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On Monday, September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the first person to fly a plane solo around the world without refueling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon went missing in Nevada. An airplane he was flying failed to return. No one has any idea where he is.

Through the generous efforts of individuals at several organizations, detailed satellite imagery has been made available for his last known whereabouts.


I believe that if we each take a little time looking at the satellite images and marking those that may have signs of Fossett in them, we could find him or determine what happened to him.

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Look at satellite pictures and mark those that appear to have evidence of Steve Fossett.  get started here 

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we might need a list of previous objects

look ar this one before Thu, 09/13/2007 - 12:58 That's definitely an airplane, appears intact, rough landing, in the brush. My oppinion, the markings on wing don't agree with the www.stevefo picture
Jon Held www.jheld.m

I can agree with the look of the plane, but I am not sure what the underside of his plane looks like. Cannot tell if this plane is right-side up or down...
I agree, it sure looks right side up to me, the other thing I realized this morning is most of these planes we are finding are probably actually flying like the big jets we have found.  I would expect an aerobatic airplane to have a similar paint scheme top and bottom.   Jon Held
Also please look at Link: < ps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=38.872108,-1 19.035921&spn=0.00421,0.009978&t =h&z=17&om=1>  I hope this link works, on the top of what looks like a knoll (it is very white) there looks like an outline of a plane.

I have a great admiration for Mr. Fossett. I have had the honor of talking to him and he is a great down to earth guy with a 100% lack of diva. During a long lunch with our crew he ate what we did and if we had not known who he was we would have just thought he was one of the retired local fly boys from the base.

As a woman I admire that he has a normal wife of his age and has ( other than an adventure filled life) not a scandal rag filled life, but a "live life to the fullest attitude".

Of course I will do anything possible online to find him. I can't get the dog on the road as I'd like to in this circumstance. But we can all do our best this way. By the way does anyone know how to get an old photo off the  profile and the right one on? It keeps reloading the old one! ARUGHHH!!!!



< p> 

Plz look at 38.301742,-118564816  elev 5736  AND 38.301677,-118564873w elev 5787.....

The comment regarding a northern path might be not so far fetched.... When I started trying to help on Tues.

I did see an apparent plane upside down....lost the image and couldn't recoup....  

Check out 38 18' 55" N LAT 118 00' 11" W LONG; two images of a plane on the crest of one of the ridges.
i see two plane and i see the jet stream after the white jet they was flying there when the picture was taking
Need help from some body that knows satellite images --------   Nothing here to help find Fossett but very interesting, we need somebody familar with satellite images, two jet planes one obviously flying, that is a white outline with contrail and the other is a shadowy blue outline below and ahead with what appears a black shadow making it look like it is almost on the on the ground, I think that is the same blue I saw in the trees with the other jet (on  Sat, 09/15/2007 - 04:36 at  38 53 35N 119 04 25W a large aircraft down, could be a Boieng 737 / 757, has a damaged right wing)  Jon Held
I now also see a blue contrail from the 2nd one so it is the shadow of the first on the ground.  Jon Held
Looking at the blue once more it is not a shadow it's a 2nd image, if it was a shadow it would be uniform in color but it has the same shadows as the real plane, wing are light and fuselage is dark.  Also this point shows the maximum registration problem I've seen, 1870 feet to the SW and the location nearby 38°52'58.50"N 119° 2'27.44"W has obvious overlap of images.  These are all problems but we can deal with them, now that we know about them, at least we have a chance with these images, with old images, impossible.     Jon Held
Not only is the blue not a shadow, it's also got some heat signature to it, looking at the picture that this is replying too, the engines are not blue they are grey to black. So my guess now is it's a second image dispaced that probably is somewhat infared colorized.   Jon Held
Not sure if this is where I report something...I found something at 38degrees33'50"N and 118degrees58'44"W.  Looks like an intact plane...can even see the shadow under the wings.  This wasn't near my hit at all.  I just started scrolling and found it.  Hope he is intact as well. 

Roberta, I don't find anything there, when I go to those coordinates it is right near a farm on a East Walker road. Please check the location again. thanks, Jon Held www.jheld.m

