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Buffy the vampire slayer or Supernatural?

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I am a big fan of both shows and, though my best friend would kill me for saying this, i think i kinda lean towards buffy. so i thought it would be kool to see what other people think.

so, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER had 7 seasons and has now ended but all 7 seasons were worth it. The show starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, Allyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, (from season 4) Michelle Trachtenberg,(from season 2) James Marsters, Anthony Stewart Head (until season 6), David Boreanaz (until season 4), Charisma Capenter (until season 4), Amber Benson (season 4 - 6), Seth Green (season 2 - 4) and (from season 3) Emma Caulfield its an awesome show its funny, exciting, dramatic and kinda scary every now and then i guess.

 SUPERNATURAL has had 3 seasons so far and is still going. It stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and has alot of recurring characters. The show just roxz its exciting, creepy and funny alot of the time.

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I'm a huge Supernatural fan, but I don't feel like it's fair to compare it to Buffy. Buffy was an ambitious, thought-provoking series that used the horror genre as a way to sneak some pretty heavy stuff about gender, race, and sexuality onto prime time television. Supernatural is just a really fun, B-Movie level show about two brothers who drive a cool car, and kick the living crap out of demons (and the occasional vamp!). It's like comparing really good gourmet popcorn, to filet mignon.
What about forgetting which one is better and create a petition to get a spin-off with a show that has buffy and supernatural?
Buffy was a great show for its time and I liked it but Supernatural is overall better.
Buffy: one of the greatest shows ever written for television (as well as its spin-off Angel)....Supernatural: an entertaining show with good qualities that lacks the depth, and character development of buffy. It will always be in Buffy's shadow.
buffy of course
Supernatural is my favorite show on t.v then lost and house would be next in line hope they cancel it anytime soon!!
Buffy is definitely better!!! Supernatural SUCKS!!!
One wish for Supernatural; more steady characters! The boys should have someone in their lives that they both care about as much as they care about each other...I'm done comparing Buffy with the boys because at the end of the day...they're are different. Too different. Feminist power allegory versus something else completely. Supernatural is about the metaphor of fighting one's demons, but other than that they don't have that much in common. Besides, seriously - they just seem to kill and/or sleep with all the women who show up on Supernatural. That does annoy the crap out of me. There should be more strong women on the show who fight demons, who do help the boys but don't end up in bed with them. Or dead.

SAVE Supernatural buffy i LIKE it BUT i LOVE Supernatural so im sorry for those buffy fans

I have been a Buffy fan for a long while now, I watched it religiously when it aired. Same with Supernatural. But, as much as I love Buffy.. I gotta go with Supernatural. It just excites me more. And it can be genuinely creepy. I must admit, I like the acting better on Supernatural. But BuffyTVS holds a place in my heart, lol.

supernatural is the greatest show ever i mean buffy ok but supernatural is better

Buffy only has vampires and SUPERNATURAL has all monsters including as well. Buffy has a vampire named angel but SUPERNATURAL has actual ANGELS not to Mension SUPERNATURAL is making more seasons than Buffy. The only thing Buffy has on SUPERNATURAL is a spin off but there's no telling what the future holds for SUPERNATURAL.

This debate should not be about who is hotter, or hot at all. Even Supernatural has a lot more going on than just hot guys. There is a whole moral thing going on. A journey. Discovering who they are, what they are capable of. Why...Please..This is starting to be sad....Besides, at the the end of the day, you can't compare the two shows at all, but still, Buffy is number one and better by virtue of coming first. Sydney Crosby is never going to be Gretzky. Chris Osgood is never going to be Terry Sawchuk.

defiantly supernatural. there r 2 hot guy's(Sam & Dean) u see in every episode. Buffy has 2 hot guy's(spike & angel) and both of them aren't in every episode.

Actually, I have been thinking really hard about this....No, Supernatural is not a better show. It's awesome, and kick ass and all the things people say. Hot guys, cool car, demons, issues all of it. Except, it cannot say anything new, not really. Buffy was about much deeper stuff and nobody tells it like Joss. He was a much better writer. He took the audience where they needed to go instead of where they wanted to go. Buffy was about the day-to-day, real life of a human being, a woman, and the struggles, battles and truly scary things that happen to a person. High school, losing your first love, growing up, losing a parent, having to assume real-world responsibilities at a really young age. Besides, in the world in which we live, women are the ones who have to fight just a little bit harder to get what we want in life. We're not strong because we want to be, we're strong because we need to be. Buffy explored all of that. Supernatural, as good as it is, will never have to say as much, or have as much to prove because it's driven by men. The world will just open up just a little easier to them more. Not saying there isn't a lot to a man's growing struggle it's just not the same. There just isn't as much to say there. Or least as interesting of things to say. Even my gruff, man's man, grumpy, Winchester-like Wolverine/Logan of dad has said the Buffy would "kick those two yahoos ass'." If they could meet...Now that would be a story.

SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!! by far a better show...

This is not a feminist thing at all, it's not because Buffy's a young woman and the boys are...very, very, very male. However, this is what I would love to see on Supernatural; a new Winchester. A female Winchester who gets to be strong and stay on the show...with the boys. Some one they BOTH care about the same way they care about each balance it out. I am upset that all the female characters seem to get voted off the island, I miss Jo. With all that time John spent on the road alone, he could have another secret kid out there (hopefully a female). It's very Star Wars and it could lead to a lot more stories and emotions. I mean, the attitude towards women on this show is starting to really bug me and the fact that not a lot of people seem to see it bugs me even more. I mean, "why's it always virgin women who have to do the sacrificing?" Don't give me the purity line either. "Purity has nothing to do with it. This is about dominance..You can bet that if some ancient sacrifice called for some male body part, these boys here would be atheist, like that."


buffy is the best

save those hunky guys on supernatural

i'd have to go with buffy the vampire slayer even though i like supernatural buffy gots more vampires in it

man i love both.. but buffy pwns supernatural.

sorry boys! it just has a better storyline and characters!

i'm a big fan of both shows. i voted for supernatural simply because i'm a girl and think jensen is the hottest thing since keanu reeves!

dude, supernatural is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always Buffy. But another question; If Eric loves Star Wars soo much, is Dean really the Han Solo?If he is, then we can relax because that means Sam is Luke. However, if Dean is actually Obi-Won, then Sam is...that other Skywalker...I don't know what Sam was up to while Dean was in hell, but does he have a secret wife whose pregnant with twins?

BUFFY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I CHOOSE BUFFY DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean Buffy rox, she kicks ass aswell as gets a boyfriend nd great friends, BUFFY ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nd would soooo kick supernatural's BUT!!!!

I love both so it was hard to choose but my choice is supernatural. It is a brillient series and look forward to the next season.

supernatural is the best show on t.v!

supernatural is the best show on t.v!

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