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Parents shall be held criminally and civilly responsible for their children’s intentional, negligent, and/or reckless act of driving a motor vehicle when under age and/or not legally licensed to drive, regardless of whether “permission” was provided by the parent. This liability would extend to any person in the care and supervision of those parents’ that is injured by their children’s intentional, negligent, and/or reckless act of driving a motor vehicle when under age and/or not legally licensed to drive.

Legislation should provide that automobile insurance companies are responsible to pay out liability limits pursuant to a bodily injury and/or death claim when an unlicensed driver of the insured’s vehicle causes damage and/or injury to another’s property and/or another regardless whether permission to drive the vehicle was given by the insured.


This could happen to any child who is away from home and unsupervised.  Please sign this petition to protect the future of all children. 

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I agree with Randy on this one. We need to teach our children to be responsible for thier own actions and a piece of legislation like this would just instill in them that they can blame others for thier actions.
We can teach and preach safety and good choices until we are blue in the face, but ultimately it is the child that is making a bad decision. We expect bad decisions, hence we have laws to protect them as best as we can. But in this age where we are no longer able to really accept responsibility for our own actions and must find SOMEONE to blame... We end up with legislation like this. If I am to be held accountable for my actions, great but to be held accountable criminally fro another persons action, I am opposed to. I was quite opposed to it even when I was the teen getting into mischief.

First of all it was not like it happened 2:00am or 4:00am. The kid took the car for the first joyride before 8:00pm. My son died at 10:22pm. Again where were the parents? Found out after my son's death, father in jail for the weekend and mother drunk on the coach. Now is that responable? You my cast all your judgments, unless you have your child spend the night at a friends house and come home in a body bag you can never imagine the pain, loss, and heartack we will feel for the rest of our lives. This did not have to happen. Parents need to be more responable for their chilren and the ones that are under their care, so they go home alive and not in a body bag. The parents and the child that killed my son need to be punished. Instead they are on a dame vacation, doing everything my son can't and never will be able to do ever. That's justice for Corey and his family who have to live without him in their lives.

Once again our laws at work. We are not allowed to discipline our children. Spank them for doing wrong when they are little. Schools are not allowed to tell one child good job and another to tr harder due to the ego bruising and psycholgical problems that may be caused. Well that is a bunch of pure stupidity on our part.
Yes I believe there is a line between abuse and discipline. A good old fashion spanking never hurt anyone. However burning with cigarettes, iron or punching a child is abuse.
If we are not allowed to control our children when they are in our home then why should we be blamed for the wreckless way the government allows them to grow up.
Needless to say there are parents out there that do neglect the child and let them go crazy. Some parents are jailed for being to strict while others get away with allowing there to children to be exposed to bad things..... We as parents need to stand up and regain control of our parental rights or the children are going to be out of control..... Bible teaching for parents. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
(Proverbs 22:6 And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.(Isaiah 54:13) Prompt discipline is an expression of parental love.
"If you refuse to discipline your son, it proves you don't love him; for if you love him, you will be prompt to punish him." Proverbs 13:24, Young people should be selective in choosing their friends.
Run from anything that gives you the evil thoughts that young men often have, but stay close to anything that makes you want to do right. Have faith and love, and enjoy the companionship of those who love the Lord and have pure hearts." II Timothy 2:22,

I agree. we need to take our parental rights back. If I am not allowed to make them mind. then don't hold me responsible for the wrong they do. By the way at our school the teachers can spank but if i tried it?????

I disagree completely. Insurance does nothing but make money and has nothing to do with legislation. No ONE can babysit a teen or young adult 24 hours a day and now that both parents work, this is just a form of revenge. I have no kids at home any more but I do know plenty of parents and this is not an uncommon problem they all have. We have unlicensed insurance in our state but it is up to the car owner IF they want it or can afford it. I carry it and always have but that didn't stop my daughter from taking another car for a spin. Yes, she was punished and couldn't get her license til 18 and an adult. I applied the same rule to my son and he didn't get one til 18 and an adult...Parents are not God or superman, they are human beings doing the best they can. Get a court order to have the kid go to work and give half his money for the costs of whatever he/she did. Kids are responsible enough to take a car, then they are responsible enough to pay for what they do. That is the problem with this country now. If I broke a window even at the age of 6, I had to work it off to pay for window and sometimes it took 3 months.

I was a best friend of Corey we were going to to go homecomming together and have a great time. I think this law should be passed because the death of Corey has been hard on very many people and it's not fair. I had known Corey and liked him for almost a 2 years, and the death of him was a major suprise to me! I got a call on my house phone by one of my best friends and she was crying a half hour I woke up because my dad was playing the message and wanted me to call her it was 9:30a.m. and I was really tired but I called her back because I thought her parents got into a fight or something then she told me Corey was dead I just hung up and just lost it I started bawling because it was a very big shock. Later that day my family and I went to the crash site and I don't know how the other child survived. This should be a law because no one should have to lose their kid or a best friend over a bad decision or jelously. I want to thank the Brady Family for accepting me into their lives and letting me share good times with them. I know Corey is up in heaven smiling down and watching over all of us. I Love and Miss You Corey.
I also Love Marcella and her family they are truly amazing!

