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On Monday, September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the first person to fly a plane solo around the world without refueling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon went missing in Nevada. An airplane he was flying failed to return. No one has any idea where he is.

Through the generous efforts of individuals at several organizations, detailed satellite imagery has been made available for his last known whereabouts.


I believe that if we each take a little time looking at the satellite images and marking those that may have signs of Fossett in them, we could find him or determine what happened to him.

I pledge to...

Look at satellite pictures and mark those that appear to have evidence of Steve Fossett.  get started here 

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Bridget, hi, I'm the Sponsor of this campaign. I am regularly sending off the information we collect here to the search team in Nevada.  Please give me detailed information about exactly what you saw. Directions, time of day, locations, etc., and I will make sure the search crew receives it.  You can respond in this forum or conteact me by clicking on my name in this reply.  I look forward to the information you can provide.


Bridget, please give me more details.  I will be heading down that direction in the next month and may divert if there is something to look for in that area.

Everybody is looking in the WRONG place.

I spotted that plane TWICE flying LOW in Restricted air space ( Nellis Airforce base) here in Las Vegas, NV. on Labor Day. I saw what direction he was heading, they are way off with their search.

Tried to contact many people with this info., nobody will listen. They are still searching the wrong places and will not find him. I have a idea where he might be. Please SOMEBODY listen!


does anyone know how to get a new kml file for the area of pyramid lake and north east,,  must be current after 3rd sep

 how does one contact google?

38.516006,-118.853531  Unusual shape on the side of a ridge with what looks like a skid mark going towards the object.



I submit that there is a good possibility and even probablility that Steve fossett will be found in a different area than the concentrated area proposed by the KML file from amazonturk being used, that kml file is too restrictive for a search area from my viewpoint

I propose this new position via these 3 videos, I have tried to get a new kml file taken after sep 3rd for this area without sucess


here are videos of proposed search location tch?v=S8LMPrCYVl4 tch?v=GJ4GKT4ldEk&mode=related&s earch= tch?v=t4q8FmbdtvU

38°29'36.58"N,  118°51'48.16"W    white spot with a blue spot just below it.  This is not on the pre Fossett images.


Looks like another downed light aircraft.  It looks broken. See screenshots ... tos/13809611@N05/sets/72157602115137959/

Click on "See different sizes" in the right menu to view the full-size images.

Coords: 38°42'49.05"N 118°49'16.78"W

White rocks or debris field?   38.5151383389,-118.905264019


You can easily measure a persons character by observing how they treat someone who can do nothing for them.

John, Looks like the new "plane crash example" posted on M-Turk. It is on the layer under the most recent GeoEye_Delivery 4, and there are no other objects in the area, it stands alone.  Hope you turned it in... Still looking for the crash trail and burn area which appear to not be present...
check out ..........38.263214,-118.570599

Hey everyone,  FYI. Anything you post here or send me in an email, I send on to the search team per their request.  They are definitely paying attention to what you are saying (in case there was any doubt).


Youchoose.n et


Several of you have asked about this info getting to the proper eyes.  Until about last Sunday nite, there were regular posts from folks who appeared to be in touch thru the proper channels.  Haven't seen that lately, been out of the loop for a couple of days. 

FYI, found this today from a newspaper in Lake Tahoe:


"A new e-mail address has been established at The four new tip line numbers are (775) 687-0335, (775) 687-0336, (775) 687-0337, (775) 687-0338."

This is not a hoax or joke, it is serious: We have a guy named Danie Krugel that has a machine that can help locate Steve. All Danie needis a strand of hair from Steve. It has to do with the resonant frwequency of the hair. Ask him yourself. He was on our national television channel called MNet with a show called "Carte Blanche". So you can find his details there. My details are: +27 72 108 6399 or +27 12 671 1777 - The first number you can phone at any hour, I just want to help. (Danie has found numerous eople with his system and I government intend purchasing the technology from Danie) 

Have a nice day.


