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Chuck Season 6

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Now that Chuck Season 5 came to an end, many of you may be wondering “Will there be a Season 6 of Chuck?” or “When does Chuck Season 6 start?” Unfortunately, NBC has decided to end (cancel) Chuck and make Season 5 it’s last season. NBC has said that this decision is final and after Jan 27th 2012. Sign this petition and try to convince other TV networks to take Chuck as their own!! Even though this petition isnt a success, we chucksters will want to prove to people that there are lots of people watching overseas, not just in the USA. There is still a possibility of a Chuck Movie!! Sign this petition now and prove to them that Chuck is worth keeping and making a movie out of!




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Chuck is one of the best
Make more Chuck
I want to see a season six
Bring Chuck bac the last episode was just wrong to end it on that note. After what seems like forever for them to finally be together they give her executives are retards we need a station where the fans call the shots instead of neilsen boxes,or their little charts they go by.
Bring chuck back is a amazing show please
i just finished the last episode literally a minute ago and the first thing i did was go to google and look to see if there was the slightest possibility of a season 6, even after all these years. Chuck had been better than all of the TV shows that i watch, and that's saying something, because i watch a lot of them... don't worry i have a life outside of Netflix, i swear. I just need a season 6, or at least a movie because DID SARAH GET HER MEMORIES BACK? PS, feel free to print this and hang it on your wall, its very inspirational if you ask me.
I need a season 6! Please bring back chuck!
I need a season 6! please bring back chuck
I beg, please bring back Chuck! Sarah and Chuck had a cliffhanger!!!
Season 6 was a cliffhanger. Bring back Chuck please! :|
Bring Chuck Back Please
Bring Back Chuck Please
The funniest, kickers cast and the best show in decades. please, please please make series 6. Chris & Marilyn
best tv series bring it back
It has been over 3 years now since the last episode, tho just finished the series today and god **** i hate it knowing it wont come back, it was probably the greatest series i have ever watched, beats Suits... Life sucks. it was a great but sad ending and its very easy to continue the story but we all know it wont happen...
I am a UK viewer and I loved the program CHUCK...I have the complete box set of dvds SEASONS 1 to 5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE re consider your decision to CANCEL this beloved show. Thank you
Please please please bring back this show. Even though it had to do with spies and everything it had so many relate-able stories
Please Bring Back Chuck! We don't want Chuck back, we NEED Chuck to come back!
Please bring it back
Please please please please bring it back i really can't do without it......please
bring it back please. :'(
best tv show ever , please bring it back !
The soundtrack of Chuck will be released on April 7!
I hope they would reconsider airing the Chuck TV Series not only in the US but also elsewhere there are lots of viewers who still love the view Chuck from the beginning till whatever you can provide. Basically you made one hell of a good series but a not so good ending it would have been ok if you ended it differently. That ending you made calls for a continuation that befits the story and the fans that you have
I propose to take over the Comcast Corporation to oblige to produce the sixth season of CHUCK. If millions of fans bought Comcast shares then with an agreement between us we could exercise the voting rights.
it had the worst ending ever u guys did awesome making make another season with a better ending
bring it back it really awesome and its the best show ive seen
ya what he said
If you don't bring it back NBC is officially trash.
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