I agree there isn't a parent that can watch a child 24/7. But When you have someone else kid spends the night, you watch over and check on them from time to time. You treat them as your own. If your too tired to watch after someone else kid, you do not have them spend the night. Very clear and simple. Yes stuff happenes like cuts, banged up alittle from playing around, and even maybe a broken bone. But you do not expect your child to come home in a bodybag.To a certain point the parent has to take responsiblity expecialy when it comes to life or death situations like cars, weather the parent gave or did not give promision. Yes kids need to take some responsibliy. My son just got in the car and he payed the highest price a person can pay, he's died. Yes, the other child should take resonsibity too. Most of all, If the parent was responsable in the frist place instead of going to bed at 8:30pm as she says. My son would still be alive today. It's not anger talking, it is common since. This law is very simple, when you have someone else child, the parent should take care of him/her and bring child home in one peace alive. If you don't want that responsiblity don't let any children spend the night at your house. I'm trying to make people aware of the fact that this could be your child or already has been to some. I'm hoping to have this passed to save lives, thats whats important. By the way, there are no laws protecting the children that spend the night at someones house. There should already be. Nothing happened to the parent that my son spent the night at his friends house. The parent walked away free and clear of everything. I have to live the rest of my life without my son smile, laughter, and even his sparkly bue eyes that would light up a room as soon as he walked into it. In all do reality, shouldn't the parent pay as well for negligentence for not being responsable, even more so, then the children?

I disagree. There isn't a parent alive that can watch any kid 24/7 and to expect them to is insane. I agree with the anger and frustration you show and do fully understand it, that law would be unfair to parents that MUST work to just pay for a roof over their heads. Most parents do the best they can and some parents aren't parents at all. To throw the baby out with the bath water is just not right. How about a kids that steals a car, or a gun from someone else. Isn't it about time these kids take responsiblily for their own actions? In my day, if you accidentally broke a window or did damage, you, not the parents, had to work and pay for all damages. Stuff happens to good people all the time and sometimes it is an accident. Yah, I know, but small children are oblivious and the older child should work and pay starting at 10 years of age. The kids, now, already know they are not held accountable by the law and by some parents. Responsiblity should be held by the person that did the crime and pay full pay and serve time or community service (if very young and can't work. I have been that angery and frustrated too but that only eats you up inside. Get the judicial system to enforce the laws they have now and stop the bleeding hearts from rescueing these kids. My own kid got in trouble when he was little and they wanted to just let it go but I refused to let that happen. When he finished with the judicial part, he had to deal with me and that was far worse than what anyone else could do.

I have 5 of my own children and I want to believe that we are teaching the right way to behave when we aren't with them. With that said everyone makes mistakes, unfortunately some have horrible consequences. How far do we go to punish the parents, some say that they should be put away for the crimes of the child, do you believe that seperating the parent and the child will help ease the pain of the victims family? Do you think that the child is living without guilt, about your son? Part of me hopes it is a living Hell....good luck.


Mike, thank you for your support. But, their are no laws protecting the children when they spend the night at a friends house and they take the car with or without promision. She walkes away clean. My son is dead and he can't tell what happened, his friend will not tell the truth, and the Mother won't either. So she gets to walk away clean. We need to protect our children from parents that should not be parents. I don't want anyone to feel the loss of a child like the way I did. It is unbareable pain. When my son died a part of me died with him. I will never be the same person.
Above disscussion is---- sign the petition, press on that and sign, lets make a difference. So, we can save childrens lives and the parents, and the loved ones from going through this harible pain. It's like being in hell and theres no way out.
"Corey" I love you and miss you with all my heart.
love Mom

If you have a problem with holding a person accountable for another's actions then don't be a parent. That's what parenting means. Anyone who has a problem with this law is simply not a good parent. Anyone who can not keep their children out of harm's way should not be trusted with them. Also, it is worth noting that this law is the same as many similar laws holding the owner of the vehicle responsible regardless of whether the driver had permission.

This is a just law that would put parents in a responsible position and would allow protection for any child in this situation, as well as his family.

Even the parents and children are differnt entity.You can,t control other human being 100%.Parents could innfluence the child,but ultimately children's heart belong to children,not belong to parents.I'm against the law which force you to control another human being.Children still have the choice not to listen to you even if you become the most strict parents in the world.Children are not parents' property.

