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Chuck Season 6

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Now that Chuck Season 5 came to an end, many of you may be wondering “Will there be a Season 6 of Chuck?” or “When does Chuck Season 6 start?” Unfortunately, NBC has decided to end (cancel) Chuck and make Season 5 it’s last season. NBC has said that this decision is final and after Jan 27th 2012. Sign this petition and try to convince other TV networks to take Chuck as their own!! Even though this petition isnt a success, we chucksters will want to prove to people that there are lots of people watching overseas, not just in the USA. There is still a possibility of a Chuck Movie!! Sign this petition now and prove to them that Chuck is worth keeping and making a movie out of!




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I've never loved a show more than this one. I'm a little upset I saw it so late but I bengwatched it on Netflix and now I'm going mad wondering if there will be a continuance. I haven't obsessed over something like this since Red VS Blue.
Shawn Gill says bring Chuck back its the best show I ever saw
I have to see chuck and sara ride off in the sunset
please make more episodes - it cant end like this
Chuck us one more time
It cant end like this guys!!! Pls male more!
please make season 6 and more because i really want to know how sarah and chuck ended it was very sad;(
Awesome show..i would love to watch new episodes and movies as well with the same actors..please continue the ..don't stop the show.
Just finished watching the series 5 finale in England on Netflix. Just a quick note to say WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW!!!! LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!!!! And needless to say...... I would love to watch and ..... BUY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give us more CHUCK
Just finished watching the series 5 finale in England on Netflix. Just a quick note to say WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW!!!! LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!!!! And needless to say...... I would love to watch and ..... BUY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give us more CHUCK
What does this tell you NBC? Four years later and still people are saying bring back Chuck. Whoever is running your network is a moron. You cancelled Chuck, Heroes, Revolution, Crisis, Believe, Journeyman, Crusoe, and many other GREAT shows. Get your heads out of your asses. You cancel great shows, then wonder why your ratings suck. MORONS!
G'day Everyone! I have recently watched Chuck on Netflix and was hooked! Spent 2 weeks watching the series and am bitterly disappointed and upset that yet another great show has been cancelled grrrrrrrr!!! I'm a big fan of Zac Levi' and Joshua Gomez's work (never heard nor seen Yvonne but what a great actress!) Of all the shows to cancel! Is there any move being made by the producers to make season 6 through another network like Netflix. After being cancelled in 2008, Jericho is soon to make a return, why can't Chuck!!!! All the best, hope we can all be watching Season 6 soon!!! Max - Brisbane, Australia P.s. Why wasn't S05E13 made into a longer episode/movie??? Cheers!
I think... no, I know that every single Chuck-fan would love to see a new season or movie of Chuck. So why don't do it? Why can't just the creators of Chuck open their eyes and see all off the people who wants to see it be continued!
Please bring back Chuck! It is the best show I have ever seen, and i don't want it to quit. I'd love to know how it went with all the different carakters! Please bring Chuck back!!!
We need Chuck back!!
I want chuck season 6..!! Please...
Iv just finished season 5 and was upset because it didn't end how I wanted, I wanted a happy ever after finish I really want a 6th season or amovie!!!!! make Sarahs memory come back from the kiss and let them have a baby with the house with a red door and a white picket fence I am from England people all over the world want another season or a movie please make it happen!!!!
I want chuck season 6..!! Please...
Please bring Chuck back I miss him and his friends:-( Season 5 was good but don't leave us hanging and having false hope.
Please i miss chuck and his friends.... Please bring them back :-(
Absolutely love chuck!Season 5 ended ok but I want to see what happens next...You cant leave us hanging NBC!!
We need Chuck back!! No more stupid reality shows. Bring back this great show please.
I think they should make a season 6 to chuck. They ended they 5th season OK but it left us hanging. Like did Sarah get her memory back. I love the series i have watched it 2 times i am on my 3 time. Pl z make more season pl z NBC and Warner brothers.
I love the show Chuck and I don't agree with the decision of canceling the show. This show is wat to action packed to stop after just 5 seasons. How do we find out if Sarah got here memories back or if they just start over completely? Do they ever have a family together? How does Ellie's and Devon's move work out and now we don't get to see Clara grow up. Theres so many questions that aren't answered and should be. Don't leave Chuck hanging!
chuck season 6, please =<
Netflix should make it, like how they brought back Arrested Development!
Just finished watching chuck finale on netflix... And I want more... Can't end like that!!!
more chuck plz give me season 6
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