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Down with all Twilight haters!!!

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Nick H.


All Twilight fans need to come together to stand up for Stephenie Meyer and all of her spectaculous books!!! So fight back Twilight lovers and stand up for the books we all love!!!

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There HAS to be something wrong with that nick guy or girl ! does any one know for sure weather nick is a girl or a guy? but w/e he or she is crazy and just wants to get people all fired up .

Are you screwed in the head? Seriously?

She had too many drinks but hey i dont blame her...she reads twilight

I know there are some out there who dispise these books, but this is some of their reasons:

A) I dont believe there is anything other than humans in this world.

B) Harry Potter has been destroyed because of Twilight

C) My personal favorite to laugh at- What the hell another romance book that everyone gets a hard on over....

"A) I dont believe there is anything other than humans in this world."~Stewart M.

If they don't believe that there are other things on earth what the hell happened to animals and plants... people are morons...

Way to generalise. He obviously meant in terms of higher/supernatural life.

Do you believe in anything? Any religion? Or God? Ghosts? What about those "higher/supernatural lifes" (btw its *generalize*)

u person have u read the book?? well its not just a romance its a action fantasy and it makes ppl laugh & cry... it makes ppl happy, sad, angry, enthusiastic, glorious, imagine, and dont diss twilight it destroyed harry potter sure why not harry p is a good book its for a younger audience though... and i gets boring after a while... if u believe in only humans then dont just vote on this one cause wizards are more then human, werewolves, aliens, cyborges...there are lots of other books that have more than human creatures involved...twilight is awesome and some ppl have to realize that there are fans but they like other books...hp has sold more books than twilight but twilight is still good...romance is nice its a change form action, violence,etc... ppl have to learn these things and stop making fun of books ppl like i dont make fun of too many books except to annoy my friends and family...twilight is for a older audience hp is for a family and younger audience sure older ppl enjoy it but still... i really hope its not u stewart m that is making these comments but if it is plz stop cause twilight fans (including me) will make u mizerable... and im not kidding...

My arse the books do. All they did was make my hands itchy, and my brain fried from the lack of depth. Twilight evokes absolutely NO emotions for those that are past their teenage years, and even then, there are millions of books that hook people in and cause them to feel certain emotions. In fact, this is pretty much required in writing, since, you know, the book isn't going to sell if it's not enthusiastic, or imaginative, and so on. Harry Potter and Twilight are both equally terrible series; but again, good for the teenage audience. But ony day, you will need to step outside of the shell and realise there are far greater books out there.

And what the heck? Romance is a nice change from action and violence? Why not read proper Romance novels then? Chesapeake Blue, for example, is a very good Romance novel, but not everyone praises it just because it's a Romance novel. Praising a book because of it's genre is just bloody silly, there are thousands of Romance novels, but they aren't worthy of praise. Speaking of genres, Twilight is not an action/fantasy book. Sure, there's a bit of "action" here and there, but there's a bit of action in every book and that doesn't qualify them for action books. In fact, since when the **** was action even a genre for books?

Twilight is for a pre-teen audience, stretching up into teenage years if you're struggling to mature at the average pace, which seems to be more and more prevalent in todays society, so I suppose it's not the average pace anymore. Oh, by the way, make us miserable? How so? I'm keen to hear your answer. :D

as much as those comments are making me laugh, i have to put in a word here.
here's my honest opinion: I did NOT expect every single person in the world to love or like Twilight and neither did Ms. Meyer. If ppl hate Twilight then they do. There really isn't a point in trying to convince them if they have read the series. So let them have their opinion.
and for those of u who hate Twilight TAKE A FREAKING CHILL PILL!!!!!!!!!! some of u proclaim ur hatred by getting petitions!!!!!!! where would the world be if everyone was the same!!!!!!! that last sentence was for everyone

I'm fighting back. If Twilight haters are going to voice their opinions then I am going to show their words to Twilight lovers and let see who really wins the battle.I believe that the fanbase is much larger than the hater-base...

I believe the Hater Base is larger cuz we'll have national guard reinforcements

I will admit that I admire your determination.
I just don't understand why it became a huge argument in the first place.
Galeleo was silenced by the catholic church for proclaiming that the earth was not the center of the universe.
Are all you Twilight Lovers going to really kill the haters because they dislike your series?
Check this out...
Ignore the site name... but actually take a look at the incidents that happened because someone said that they didn't like twilight.
How far are you going to take your "fighting back" for a book that's done nothing to the world but give people something more to fight about?

i agree with how the fanbase is larger

I agree with how my wang is larger.

I don't believe it there are people who actually hate twilight??? If I get a chance I'm gonna track down every single one of them and strangle them on the spot.

your hands vs. my saber and hand gun? In the event of lawless battle and revolt? You do not understand combat, you are not a Cullen, you cant fly through the air
Jesus.Get over it. Theres a lot of things you could fight for without looking like a total idiot.
You lose the game. Get a life and learn about the magical and rare thing known as "Opinions".

Do it, you pre-teen twat.

You'd get your point across by demonstrating your intelligence, rather then your literary ignorance.

There is so much hype about a s*itty book, the movie will suck!!!! I hate those stupid books!!!
Down with all the twilight haters haters!!!
The Great Wolverine

go f*ck urself u idiot ur just like an ass...i hate ur guts and i hope u die dont u dare write anything else like this u biotch...if u dont like twilight keep it to urself else ur getting a lot of hate mail... i dont care about u or ur stupid comment.!

If you choose bloody revolution, try and make me keep silent
Is sending hate mail all you can do? You do realise that you can block someone from sending you mail, or if it's real life mail then the guy will get wise and shove your poorly written hate mail down the hungry throat of his paper shredder. Telling someone to go die will only make them laugh at your immaturity. People who like twilight don't keep it to themselves and wonder why nobody likes what they do, and when a valid reason is given the go apeshit and start attacking people with improvised weaponry and poorly put together insults.

This only highlights your maturity levels. Of course, because you're a blind, viewpoint-intolerant fanboy that gets worked up over bananas, you are obviously going to menstruate over the most minor of issues.

Grow up, child.

That and she cannot spell, and demonstrates her lack of worldly ideals with the fact she cannot use anything except swear words that she thinks are powerful, when they are anything but.

well twilight haters should... drown in a large pit of smoking hot black tar and live through it all...then they should be put in a hole in the ground and be burnt and live through the whole thing...then they should be sent to hell and live for 100 years then die a slow and painful death... i know im cruel but i mean every word i say...dont hate twilight get on my bad side or piss me off...this is just a warning to anyone who wants to do those exact things.

OK, I am gonna get on your bad side now: Proud burner of Twilight Fed an Edward Cullen card board to a horse Threw a Breaking Dawn into the way of a train It was all fun Now try to do all that to me. I will fight and so will the militia. I am gonna militarize
That's not cruel. That's just another empty threat that makes you seem like an immature three-year old, dood. I'm sure you're capable of intelligent thought. Just... Pull your mind from the bottom of the ocean first.
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