Not sure if this is where I report something...I found something at 38degrees33'50"N and 118degrees58'44"W.  Looks like an intact plane...can even see the shadow under the wings.  This wasn't near my hit at all.  I just started scrolling and found it.  Hope he is intact as well. 
The satellite image overlays are not registered exactly, not a major problem but it could explain some of the problems people are having with Google Earth.  The recent overlays obtained by running the kml file are at some points shifted up to 1000 feet.  The best way to judge the local position error is to turn roads on and go to the nearest intersection and zoom in on it and measure the error and direction with the ruler function and estimate angle.  For example, the center west side near Walker, Calif. ( 38°30'47.21"N 119°27'42.80"W) where 395 enters the new satellite image is shifted 670 feet NNW.    We should be able to work with this, we just need to be aware of it when we are having problems, it might help explain something you are not understanding.  This  problem is also clearly shown at the locations on the SE corner of the first images at  38°13'24.77"N 119° 9'32.79"W  and  38°13'26.92"N 119° 9'30.69"W    They are the same place but are 278 feet apart there.    Jon Held
I suspect that the the coordinate numbers from the hits and the numbers on google earth will agree, this should only affect people using something other than google earth and it will affect the people in the field trying to find what we find.  I've informed them about this problem.  Most people probably on here do not need to worry about this one bit.   Jon Held
Wrong:  I just tested this. I went to a hit and when I go to the coordinates (cut and paste) in Google Earth with the KML run  (38.664322,-119.036179)  the location is 570 feet to ESE to where this image shows up, also it is taken on a different day, green vs snow.  So the average person may have trouble with this, (I think the problem it's only where the color changes green to snow, different images registered differently)  Jon Held jheld@ksu.eduJon Held
definitely a big problem, I'm spending 15 minutes and still haven't located a snow hit on a green Google earth.  My eyes tell me something is in this one (a snow covered plane shapped object) so I'm spending the time.  Problem is green is shifted one way and snow is shifted an unknown amount.  I've learned to save the hit pic, save the coordinates, so I have everything, just can't find it.  Jon Held
I spent two hours with no luck, I found other hits 830 feet WNW from where they should be about 5 miles from here, I give up on this one till I hear something encouragng about this problem.  Jon Held
This hit was at 38.505020,-118.993607, in the snow scene my eyes saw a snow covered plane, maybe. Time for some sleep.   Jon Held
did anyone look at 38* 57*20.77N and 119*45*26.39w  near minden NV that east of menden NV see somthing shape like a plane ??
I replied to that below, old stuff.  thanks,  Jon Held

The object(s) in the water in Mono Lake look like rocks.  Also the sizes of the dimensions are too large (35' and 45').  Use the ruler under tools to measure.  I dont know how to tell how recent an image is. 

The KML (keyhole markup language) files supposedly pulls in (downloads) recent images for each HIT image in Mechanical Turk/Google Earth.  I reload the KML file for each HIT; is this necessary? How to pull in the latest images without using Mechanical Turk HITs?  How do you know that the KML file is loaded (correctly).  DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE UNDERSTAND THIS?

You should only have to load the KML file once when you start google earth.  If you zoom out you should see the boundaries of the new satellite images due to the problems I described above.   No way that I know how to tell when an image was taken.  if it's outside the areas that show up different when you zoom out then it's old stuff, if you want to compare with old stuff in the new area to see if it was there before Steve, I go to online google maps.   I'm not an expert at KML but think I know what I'm talking about.  Jon Held

look at the image at 38* 57*20.77N and 119*45*26.39w see something there

That appears that it is a plane outine in the grass, but it's old stuff, also on google maps and outside the new satellite area.   Thanks,  Jon Held

I do not know if this is even on the current satellite image, so this may be irrelevant. I do not know how to figure the size if what I am looking at. And, the image resolution is not great.


The image at  38° 1'39.14" N 119° 2'55.00"W is in mono lake, in the water north, of Negit Island. Kind of look like a plane to me.



That is outside the recent satellite images, and also shows up on the ordinary google.maps so it is old, to me it just looks like a pile of rocks that forms a tiny island, not a plane. The size is about right at 21 feet for the large rock.  Thanks  Jon Held

Please Dont Try this.... [ on_re_us/steve_fossett;_ylt=AgaQX2K_Nmy7 DyRx_S3Cjp2s0NUE] A pilot who was after the prize money from this site entered search grides and was endangering the search and rescue personnel assigned to those grides. Please dont go off with out thinking or coordinating with officials, and think of the consequences and possible injury or death they may cause. Maybe this Site can only offer the prize money to people who come up with technical information at home... Please Note there are safety concerns for searchers. Here is the NOTAM the FAA put up after this incident   FDC 7/7172 ZOA NV.. FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS 30 W OF COALDALE, NV. EFFECTIVE FROM 0709152200 UTC UNTIL 0709160230 UTC. PURSUANT TO 14 CFR SECTION 91.137(A)(3) TEMPORARY FLIGHT RESTRICTIONSARE IN EFFECT WITHIN AN AREA BOUNDED BY 383000N/1190000W OR THE MINA /MVA/ VORTAC 248 DEGREE RADIAL AT 45.7 NM THEN TO383000N/1183000W OR THE MINA /MVA/ VORTAC 243 DEGREE RADIAL AT 22.3 NM THEN TO 374500N/1183000W OR THE MINA /MVA/ VORTAC 187 DEGREE RADIAL AT 53.6 NM THEN TO 374500N/1190000W OR THE MINA /MVA/ VORTAC 206 DEGREE RADIAL AT 67 NM THEN BACK TO ORIGINAL POINT AT AND BELOW 2000 FEET AGL TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR SEARCH AND RESCUE OPERATIONS. ONLY RELIEF AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE INCIDENT COMMANDER ARE AUTHORIZED IN THE AIRSPACE. AIRCRAFT MAY LAND AND DEPART AIRPORTS WITHIN THE AIRSPACE.CAP INCIDENT COMMANDER


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