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On Monday, September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the first person to fly a plane solo around the world without refueling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon went missing in Nevada. An airplane he was flying failed to return. No one has any idea where he is.

Through the generous efforts of individuals at several organizations, detailed satellite imagery has been made available for his last known whereabouts.


I believe that if we each take a little time looking at the satellite images and marking those that may have signs of Fossett in them, we could find him or determine what happened to him.

I pledge to...

Look at satellite pictures and mark those that appear to have evidence of Steve Fossett.  get started here 

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If I have your coordinates correct the image is in the pre-Fossett area.


 38°29'54.04"N 119°24'29.41"W

Thanks, I will try the terrain function to determine flatness.

The four KML links I know of are (9/19/07): ossett/geoeye-color.kml ossett-DG-BW/Regionated_DG_2/index.kml< /span>

http://s3.amazona ossett-GE-3/Geo_Eye_3/index.kml.

Are there any others?

The last KML link defines two image areas.

It is a waste of time to search outside of MTurk KML areas; older images will not show Fossetts plane.

also after you turn terrain on , the horizontal bar in the top right of your screen , (move mouse up there if you dont see it ) theres a slider to tilt the image on a planar angle .  Pretty cool software really , also control alt a turns it into a flight sim for all you pilots tho its a little bugyy .. works with my xbox 360 controller tho. Also when in normal mode Im able to scan around the maps rather quickly using the 360 controller , left and right trigger rotates the image, y button and A button zoom in and out etc .. some of these options you have to turn on in options of GE .

 Hey google, how about kicking us a copy of google earth plus????  I'd like to check out the gps features on it.

 38°35'42.08"N 118°51'41.96"W

looks like a plane...

 38°32'28.52"N 118°50'27.04"W

bright stuff on the ground wasn't there at the old one - opinions?

I assume you are refering to the small white retangle.  I was able to find it on the old images.  It was hard to find because the old image shifted over so I had to search a little.  It also seems too small to be a plane, it's only about 10 or 12 feet across.

Somewhere I read that SF departed from the Flying M Ranch to the SouthWest. Does anybody know if this is true???

Also his race car would need many miles of smooth flatland.  How to determine where the best flatlands are?

SF would have researched this info and planned his route accordingly.  With good data, it is  possible to intelligently guess his route of flight and search more efficiently.

Are geographic maps good enough to determine "flatness"?

turn terrain back on and it does a pretty good job to show flatness and height in mountains if thats what you are looking for. hope it helps.
K. James B - Well now its being reported he wasn't going to find a place to break his land speed record but just a pleasure flight and would return in 3 hours .. thruth is none of us know , he could be in area 51 or the bottom of a lake , we just have to try best we can I guess. :( but unless a native tribe with no communication is nursing him back to health chances are its been wayy too many days for survival.. though we did have an oregonian that was 72 last 2 weeks lately.

yes it seems there is a lot of hearsayand speculation but not any real solid intel at all, if no one who is responsible for this search is not going to use the information i provided on youtube to find this man, then whats needed here is a few new KML files of new areas and in particular the area north and NNE and NE  and maybe east as well of "pyramid lake". how do we get those kml files? the one KML file being used by amazon turk  is way too restrictive and based on questionable intelligence for an area to search as they truthfully really dont know where to search.

 I think they should check out my information that i provided if it doesnt workout so be it, but it shouldnt be disregarded because of personal beliefs about things is my view and thats why ithasnt been acted upon it seems

Why hasn't anyone considered that he may have headed east? Can you get those sites updated? I am sure that there had been a point to point of fuel consumption done ...why not look in all directions?
Now there are five "new image" overlays, from four KML links.

just curious what the &^&^ is this?

 40°13'34.01"N  120°57'7.40"W 

can email me godsdice89 at gmail dot com

seems to start at  40°14'15.59"N 120°57'2.58"W  and go directly south
Blurry flare effect while photograhping a fast flying airplane.
Jurgen - thanks for the reply . Thought it was kinda neat :)


To DAnne H.

I posted the following on 9/17 Monday:

 "To all GoogleEarth searchers:

The standard GEarth images are too old to show Steve Fossetts airplane; these images were taken by satellite long before Sep 3 2007.  To search for Fossetts airplane, you have to download NEW IMAGES from MTurk ( mturk/preview?groupId=9TSZK4G35XEZJZG21T 60)   by clicking on their KML file (http://s3.amazonaws.c om/Fossett-DG/DG/index.kml) .  This loads automatically at "Sidebar/Places/Temporary Places" in your GEarth.  If you dont search in the new image area, you are wasting your time.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. 

Also, if you are searching within the new images area, you can use the slideswitch at the bottom of "Sidebar/Places" to vary the opacity of the new image, effectively switching between old and new. If the object of interest appears in both old and new, it cannot be Fossetts airplane, (unless the old images were shot after Sep 3, 2007.)  The new image area can be seen by backing out to a high eye altitude."

Sometimes it is necessary to cycle the checkmarks in "Places" on and off to get the slideswitch to work.

Also you can uncheck the boxes in "Places" that correspond to the KML overlays (new images) and the old images are displayed.

The three KML files that I know of are ossett/geoeye-color.kml and  



I am using the KML file when searching...



Looks like something plane-shaped & white in a tree at 38°41'53.00"N 119°09'01.40"W.  Not in the old images.

There is definitely "some thing" at     38°32'46.56"N 119°10'38.84"W
Also more of "some thing" just above this at    38°32'47.09"N 119°10'38.73"W


I wish I knew how to compare the new images with the old one so I don't waste anyone's time.  If someone wants to tell me an easy way to toggle between new and old images of the area, please let me know!



Both "things" where there before. You can check and uncheck the layers in google earth to compare.
Jurgen please reference to whom you are referring .. ie which post. The wrong person may think you are talking to them. : )
my fault I had it on flat list instead of threaded.. just trying to help  :)

Im really not an a** in real life, just on the net.

have a great day! 

Possible crash and burn site.  I tried to submit this as a hit on Mturk but my time must have expired on that hit.  The older image is blurry so I can't tell if it was there before but it looks like a burn site on the newer image.    38°32'50.66"N 119°10'22.22"W


Possibly the wings of a plane   38 39 59.58,-119 07 37.68  Zoom in to about 1100 ft



Was there before (on the old layer).
I agree, sombody needs to take a closer look at this spot. Definitly has the shape to it and possible crater of impact next to it. My measurments came out to 23ft. in length and after looking at the pictures of the plane he was flying, the underside of the plane might be solid white. Tag this one!
The white image also shows up on the older pictures (before Fossett went missing) so this is might an older crash site that didn't get cleaned up.
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