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On Monday, September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the first person to fly a plane solo around the world without refueling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon went missing in Nevada. An airplane he was flying failed to return. No one has any idea where he is.

Through the generous efforts of individuals at several organizations, detailed satellite imagery has been made available for his last known whereabouts.


I believe that if we each take a little time looking at the satellite images and marking those that may have signs of Fossett in them, we could find him or determine what happened to him.

I pledge to...

Look at satellite pictures and mark those that appear to have evidence of Steve Fossett.  get started here 

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Glad he was finally found..

I worked for Steve in Chicago at Fossett Corp and my heart is broken all over again. He was a caring, kind man and the most intellegent person I've ever known. As much as we all needed closure on this, It's still very painful. My heart goes out to Peggy and the rest of the Fossett Family.

God Bless You, Steve Fossett. May you rest in peace.

I am very happy that Steve Fossett was found, he was a great man... unlike many he DID live his life... The skies were blessed with his adventurous spirit and I will miss reading/hearing about all his New Ventures.

I think this looks promising:


Also see:





Josh Levine

But where is he ??

I hiked this area looking for the Steve Fossett airplane. It wasn't easy finding anything because of all the pine trees limiting the vision. To locate the area goggle: and go to this area. It's about 7 mile due west of the Flying-M Ranch or about 6 miles east of Sulfur on Highway 338 between Wellington and Sweetwater). East of Sulfur you will see a large bare area with a western appendage. Just SW of the appendage is a white object(zoom down). It seem to show better on The road just west is Dead Ox Canyon Road. This road is best reached from highway 338 using the Nye Canyon Road. Use blue ink in your printer and a magnifying glass and you can see a dark area about 300 feet north that looks like a burned or black airplane tail. I hiked up the north side of the hill using a easy-going ravine and my satellite map going east. Near the top is a barer area leading south into the pine forest. The objects are nearby, but they are difficult to spot because the pine limit the vision. It was windy and sunny with patches of snow. I did not find the objects. I recommend you hike back the same way in the ravine you came up. The mountain gets cold and windy at 7,000 feet and it is freezing the night. If you break a leg it will be difficult crawling back. Take matches and warm clothing. I made a mistake heading south after looking for the white object and it turned out to be a much longer way. I probably scared the bo-jiggers out of a lot of rattlesnakes, bears, mountain lions, and coyotes up there. Going south, I came upon a bad dirt road that lead me west to Dead Ox Canyon Road. After 10 hours of hiking, I was tired. Then up Dead Ox Canyon road with a lot of noise and dust came 10 dune buggies. They had passed my camp site. They had looked inside my sleeping bag to see if I was dead. I think they were from Volcano, California. They were surprised to see a rental car up there. One kind man gave me a beer and a bumpy ride back to my car. I had driven up to almost the desired hill , but the road is impassable (rocks that would wipe out a crankcase) right before the hill, except a high clearance vehicle. Be sure to remove the big rocks and not drive over them on these dirt roads. Take a shovel too. The forest service wants you to carry a plastic bucket too for water in case of fire. Carry lots of water. If you hike on the road past the hill to a spring (Dead Ox Springs? ), you will find a beautiful Indian shelter in the rocks just east of the road. There are interesting rocks in the area. There is a heavy black mineral in some granite and some thick white quartz going up th ravine and some smoky quartz at the area where the objects are. Good luck and be careful, if you go up there. You probably need a helicopter to find the objects and there is a dangerous wind for aircraft. I own the Hoonie Mine about 3 miles west of this area off Nye Canyon Road. The area gets real beautiful with fire-like sunsets and the snowy volcanic Sweetwater Mountains. The Reuise Canyon a few mile east of the highway by the Nye Canyon Road has some beautiful grassy creek-side camping spots, but the road is kinda bumpy. Keep searching, if this is not the area as Nevada can be fun and beautiful off the highways. I decided to go to the Flying-M Ranch. I am kinda shy, but did drive in past alot of KEEP OUT signs and No Trespassing signs. I looked and smelled pretty bad, but they treated me nice, I gave them my satellite maps. I was looking for Paris Hilton, but didn't see her. Then, I traveled north, to where I found a untouched great gold prospect with cinnabar and opal at Surreal Flat. It is a ancient hot spring type deposit that I hope has a million ounces of gold. Then, I made it to Oregon to see my sweet Mom who is 90. I am a poet and explorer living in San Francisco. Copyright 2008 by Chris Johansen.

Hi Chris, interesting story...yes I would have looked to see if Paris was there too, and would like to do video with her.! You have the hoothie mine? I am an amateur prospector and just camped out there at Pine grove on the opposite side from you just this Novemeber. It was great. got cold though -10 but fun. Can you give me a shout. I would like to know more about the area. thanks. email me at this worldavi and i have
Hi Chris, Gee what a story. I just camped out there in the area of Pine Grove this November 2015. Nice...i love it. I am an amateur prospector and like to get out with my metal detector. Gee you went there looking for Paris..Hahaha...did you plan on doing a video with her? What actually was Hoothie Mine? being that it is located in the Toyaibe Forest, is your land privately owned within? Are you allowed to prospect there? I would give my right nut to get a piece of property like that. well maybe. If you could email me back. user name and gmail. Thanks

I think I found Steve Fossett's plane. The plane was located using satellite images. First,I located a out of place white object/part. The part did not look like a plane. I printed the object. After looking at the picture for about a month I noticed a black area maybe 100 yards north. I believe this area would be near impossibe to find from the air. A few weeks later, I chanced to look at the black area with a magnifying glass. Then,I could see in the burned area the tail section of a plane that was burned black, but the 2 side tail wings are visible. I think a plane is there, and there is a good chance it is the plane Steve was flying. I hope to hike to the area in a week, if the weather is good to confirm. There is also wedge like area where the plane possibly skidded in.

