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get elizabeth hasselbeck off the view

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All viewers of the TV show the View! I would like to start a petition to get Elizabeth Hasselbeck off of the show. She is a hinderence to this great show I'am a big fan but, I find it very difficult to watch anymore because of her constant attitude, fighting, and know it all personality. If she remains on the show I will no longer watch!! I hope that this will help to get her removed from the show, as it has been rumored that it has been a consideration anyway.. I do fear that the ratings for this show will go down if she remains!!!!

Sign my petition to get Elizabeth Hasselbeck off The View!

Thank you

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finally a good move on the view.great that Rosi is coming back, she knows what she is talking about and ack up her opinions with facts. don't have to agree all the time but she brings good points.
So glad Elizabeth is gone from The View. Her ideas and perceptions of life and living are so out of touch with reality, her arguments were nothing short of blatant stupidity. While it's good for such a show to have co-hosts with opposing opinions, hers had no substance, intelligence, or common sense. She just sat there and spewed a bunch of clueless jargon as an attempt for debate. If she was her true self on The View, she displayed charactistics that symbolize what is wrong with America, and emulate what kind of people are the problem in society.
so true, she is basic, irrelevant bordering stupidity..... is she related to that ex governor of Alaska?
Those who can't stand those who disagree with them are glad to see Elizabeth Hasselbeck go. The View show is definitely left of center. I wish they would all leave.
Never did like The View. Watched it sometimes for kicks to see if Elisabeth would get a chance to speak. Now....for me it will always be The Price is Right at eleven a.m. LOL I absolutely will never watch it again. If they lose enough viewers it will go down the tubes. Where it belongs.
So excited to hear Elizabeth was asked to leave the show. Once she started attacking guests and cohosts with ignorant arguments I stopped watching. Definitely will watch again when she's gone.
Fox News has been after her for quite awhile. She left on her own. Now Joy Behar....I do believe they gave her the boot.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck is going to Fox News in September. Joy Behar is going to...????? Home? LOL Way to go Elisabeth!
I agree with the comments she is rude and self righteous....She does nothing to add to the view and if she is gone we will be back watching
I'm very tired of Elizabeth for a very long time..She doesn't add anything to the show...In fact the last 6 months I don't watch very much because of her and her attitude..Who does she think she is???
I have already stopped watching The View because she really, really is rude and self-righteous. She doesn't tolerate anyone else behaving as poorly as she does. She reminds me of the half wit bullies in high school.
I think she's a right wing & religious nutjob, who never seems to shut up. She's constantly interrupting & being very confrontational. Leave it to ABC/Disney to hire such a moronic "reality show reject", to be on an other wise entertaining show. Get Rid Of Her!!!
Really?? Because she fights back, has an opinion and doesn't get bullied when 4 other woman gang up on her??? You liberals are HYSTERICAL!
Well said John..we have been saying that for years!!
Right on John M.
Well said!!
Now we know who is leaving Julie. Joy Behar..Buh Bye! Elisabeth is staying...Joy is going. LOL
When they announced Joy was leaving Barbara Walters stated emphatically that Elisabeth wasn't going anywhere. Guess Elisabeth got an offer she couldn't refuse from Fox News. Surprise Barbara!! LOL
Please get Elisabeth off the show! She takes the fun out of watching the show! She is so immature and closed minded! Super opinionated.One bad apple spoils the whole bun :((
She really makes dumb and incorrect statements
Dom't like her superior attitude!!!
I totally agree......I just don't like her superior attitude and how she interrupts!!!!
I dont watch anymore because of her, she has this attitude and its almost uncomfortable to watch her anymore. Rude, bitchy, holier than though attitude, I wont be watching it anymore until she is.
You said it all!! Not only is her voice annoying, she's a know it all. She can easily be replaced.
If someone TKO'd Joy it would take three or four to do it...big ole behind. LOL
Then whine that is was Bush's fault or Palins fault...
I really don't enjoy The View any more because Elisabeth's "I'm better than anyone" attitude. Very tired of it!
I really don't enjoy The View any more because Elisabeth's "I'm better than anyone" attitude. Very tired of it!
Elizabeth has her right to her opinion. But she is so rude to guest who she does not agree with. She is also such an awful person. She stays on the show because she kisses Barbara's butt. On one show it was about who your mentors in life are, and guess who Elizabeth's were? Barbara Walters and some other head honcho on the show. I mean what a total kiss ass. I would like to see her go. I do not watch the show. I only watch youtube clips to watch people put her in her place.
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