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Camp Rock kiss on the dvd

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As most of us highly anticipated the new Disney channel movie Camp Rock just as many were waiting for the big finale kiss between main characters Shane (Joe Jonas) and Mitchie (Demi Lovato). For some of you that bought the  2-disk Collectors Edition of the Camp Rock soundtrack it came with a bonus dvd where you see them rehearsing. as you see for a brief second Shane sliding in to give Mitchie a kiss ( on the cheek ). there have been many reasons why the kiss was cut out but the most popular is that Demi was getting death threats about kissing a Jonas brother. I think the kiss should be on the DVD!

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Camp Rock roxs over HSM it is so gay HSM
Nic is so mine

Well, for an actor, kissing scenes are unavoidable and whether to kiss or not, it's totally not for the actors to decide. Besides, Demi's only getting a peck on the cheek. Why the big fuss? Open up your minds,people. Jealousy is not good and Joe doesn't belong to only one person, he's a WORLD phenom.

joe jonas hawt!i hope there's no kiss in another camp rock,especially by the jonas brothers..pleazz..

haha why is she getting death threats?its just a kiss!!but did they kissed on the lips?i read a mag tht asked demi to give a scale from 1 to 10 about how was it kissing joe jonas and she gave an 11 ahha.

Joe Jonas Lover
camp rock rocks!!!! i didn't send demi lovato any death threats, but, the movie was good!!! they should make another one!!! shane is soooo hottttt!!!! i loove you jonas brothers!!!

yeah thereve been talks tht camp rock 2 is in pre-production.yay!!cnt wait!!

Joe Jonas Lover I DIDN'T SEND DEMI LAVOTO DEATH THREATS, BUT, JOE JONAS IS THE HOTTEST GUY ALIVE!!! so, i'm not surprised that everybody went ballistic when she tried to kiss him!!!

Demi Lovato Lover
aw! poor dem! who cares, its just acting anyway. girls are wayyyy to obsessive over the bros.

Death threats? Oh my gosh! Poor Demi... i do want them to kiss but then again i don't...if that makes any sense...(?) They'd be so cute together. Demi is so beautiful, great actress and awesome singer! I so want to meet her and the Jonas Brothers! Hahaha, Kevin looks so cute playing stupid. He's such a good actor!

haha yeah it was so funny tht he was such a stupid guy in the movie!!but it was a bummer tht joe did not act as a funny guy cuz he really is the funny one.

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