Would be privilaged to try and help find this wonderful pioneer.

36°16'58.59"N, 114°15'30.87"W

inspried by post of Bridget b. on Sun, 09/30/2007 - 18:44 :
"My theory.....He was shot down to crash into Lake Mead, his aircraft already recovered by the Air Force. "

Monday, Feb. 18, 2008, 10:51 P.M.

I believe that I may have found an airplane that may or may not be that of Steve Fossett. The object that I spotted (using Google Earth Satellite images) is located at the following location:

38 45' 29.37"N

121' 00 07.07"W

The object that I see is approx. the size and shape of the type of craft that he was flying, however, the color appears to be pinkish in color (probably due to poor image filtering) with blue on the wingtips and tail. The imagery is quite blurred, and the resolution is not that great, but it does appear to be an airplane to me. Perhaps with military grade resolution, the distinctive details of the wings would be evident. The left wingtip appears to have broken off, and is forward of the plane, and a little to the right of the nose. There is a dark area (just above where the pilot would sit) which could very well be the see-through overhead window.
I know that the official investigation is over. However, If the Calif. Civil Air Patrol could take a closer look at the site through their imagery, maybe they could determine (one way or another) if this needs further investigation.

The general location is approx. 30 miles East-North-East of Sacramento, and East of the Folsom Lake Recreation Area. It is about 1,900 feet SE of the end of Kanaka Valley Road, 1,600 feet east of Donkey Ln, and approx. 3,000 feet NE of a small 3,000 foot private dirt airstrip. This airstrip is located on Airborne Rd. The plane appears to be hidden in thick underbrush or trees. It is on private property that has "No Trespassing-Violators Will Be Prosecuted" signs posted all along Kanaka Valley road. There are many large secluded (and very expensive) homes off the road, on properties leading to the site. This site is approx. 75 miles West of the Barron Hilton Flying-M Ranch Airfield.

My theory as to why the emergency transmitter did not automatically trigger on impact, is that the plane may not have hit the ground hard enough...probably due to a 'soft landing' in trees or brush. Also, the plane probably did not burn. Steve probably suffered a fatal heart attack, had engine trouble, or simply ran out of fuel.

If the $10,000 reward is still active, please let me know.


Ramon Tang

I am sure I have found him, right on his flight plan just outside of the search zone.
Coordinates: 37° 55'53.11"N, 118° 36'35.89"W
using google earth. His plane is upside down in water and clearly visible. Brian McDermott

I am sure I have found him, right on his flight plan just outside of the search zone.
Coordinates: 37° 55'53.11"N, 118° 36'35.89"W
using google earth. His plane is upside down in water, but easily seen Brian McDermott

This story remains a real mystery. If, in fact, Fossett's plane crashed and exploded...would there be anything at all left to identify that would link directly to him?
I mean, if he went up in a ball of fire...then that's it, isn't it?
There's nothing left to find. Right?
A Candle In The Window Of The American Mind

Hi... off to the right/below is a Black area


38.532207,- 119.406663

William, If you look under the transparent layer (which may indicate the old image) I see a simular shape.  Appears to be a rock outcropping.  Check it out and let us know. H

Mike Z.  I checked those coord.'s and what looked like a plane from altitude dissolved at low altitude. Sorry.  John A.: I checked your coords and couldn't find a plane I assume you saw it in an open area.  I checked all the open area around those coords and found several things that sort of looked like a plane but measured out way too small. Sorry.

Tom S. 

You can easily measure a persons character by observing how they treat someone who can do nothing for them.

I have located a site of which is located approx. 5.0 miles Northwest of Powell Canyon green check marker (star), and 21.0 miles Southeast of the Flying M Ranch. The color in this site is red and there is a green object of some sort. I would like someone else to look at the site and see what they think. the loction is  38 23' 47.84" N and 118 41' 08.46" W ....Thanks



Check out 38.244095,-118.378372  it looks like a plane but it's in plain site.  I can't see how this could have been missed during a search.



You can easily measure a persons character by observing how they treat someone who can do nothing for them.

It does look like an aircraft but it's too small for an intact Bellanca. It's also close (in Nevada terms) to habitation---about a mile and a half east. It was also interesting to note that the KML's registration is about 800 feet off (compared to the "old" GE image). So much for "pin point accuracy"!

Ok, after finding out he took off from Yerington (I lived near there for 3 years) and looking into the exact size/shape of his plane, I want to add one more location.  This one shows a small aircraft shape that appears to have cleared out a triangle shaped area in the surrounding brush.  Probably nothing but it is much closer to Yerington.  38 52'01.43N 118 55'02.46W    Yes, I am using recent imagery.    JDE
Jason, The image I got with your coords was near farming (?) objects and I did not see anything except brush near an aquiduct and roads.  Hollis


  Nice picture.  What do you think about the object lised above at 38 52'01.43N  118 55'02.46W ?  Thanks for taking the time to look at these.

Jason, I am not able to see what you and Paul are seeing.  Having a little trouble with my GE at the moment.  I picked up the large white object @ 38 38'30.96N 118 25'33.09 one time and could not find it again after that.  Only registered in the old image layer. Gave up...  Same for the other 3 below, you submitted - All are in the pre-Fossett images.  I can tell that it's old if the image comes into focus quickly.  Also the color of the old images (layers) look like the colors we are used to seeing of the area that basic tan. New layers have tint added to them.  Did you ever visit GE here before the Fossett search?  There was only the natural color layer and it came into focus well.  With the added layers the focus is poor.  Incredibility interesting seeing familiar territory from space.  Hopes this helps. H
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