I've been running an FSX search along with the Google search and wonder why there aren't any images available for the area between Burcham Flat Road West of Lava Springs and around Sweetwater's airstrip. Every time I run through there, it seems like the service ceiling on the plane and the idea that SF was making it a "pleasure trip, that area would be the way that he might want to return back to the Flying M.  I looked on another map and I think it might be Bodie Rd.  Have they ruled that area out? 

Dean, I checked Bodie Rd. N of Mono Lake and it is partially in one of the Fossett images, see yellow boundary.  The remainder of the Rd. is in the brownish area that was searched by M-Turk prior to the "Big Green" area (layer), as such it maybe early-Fossett.   Hope this helps...

Now that I got home from work and got a chance to look closer, let me clarify the area I'd like to get images from.  It's a roughly 15 mile strech of canyon that's an elevation in the low 6,000's that goes from about a mile and half South of Lava Springs and goes almost to the CA/NV border coming out on Sweetwater Rd, or CA-182 which becomes NV-338.   That comes out below the Sweetwater airstrip.

 While I'm at it, since we have quite a few online searchers using the GoogleEarth maps I'd like to make a suggestion that I hope we can adapt...because it just may help:  With perhaps another update, can GoogleEarth replace the map overview box with an image of SF's Bellanca (N240R).  If they had the technology to do it, it would be great to have that image in the map overview box and have it change relative to the eye level you are looking from.  That will keep it available right on screen for us.

Dean, check the area you are interested in, I think there was some interest there the beginning of week 2.  if there is a layer (colored layer that is different from others adjacent to it). This may indicate that the area was of interest and searched.  Small area maybe less than 1" sq.  Hope this helps.

If this effort is ever going to be sucessful we need to know that our leads will be followed up. Please let us know if they are or not. Thank you.


Jack, We (As we are the most active discussion forum for the Steve Fossett search, we (, have been asked by the search team to update them with the leads we receive.  We do so almost daily now.  Everyone's efforts are truly appreciated and your leads are being followed up on.  Mike Dever

38.351330 -11954578 in GeoEye Delivery 3 overlay; not apparent in old image.

Black cross-shaped figure in a HIT image from Mturk. Shadows or burned airplane?

K.James, I am not sure that the plane would be that intact.  The thing that interests me is there is not object to cast the "wing" shadow and the light shading around the wing tip does not appear around other shadows in the area.  Would we need to see a crash trail from pt of impact?  And would the "burn" area need to be darker?  I was looking for the article where CAP'a  Maj. Cynthis Ryan mentioned Burn area and Trail and debris...  to get a better idea of what we are looking for now... I also wonder if it would be possible to have the layers (pre-Fossett) removed so that we could get a better image of the current layer.  (they could be returned at a later date, howz that for creative imagery)?  Tanks for listening...

There is another black cross shape about 370 feet NNW of the one you found so I think it may be shadows, maybe power line poles. (?)

I would like to know what happens to the information that is posted here regarding any possible sightings?

Is there someone who is checking this information and if it looks like a possible hit then to whom does it get passed on to? How long is it from the time we post some information to the time someone actually reads it and checks it out? Also should we be posting our possible sightings on other sites as well? Please advise. Thank you.

Stan, I am sending all of these comments on to the search team per their request.

        Mary Beth

They have stated in the past that seachers are getting our information but that it takes a while for it to be gleened from our posts and then verified before the info is forwarded on. It has been said that the information gets forwarded much faster using the Amazon Mechanical Turk site and reporting hits that way. They don't have to search our forum posts first. I myself have been using the M-turk site and also posting my hit coordinates here for others to see and double check and, if they would like, offer their opinions as to what they see.

This is what I see:

notes on image38.4586517031,-119.793941236

hi group

I have submitted about 25  items and so far havent heard a thing.from the 16th  to now.must take a long time to get a response


Denny, I went back to the 16th and I don't see any postings, am I missing something?

Looks a bit like a crash site and I can't make it out at the older satellite-pics:

 38°14'44.49"N 118°55'13.95"W

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