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Fair to us and Stephenie Meyer?

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We want Stephenie Meyer to continue the Twilight saga and finish Midnight Sun, right? Well, I feel the same way :) but I think it is unfair to her, that she is getting pressured into writing her saga. Yea, hate me for saying, but I think that's what is wrong. I'm glad that people are starting to ask her to, I am one of them, but I just think its unfair to her, do you? I'm just wondering if anyone else has guessed this or not...not offending anyone. :)

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Now that you say it that way......I really feel sorry for her now.

i have read something off her website that says stuff like this how she wanted it to be a surprise or something like that and i understand that but still i was so excited about Midnight Sun and then no Midnight Sun!!!!!! we really do understand where Stephenie Meyer is coming from but at the same time we still want the book. it's very strange

I have never looked at it that way... but now that I think about it I agree that she has been pressured.

It is her book. If she doesn't feel like she can finnish it now then she shouldn't. We have no rights as readers, we just get to go along for the ride. If she were to finnish it now it would not be all that it could be. If she waits until she is ready all of the Twilight fans will get back into the series and possibly bring new readers just like the movie has. I was so excited to learn that she was even writing this book and completly devastated to learn that she was not going to finnish it. If/when she does I will be one of the first in line to read it, but it is her choice and we should all respect that.

um i personally agreed that if she didnt feel like finshing it she should wait but today someone who hasnt even read twilight said this "i know she is upset and she is proably annoyed w/ all the fans hounding her, but is it fair to punish millions of fans all because of one peson?" so then i got to thinking and she does have a point so idk

I would love to read Edwards side, I am 61 yrs old and loved the series. I think she should go ahead and finish it while its so strong in peoples minds. A few yrs from now people won't be as hot for the book as they are now.It will be 0ld news.

hmmn i can definitly see where stephenie meyer is coming from! it's unfair to her for us fans to hound her when she's uncomfortable with continuing at this time. then again i can see many loyal fans view where why shouldnt we get to read edward's p.o.v because of some idiots choice to leak midnight sun but i guess it's selfish for us to think that way when we're not the author. As for telling Stephenie how to write Midnight Sun; that' insane! she's 1million times better of writer than a majority of people out there. Just look at how many fans she's gotten to fall in love with the twilight series! utter genius. A few years for the buzz to die down is a long time...but in the end it will/would be worth it to get to read an amazingly writen Edward's point of view! but then that's just my opinion

Curiosity got the best of me so I did read the partial draft... I thought it was wonderful. How dare any1 leak what isn't theirs!! How dare any1 tell an author how 2 write her story!! WE already know what happens in the relationship! Hopefully we'll get to experience Edward's perspective! The only way that'll happen is if, according to Stephenie, people quit hounding her... Take offense or not... people do as she asks so we can all enjoy this most compelling love story through Edward's eyes.

I have fallen in love with the Twilight Saga. I wish that Stephenie Meyer would finish and publixh Midnight Sun but it her destion not mine. If she does deside to finish many fans will be over joyed and as happy as possible so she has to keep in mind about not dispointing fans.

I absolutely loved what I read from Stephenie's website. As much as I would love for her to finish Midnight Sun asap, along with everyone else, I'll just have to be patient and wait. She said in her interview with Entertainment Weekly that she may complete it after the "buzz" has died down. I can only speak for myself, but I don't see myself letting go of this for a while. That timeline may be a little unrealistic - or very, very far off in the future - especially if there are sequels to the movie. Something I've been wondering lately - how much of Midnight Sun will be translated on the big screen? Sure, it's suppose to be all Twilight however, you can't help but think that we'll see some of Edward's pov. I just wonder what parts?

i loved the part of the book i saw, but i do honestly think that-since she is the author after all- that she has every right to do what ever she pleases with the series. if it means keeping the rest of the book on hold, or under wraps, then she should. it wasn't fair to her to have it leaked in the first place, so even though i'm ready to see the rest of the book (and if maybe she'll continue the whole series in that point of view) i'm willing to wait for it since that whole ordeal went down.

I don't blame her for waiting.It is really not fair o her. I would be so disappointed if it happened to me. I just hope she pubishes it later on.

No, I don't Stephenie loves writing. She said that after she gets home from all the tours and stuff she will start right back on writing. Besides she chose to become an author. Besides all the people who are urging her to write are complimenting her by showing how much they love her writing. I agree that she has a right to be sad/ angry at whoever posted Midnight sun, but she loves to write regardless so why shouldn't fans show their everlasting love for her!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Actually, Stephenie said in a recent interview that she's going to start a new project, not finish Midnight Sun. She has said she'll reconsider writing Midnight Sun in a few years after all the chaos has died down.

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