With all due respect, children do not raise themselves. There is a lot more to being a parent than just giving birth. It is a life long commitment. If more people realized the magnitude of the job, there would be less wayward children in the world struggling. Of course you cannot control another person, child or not but please consider the word "responsibility". It is an act of hands on commitment and care. The parents of this child driving the vehicle did not act responsibly. They could have prevented Corey's death by "responsibly" reporting the children out in a car to authorities. Yes, the boy driving and Corey would have had to answer for there actions with consequences. Thanks to there negligence, Corey will never have the chance and apparently there child will not learn consequences. THIS LAW IS TO PREVENT NEGLIGENCE , not control another human being. Unfortunately, we have to make a law to force some parents to do there job!
Sincerely, Jennifer Carter (Corey's aunt)

Hello Tsuyoshi,

Thank you for sharing your views here. While we understand what you are saying, children really ARE their parents' responsibility. Would a parent tell a child not to run into the street to avoid being hit by a vehicle? Yes, they would, because they are concerned about the child's welfare and safety. Parents show their concern for their children by telling them what they should do, since it their responsibility to raise their children to be active, contributing members of society. Their children may or may not listen, but the parent is responsible for telling the child about a situation that may harm them, such as running out into the street.

When parents neglect their responsibilities to protect their children, or someone else's children (for example, their child's friends who stay the night), they are shirking their responsibility to protect the children in their homes. If a parent knows a child is in danger, such as when a child has taken a vehicle, it is their responsibility to at least try to protect the child by notifying the police that the child is missing. As I'm sure you know, a vehicle can be a deadly weapon when not handled properly. To not contact the police in this type of situation may cause irrepairable harm to the children they are supposed to be monitoring and to someone else on the road. The bottom line is, children should be monitored to keep them safe from injury or death. This is one of the most basic duties of being a parent, and we do these things because we love our children.

Marcella B.

I am surprised that this is not already law. I would think that if you have a guest in your house, especially one that is a minor, that their safety and well being should be the responsiblity of the adult on the premises. Corey had so much more living to do -so many dreams to realize, it's just unacceptable that there is no law to make the so called "responsible parent" responsible. I know Corey would be so proud if this would become law and other kids would be saved because of it. We miss Corey and it just shouldn't have happened!!! I can guarantee you it wouldn't have happened at Corey's house because his parents would have known what was going on. Corey wouldn't have taken his parents car either!!!

Thank you all for signing the petition and your comments. Plesae tell your family and friends so, they can sign too. Lets not let anymore children die and let the ones they love feel this pain of pure hell. My own experence it never stops, it's a life time of pain. Please spread the news of coreybradys-law to everyone so, we can save childrens lives and the ones that love them.

I can not even begin to imagine the pain you and your husband has suffered. Your son was a beautiful person.
God bless
and I pray no one else has to feel your pain.

My deepest sympathies go to your family! I can't imagine what that is like!! I hope that I NEVER find out! I proudly sign this and hope that with this signature...a strong law will pass!! Parents SHOULD be held responsible!!! KatB.

Lets all sign this petition to stop us young kids and our friends from going through through the grief of losing a peer and a friend

It's real nice sit tells about corey who he is, what happened and new laws I want to pass to save a life. Corey would be proud from heaven. Mean the world to all of us to have everyone suport. Save a family and friends from going through this hell.

I would want someone to be held responsible if my child was at there home at a sleepover and somthing went wrong. I support this petition and hope this is taken seriously and to the next level.

I'm in support of this petition. I think parents should be held responsible for what goes on in there own home.

I absolutely 100% agree that when your child has a friend at your house, you are responsible to ensure that childs, as well as your owns safety. I have 2 boys who are still young. My oldest is of age now where he likes to have his friends over to "hang out" and play. The FIRST thing I tell them is what is allowed in my home and what is NOT. Although they may not like it, I make it a habit to constently "check up" on them and see how they are doing. I only hope when my son is visiting their home, other parents are the same.

i agree. corey needs justice. he was a perfect kid and a perfect friend. he barely did anything wrong. he had a good heart and cared for many people.

The parents of the 13 year old should be held responsible for their sons actions.There is no excuse for them not knowing that their son was driving the car.

Hello all, I am Corey's Uncle and I am amazed by the audacity of the other family and how inconsiderate of the loss that my family has sustained. I am the father of 4 children which range in age from 18 to 4 months and I know what it means to be responsible for other parents children. My wife and I have hosted sleepovers for friends of our children and we rarely sleep a full night when other children are in the house just to make sure nothing happens and to make sure all the kids are behaving as we would expect our children to behave. I understand that Corey made a decision to enter the car with the other child but on the flip side of that, that decision should have never presented itself to Corey and it wouldn't have if the parents that were the "responsible party" in the house would have been controlling the circumstances within the house. This is what this law is all about and I hope it goes through so it will represent a "wake up call" for all those "so-called" parents who let there kids run and do whatever without consequences for their actions, not the kids actions the parents.

I do not have children but I hope to one day, and I would like to think that parents or adults in general are responsible enough to watch what their children and friends of their children are doing. I think that parents need to be much more envolved and aware of their childrens lives. As a parent you should definately be responsible for what your children may be doing in a car and close supervision is definately a must.

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