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On Monday, September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the first person to fly a plane solo around the world without refueling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon went missing in Nevada. An airplane he was flying failed to return. No one has any idea where he is.

Through the generous efforts of individuals at several organizations, detailed satellite imagery has been made available for his last known whereabouts.


I believe that if we each take a little time looking at the satellite images and marking those that may have signs of Fossett in them, we could find him or determine what happened to him.

I pledge to...

Look at satellite pictures and mark those that appear to have evidence of Steve Fossett.  get started here 

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If this turns out to be something, will we all have egg on our collective faces. 39 09 18.76  119 06 02 49  White object down in the pit on the ouskirts (NE) of Yerington. Check it out.

Tom S. 

Based on this message on 11th September from Steve's website ...

"The aircraft's last confirmed position on Monday (3 September) at approximately 10:30 A.M. local time showed Steve west of Powell Canyon (south of Walker Lake and southwest of Hawthorne), proceeding east towards the canyon. This location is less than 30 miles SE from his point of departure / expected arrival. Steve was expected to return to the ranch around 11:00 - 11:30 AM.", I've been working on the theory that when he eventually turned north to return to the ranch, he traveled along the east side of Lake Walker to enjoy the view. He crossed the northern tip of the lake to fly across the mountains and down into the valley towards the northern end of the ranch airstrip.

I surmised that he came to grief whilst crossing that area of the mountains, possibily hit by a strong gust of wind or even maybe a thunderstorm. That's what I've been basing my searches on.  I've found some possibilities but sadly nothing that seems to have helped and I've just about covered all I can in that area now.

Whatever actually happened, I hope for the sake of his wife and family, that he's found soon.  The waiting, the not knowing, must be awful.

Therese and everybody else:
A good way to judge your search parameters is this. When you see something or when you just establish your search altitude, pull down the Ruler Tool and then draw a line measured in feet about 30 feet long. That is roughly the wingspan of Steve's plane. the fuselage is about 25 feet long. When you change altitude you must draw a new line because it adjusts for size based on altitude. Try it. I think you'll find that alot of maybe may turn into definite no's and hopefully one definite yes.
Tom S.

I'm posting 4 more possibilities resulting from searches in the mountains to the north-east of the ranch, adjacent to the northern end of the lake.

See screenshots with markers here: tos/13809611@N05/

Once you've clicked on a photo, use the link to "See different sizes" in the right menu to view the full-size image.


1) 38°48'52.85"N, 118°51'17.41"W

2) 38°48'41.50"N, 118°51'14.45"W

3) 38°48'40.27"N, 118°50'28.07"W

4) 38°48'08.37"N, 118°49'45.41"W

I have a theory that Mr. Fossett took off, put the plane on autopilot, then became ill, passed out, etc. I think he flew North East and ran out of fuel about 53 miles north of Silver, Nevada and 26 miles East of Hwy 93 (just east of Thousand Springs Creek).

To: Alan R.

That location sounds suspiciously like Burning Man. I think that I shall never see a Citabria with an Auto P.

Tom S. 


I just saw a Velociraptor.... I think I've been at this too long.

Tom S. 

I found something at 38 41 58. 74N  118 49 25.98  As you get up close the image becomes ghost-like but the size and shape are right. I have a green mark next to it. Mike what e-mail do I need to use to add you to the Earth e with the snapshot of the actual site?

Tom S 

tom, you can send to mike at youchoose dot net
Tom, I not sure if I have the same image.  The only thing I see is a white shape above and to the left of the cords register mark.  It appears on the layer underneath.  My image on GeoEye_Delivery 4 is rather dark.  M-Turk says to be conservative, so hopefully you turned it in...I saw the raptor also. H

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns=" ml/2.2">
 <StyleMap id="msn_ylw-pushpin_copy1">
   <styleUrl>#sn_ylw-pushpin_ copy1</styleUrl>
   <styleUrl>#sh_ylw-pushpin_ copy1</styleUrl>
 <Style id="sn_ylw-pushpin_copy1">
    <href> .com/mapfiles/kml/pushpin/ g</href>
   <hotSpot x="20" y="2" xunits="pixels" yunits="pixels"/>
 <Style id="sh_ylw-pushpin_copy1">
    <href> .com/mapfiles/kml/pushpin/ g</href>
   <hotSpot x="20" y="2" xunits="pixels" yunits="pixels"/>
   <longitude>-119.4930971457 074</longitude>
   <latitude>38.2318554576314 3</latitude>
   <range>386.8950538018667&l t;/range>
   <heading>-5.78092313966595 9</heading>
   <altitudeMode>relativeToGr ound</altitudeMode>
  <styleUrl>#msn_ylw-pushpin_c opy1</styleUrl>
   <coordinates>-119.49336322 49319,38.23170523172736,0</coordinate s>

Paul A.

Tom S. here. How do you bring up the pure pre Steve image in GE?  I've downloaded the Master KMZ file 


Look for a heading 'Places'  to the left in GE.  In there you will find a folder called 'Temporary Places'.  The overlays are here and when they are running, there is a tick in the box beside the file 'Find Steve Fossett'. Click on the tick box to toggle the overlay on and off.

  Please tell me what this object is...?    38 37 28.43, - 118 49 05.96





I have followed your instructions however I don't see any difference with what is on the screen when I try to toggle so I have no idea if I am really looking at pre-Fossett pics or not.  There is no way to tell.



Does anyone know the clothes Steve was wearing. I'm guessing he was wearing a fight suit-what color? Hat? Color?


Tom S. 

 38°31'48.52"N  118°51'23.59"W

 This is a white linear blob lying roughly East/West, in trees, in the overlay named "DG_image" from the "master" KMZ.  After accounting for offset, it is not in the pre-Fossett GEarth image.

The "master" KMZ I am referring to is an excellent one-click download for GEarth from the site http://www.violentskies.c om/search-for-steve-fossett/index.html .  It includes all of the overlays, search area, siting locations, etc. in one download.  Check it out.

oh god! this is bad!!
oh god! this is bad!!
oh god! this is bad!!

I found something strange acroos a small river

West: 118.98

North 38.7403

what are these coordinates?they dont have enough numbers

Amara M   -  There is definitely something there  - Also what is that blue cross to the left???  I think these co-ordinates need further investigation.  Could be an attempt to send a signal?   

A blue shadow usualy indicates that the plane is in the air but, it does not look airborne to me.  Also there is a similar image on the old layer but not nearly as well defined.  This could be a glider that is in the air but that would not explain the similar image on the old layer.  Just my opinion...

On closer inspection, this is a chopper flying very close to the ground. I didn't realise that a flying aircraft could leave a blue shadow. 

I definitely found something!  Look at this.  It is not in the pre-fossett image.

 38° 2'2.89"N 118°35'29.18"W

Could it be his plane?
Examining this further, it seems to be too long.  Looks like there is a shadow to the west of it and so it is most likely a jet plane.

Everybody is looking in the WRONG place.

I spotted that plane TWICE flying LOW in Restricted air space ( Nellis Airforce base) here in Las Vegas, NV. on Labor Day. I saw what direction he was heading, they are way off with their search.

Tried to contact many people with this info., nobody will listen. They are still searching the wrong places and will not find him. I have a idea where he might be. Please SOMEBODY listen!


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