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On December 18th, 2007 a tragedy struck the residents of Clear Lake City. A loving son, brother, friend and boyfriend was killed in a fatal car accident. Although his death was brought by his own ill actions, we the people (signed below) believe Chase Williamson was a victim of drunk driving and deserves an appropriate memorial at the intersection of Reseda and Bay Area Blvd. including but not limited to, a single white cross.
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My heart goes out to his family and friends. I do believe that a memorial is appropriate. I would also make the argument that a memorial would be an expression of freedom of speech and thus protected by the U.S. Constitution.

My thoughts & prayers go out to you & his family & a cross would be appropriate

There are crosses all over Montana and it does remind me to slow down. I also concider the road may not be banked,or a curve or a dip.. If at an intersection, I am extra careful. I really hate seeing them as it reminds me someone died. But I am all for them. They have a few in this state but there is always a legal hassel over them and problems. I think they should be legal and maintained properly in respect for the person that died, no matter who's fault it is

If the cross saves the life of one person then it is worth spending the money on it. My husband and I have 7 beautiful children and we ache for your loss.
Good Luck

Chase will be remembered always and the beautiful sign of a cross will symbolize to all that the world lost a very specical person. People will see the sign of the cross and know that at that very place a person lost their life and this may possibly save another's life by driving more cautiously.
We all miss Chase and he was loved so very much!
Eric and Jana Fichtner Family

Chase deserves to be remembered in a beautiful way, by a beautiful symbol. I looked up the background on cross displays at accident sites and it said that the cross symbolizes an "interrupted journey on the road of life". The word interrupted really stuck out to me. Not a "journey's end" or the "last stop" on the road of life, but an interruption. To me, Chase's family and hundreds of friends (and even strangers), I think seeing the cross would not only remind us all of the precious gift of Chase's life (and how easily and suddenly a life can be lost), but it will forever symbolize that Chase's journey is now an everlasting one in Heaven, with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ...never to be interrupted again.
We love and miss you so much, Chase!

Something good should come of this. Maybe someone seeing his cross will think twice before drinking and driving. Maybe Chase can save someone else's life!

Chase was my beautiful and much loved grandson.
Words cannot express our familiy's grief. We will always miss him. A monument should reflect his whole life, not just a moment in it.
Chase, my sweet boy, I will always love you and miss you


Chase and his family have the right for a white cross at his accident spot. If only to let it be a reminder to all who drive by it everyday what the consequences could be if you drive under the influence. Not only was Chase's immediate family affected by this but his entire extended family (all of you Hollands know how many this truly is) was affected as well. I believe that a white cross will be less of a hassle or problem than his entire family and friends who miss and support him standing at his accident spot!!! Chase we miss and love you!!!!

Tiffany Shawver (cousin on the Holland side)

While all of our hearts are completely broken because we have suffered such a tremendous loss, please let something good come of this and erect this cross as a reminder to other young (and old) people NOT to get behing the wheel under the influence...I hate that my beautiful nephew is gone, but maybe seeing that cross will stop someone from making the same tragic mistake!! I LOVE YOU CHASE AND YOU WILL BE FOREVER IN MY HEART!! Aunt Kelley

Chase deserves this! Harris County needs to know that Chase was somebody that put his life on the line for this country when he was in the NAVY, that being said erect the cross in his honor. We miss you terribly son!!
Ritchie Clause

Thank you to everyone who has supported chase...I miss him dearly and appreciate all the support. My son will NOT go by unrecognized!
He was LOVED!
Chase's Mom

Chase was the most amazing man i have been blessed to have in my life. If these people from the county that will not see him as a "victim" had ever been able to be lucky enough to get to know Chase they would not be denying his and our right to respect our lost friend. And i would love to know what their defenition of a victim is and if that is the case all of the people dealing with the lose of chase should be given a cross since we now have become the victims in the situation of not having a place to remember and morn a friend that was taking from this world way to soon.
Breana May

words can not express how much you have meant to us,

i look at pugsly and remember times of broken glass,

and your service manual for the 240 is just sitting in the garage on the floor

no worries though i know you will be there when we drop in the built VG in to the Z

George Giannopoulos


words can not express how much you have meant to us,

i look at pugsly and remember times of broken glass,

and your service manual for the 240 is just sitting in the garage on the floor

no worries though i know you will be there when we drop in the built VG in to the Z

George Giannopoulos


It was my honor to know Chase Williamson personally. He was a good friend to my son. He was a special human being. As the mother of a young adult I feel strongly that a cross should be allowed to "remember" Chase. It seems to me that the "powers that be" feel it is an "Honor" to have such a monument. It is not one that any parent would like to see in their lifetimes. To "REMEMBER" say's it best. Yes, Chase was a victim of his own actions but those who served him should be made accountable. A cross would remind us all of a young man who left us much to soon without fulfilling the promise of the man he would have become. So, to those who are the "powers that be" and influence the decision to erect a cross, as a parent and as one who knew this bright and vibrant young man --- allow his friends and the community to "remember" that all it took was one mistake for so many lives to be altered forever. Rest in peace Chase and God bless all of your family and friends.

Patricia P.

I didn't know chase, but I don't think it is right for the county to say who can have a memorial. Even if it was his fault, there should still be a memorial to pay respects to that person.

Iris Mahan

I hated not being able to celebrate our 22nd birthdays. It still feels so surreal. You will always be in the hearts, minds, and spirits of all those who choose to embrace the life we still have, because that's what you did. I miss you, and will always belt out Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of lungs, to make sure you hear it.

oh yea (713)299-8282

Good friend of Chase's. Shouldn't have taken me so long to respond but i dunno how to work this facebook stuff.

Camille Brown
Katy, Texas

Courtney Hill

I didn't know Chase, but I have had friends die in similar accidents and whether it was their fault or not respect deserves to be payed.

Katie Vernon

Love you Chase

Will Stevens

Ally Reyna

Hector Ruvalcaba

Rachel Ingram.
r.i.p. chase.
love you

I definitely support this. 2814254565 Chase deserves a memorial. It isnt right what they're doing.

Christopher Hoo

Christopher Montan

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