying 500 of these and 500 of those and 500 of that. Take some business classes then talk about costs.

And of course make it talk and be able to jump over stuff.

Who agreed on the new Knight Rider to be a Mustang??? They need a petion for that and guess what? I would have said no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont think that there is much to say!!! Just look. Tragic story of mine that I use to have a 97' model and some idiot in a Volvo crashed into my front end, completely destroying the beautiful beast. Total loss. Ended up with an 88' Formula and man that thing is narly!!! GM, please bring this monster back!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING IT BAACKKK :@@@@@ ... we're all here in Beirut Waiting .. some boys here got that piece of crap... it called Moustoung or Misteeng or Mimostang ..donno...something like that.. Bring the TA Back :@ let all the World Hear the Voice of the BigBlockkk :@ Vroohhoomm<<>>VROOHOOMMM< <>>VrOOHHOOMMMMMMM Muhuhahahahahahahahaha

Come on GM get with the program!!!
Ford brought out the mustang in 1964 & 1/2 & you didnt bring out the Camero or Firebird till 1967 NOW its a whole NEW area & once again ford brought out a killer LQQKING stang in 2005 & here you are still NOT building anything to compete with it!!
And you keep pushing back the release date on the new camero...By then everyone will have bought a new stang or worse yet the new mopar JUNK!!! As for me I'll keep beating my 1999 30TH anniversary Ws6 Trans Am Firehawk silly & enjoy every freakin mile of it!!!!
Shifty In Ohio

GM announced that they will not release a next generation Trans Am. Any release of a Pontiac similar to the Camaro will be called GTO.

I own two at the present time a real 77 just like Burt's and a 96. I love them both and would be at the dealership tomorrow if they had a new model for me to buy.

I am all over it! Bring it back. I own 3. A 1978, 1997, and 2002. I love the Trans Am!!

bring the firebird,trans am back it should have been the next nightrider


Nothing better than a country drive with the T's off... Bring the T/A Back!!!

I would buy a 2009 t/a

I have had several through the years - the new concept version ROCKS!!

Please bring it back....

I love Kevin Morgan's concept car!!! I would buy one for sure. I had an 86 GTA and still regret not keeping it.........

Please bring back the Trans Am!!!!!

Bring back the Trans Am, but not in the style of the last generation! Give it a rear spoiler with the Trans Am decal and a shaker hood. No shaker hood = no real Trans Am. Come on, GM, admit Ford was right in their redesign of the Mustang and get on board!

BRING IT BACKKKK :@:@:@:@ BRING IT BACK NOWWWWWW>>>>>>>> Me and my gang here in Beirut Lebanon waiting 4 u guys :@:@:@ so JUST BRING IT <<>> VRRROOOMMMMM<<>>VRRROOOOOMMMMMMMMMM Muhuhaaa....Muhuhaaaa...MuhuhaahahahahAH hahHHAHhhhaaa

I am saving money for a down payment on a new car right now. Would love to see Kevin Morgan's conecpt of the T/A. That is surley what I would buy. I had a gold '78 and I kick myself everyday for selling it. There has never been a car so perfect since. Tracy F.

:(((( ive also sold my '79 Black&gold edition... now i have an 86 Darkblue&Gray :(((

I want the firebird back, i have a 97, and id love to have another.

and they are the best cars in the world by the way.

The Trans Am is one the most loved and classic vehicles of all time, and it was a shame to see it discontinued! Bring it back, GM!

my 1984 trans-am is the best and reliable. but it has a bored 400 small block. bring back the ttops

My '91 is the love of my life (sorry, hubby), & I would hock my soul for a new one.............

I Would love to have the Trans Am come back. I want the new one really bad and wouldn't miss out on a chance of getting it. I do currently own an '86 T/A and am very excited about getting a brand new one to park right next to it.

My family have 1986 Firebird and 86 T/A.that's cool cars,so I LOVE THEM!I'd ask my father to restore a Bird,so i can drive it soon.

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