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Pledge to always love Edward and never forget him!!!

I pledge to...

I pledge to love Edward forever and for always and never forget him no matter how long I live.
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I will always love Edward

Love him adore him I wish that I could find someone That is just the half as edward is decribed ...

i love edward !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pledge to love Edward and love him until the day i die. I love him forever beyond death.

i pledge to love edward for ever and ever and never forget him.

I will never ever forget Edward. I love him so much <3

I will find my edward!...that looks, thinks and has an attitude like him!...or i may even find one...he's own kind...if i don't, well...i'll be single... aaaaalllll my life~!!!

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!! tonight on TBS during Underworld commercials interviews of Rob P.and Kirsten S. from the Twilight movie will be taking place so everyone tell your friends and spread the news!!! It comes on at 10:00pm in Jacksonville, Florida.

no duh i will never forget twilight and when i have kids when they can read im forcing them to read the book

u might want 2 wait till there at least 13 for them 2 read the last book though

true...or i might make them mature enough to read it when theyre ten im twelve really it doesnt matter as long as ur mature.

no problem with that!
Soph xx

i am totally commited to finding my personal edward on earth or i shall die single!! xD

I have no problem pledging to that 1!

I pledge to love Edward til the day that I day and for many a day after
xxxx could u forget him??
i mean hes only the most amazing freakin guy in the univers!! <3

i didnt even need to pledge !!! i will never forget the best books in the world!! exspecially the characters!!! GO TWILIGHT ! ♥

I pledge to love Edward forever and for always and never forget him no matter how long I live. I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!

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