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Have you been to a Twilight signing?

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Robert Pattinson has been making many appearances and doing lots of interviews promoting the movie.  Have you been to any of the events?  Tell us about it!

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I really want to see everyone in Twilight-New Moon- Eclipse and get a sigunature from everyone. No I haven't though. They don't ever come anywhere close to me. I'm saving money to go to Vancouver or Washington to go to a signing!
I wish I could, but I don't live anywhere near where they are shooting the film. :(
i live in portland oregon where the movie was filmed..&& a bunch of my friends have been able to meet them. I went to the set of the school once also it was pretty tight.
I`m every day dreaming that I could live in USA, because there`s always something fun happening. I can never go to these events, because I live in the wrong country. I seriously think that I was born in the wrong country, because these hot and cool celebrities will never come to Estonia, only singers do, but I want to see some actors too. I`m soooo.... sad :(
Nope :(.....Im Soo Upset Sum Ppl Are Soo Lucky, And Getting His Autograph, And Able To Say Hi To Him Will Make Me The Most Happiest Girl Ever Lmao


no i havn't bin 2 1 =( i'd def like 2 go 2 1 tho!robert come 2 australia?!!

I'm sad to say that i havent been to a signing but if they ever come to kansas or somewhere near here then i will like totally go!!

Please Robert Pattinson, come to Sweden :(

I have gone to a signing with Robert Pattinson. I was at the mall at 4:30 in the morning. The store where he would be said the no one would b allowed on the property and to buy the t-shirt to get the wristband that allowed u to meet and get an autograph from him untill 6am, only the 1st 500 people would get it. However, when i got there, a woman from the store said that they decided last minute to give 500 tickets out at 1 in the morning, the people with the tickets were the only ones allowed in to buy the t-shirt and get the wrist band. i was EXTREAMILY UPSET!!!! it was rediculious. the only good part was that he did a Q & A after so i got to c him and take pictures, but i was still upset for what happened. :(
Do you think that was right of them to change their minds last minute? Do you think they should have atleast put it on their website a day or two before if the did decide to change it?

:[ i only wish i could go to a twilight signing!!

no i hav not been to a signing . IT SUCKS NOT BEING THERE!!!!! AHHHHHHHH sigh yall are LUCKY who got to go i envy you

sadly no *sigh* :(

no i have and its been killing me im even thinking bout making a trip to forks and then california

I went to the signing in Dallas, Tx. My daughter and I got there at 3:30am. We were one of the first 50 in line in the rain and waited until 5:30 when we were allowed on the mall property. At that time the 3,000 people behind pushed, shoved, and ran in front of us to get one of the first 500 places in line. We found out about the Q&A session that was going to be for everyone at 7:30 that night and so we waited in line from the time the mall opened until he came out that night. We couldn't hear one word that he said because of the crowd but it was all worth it just to see him standing there. He seemed so nice and overwhelmed by all of the attention.

its coming nowhere near me im POed im sad and kinda hurting inside...why the hell do i live in Prince george bc canada why cant i live somewhere fun...

i went friday! it was amazing. he kept like flippin his hair but he had to leave early cuz no one could hear him speak with all the screaming obnoxious girls. but it was still worth it to go. :)

i havent beeen there wasnt 1 in leicester i dont think :(

it was AMAZING

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