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This is to stop profane language from being called music.I'm sick of turning on the radio and my choices are either some pretty boy in a cowboy hat singing about ketchup stains on his t-shirt or some other fool rapping about 'hos,I have three daughters that love music,and I like the beat and steady rythyms of hip-hop but I want the message to be positive(like Tupac),not "supaman that Ho!!!

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it seems that the quality of

it seems that the quality of music is slowly degrading to the point where it isn't fit to be called music anymore. i really don't see how people could like that kind of 'music' so much that radio stations depend on these 'songs' to generate more listeners. i despise rap or almost any metal. country is okay, but that's because i like Taylor Swift. but rap? when could that ever be called music?

I do not like rap or

I do not like rap or country, but there is many other bands that aren't in rap that talk like that. I know many punk bands that are worse than a lot of rap.

i completely agree. i used

i completely agree. i used to listen to rap all the time, but now i HATE it because of the words. it's like all it's there for is to dance to. most people don't even listen to the words. so yeah, i agree it should stop.

I do not like rap or country

I do not like rap or country what so ever!
Rock is ok.
but belive it or not, i love classical music.
Most people think it is boring and could put you to sleep, but it has no words whch equals no profanity.
Part of the reason i love classical music is because i play piano.
So it helps when i guess i could say "feel the music" some people call bored.
but i listen to clasical music.

I don't know. I kinda like

I don't know. I kinda like that Tim McGraw song "BBQ Stain".

I despise practically all

I despise practically all the junk they call rap music. It really sickens me some people call that music. It spreads negativity, hate, and degrades the human race as a whole. I don't know how anyone could like it.

I personally hate almost

I personally hate almost ever station that I turn to because it's all full of the garbage my brother listens to. Rap. And most all the songs filled with profanity and crude euphemisms. I don't mind the beat or even lyrics of some songs but it's rare to find those decent songs now.

What comes from the gutter

What comes from the gutter should stay in the gutter! Stop the profanity and use "proper English."

In my day it was Elvis.

In my day it was Elvis. Parents hated him and the religious sect condemned him for corrupting all of us. He was too sexy and was making all kids sex crazed. Of course it was bunk but nothing has changed in over 50 years. I hate the "music" and words but each generation has had their "bad" music. My 5 year old granddaughter knows some of the words to some of this crap and she can dance with a capitol D. I was almost shocked but I keep remembering how they said we danced to Elvis. It's a part of life and growing up. It is up to parents to teach kids that people shouldn't talk that way or think some of the horrible stuff in rap. I swore like a trooper and my kids never swore til they were adults...now they want to know how I did it so their kids won't swear. I believe it is called teaching your kids as a parent! They are gonna hear it every place and a parent won't and can't be with them 24/7. The answer is to be a responsible parent and TEACH. I do not allow it in my house but I do listen to Country (sorry about that. hated it as a kid) and I listen to the oldies. It is my kids that listen to the crap when they have their kids with them. What does that tell a kid? Your kids will complain when they have kids and the cycle will continue on through the generations

I agree. Some of the songs

I agree. Some of the songs are so catchy but I refuse to buy anything that is offensive in anyway to anyone.

It IS Sad that Foul Language

It IS Sad that Foul Language seems to've become accepted as "The Norm"...It'll all probably get alot worse before it's over!

sad to say, that it is what

sad to say, that it is what sells. if there weren't the appeal, the ratings would not be there. no ratings, no airplay, so airplay = sales. but you are on the path to change, let us all be aware of the issue so we can discuss it and learn.

yes this is true but the

yes this is true but the ones they get the ratings from are kids who want it,maybe I am wrong,maybe this language is just like Prince was in my day,but when does it stop...what's next,I don't want to promote sex,music that promotes sex has no real talent!!I don't want my three year old child singing "supaman that "ho"..I'm divorced so I can't control what she hears when she is with her mother,but airwaves should take some responsibility!!

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