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On Monday, September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the first person to fly a plane solo around the world without refueling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon went missing in Nevada. An airplane he was flying failed to return. No one has any idea where he is.

Through the generous efforts of individuals at several organizations, detailed satellite imagery has been made available for his last known whereabouts.


I believe that if we each take a little time looking at the satellite images and marking those that may have signs of Fossett in them, we could find him or determine what happened to him.

I pledge to...

Look at satellite pictures and mark those that appear to have evidence of Steve Fossett.  get started here 

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Interesting !
oops that was for daniel g's post below lol sorry.
Wow Jon, you are right!  I looked at the pic on your website and you had it right there in front of me and I still had a hard time seeing it!  Good one!   Vereen

The area of new images covered by the KML file link ossett-DG/DG/index.kml is only 623 square miles.  The search area is now 17000 square miles. Fossett departed Hilton's ranch and flew to the southwest; it is unlikly that he flew east of the ranch that day, but the KML link that I have access to centers on the Hilton Ranch. 

Are there more/other KML downloads that cover other areas?  There must be many more new images in order for the MTurk search to be sensible.  If you select repetedly thru the HITs, does the KML eventually change and download images for new areas?  Who knows anything about this?

Also a group of psychic "remote viewers" believe Fossett crashed in a remote area in CA, to the west of the Flying M Ranch.  I am ambivalent about remote viewing, but why not search the area they indicate. See http://www.coasttocoastam .com/gen/page2200.html?theme=light.< /p>

these are the KML files I've used

the 2nd one, maybe late tuesday, KML file for Google Earth Searching: ossett-DG/DG/index.kml

and the old original one, KML file for Google Earth Searching: ossett/geoeye-color.kml

 Jon Held

the 2nd one would always give me three search areas, the original green one, the 2nd white  (snow) one to the SE and then a white (snow) one that was mostly underneath the green one but stuck out to the east a little. Jon Held
It looks like the old one will give you the first green search area and the 2nd one with give you the 3rd snow area covering a lot of the green area a 2nd time.  The 2nd area that was snow east of the first and third over south of mineral I can't get now.  When I load the 3rd area it has errors I choose continue and it loads.   Jon Held

To all Google Earth Searchers:

If GEarth malfunctions after downloading the KML file, or if you are getting download error messages, the following "reset procedure" works for me.

In Sidebar/Places, "delete" or "delete contents" (using right-clicks) until everything is gone except empty "My Places" and "Temporary Places".  All boxes in Places and Layers should be unchecked.  Close GEarth.  Click on the KML link ossett-DG/DG/index.kml and GEarth will boot cleanly with the KML data loaded into "Sidebar/Places/Temporary Places".

Note that by switching between the old images and the new images overlay, (use the slideswitch in "Places") you can see the registration error between the two, which sometimes is many tens (or hundreds) of feet.

Ok. Try these coord.

38.557010,-119.025252  right size & shape for either plane or wing

38.557115, -119.025484 just off to the W/NW of above piece about 100 feet away. Size of plane or wing.

Is not showing on old overlay. 

Sorry for listing wrong before (had coord +time setup on tools in GEarth)

It looks like a flat rock, the green new image is 500 feet NW here and the rock shows up in both images old and new just displaced.   Jon Held
I agree. Took some measurements on old vs new. I'll be sure to do landmarks next time.

To all GoogleEarth searchers:

The standard GEarth images are too old to show Steve Fossetts airplane; these images were taken by satellite long before Sep 3 2007.  To search for Fossetts airplane, you have to download NEW IMAGES from MTurk ( k/preview?groupId=9TSZK4G35XEZJZG21T60)   by clicking on their KML file ( ossett-DG/DG/index.kml).  This loads automatically at "Sidebar/Places/Temporary Places" in your GEarth.  If you dont search in the new image area, you are wasting your time.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. 

Also, if you are searching within the new images area, you can use the slideswitch at the bottom of "Sidebar/Places" to vary the opacity of the new image, effectively switching between old and new. If the object of interest appears in both old and new, it cannot be Fossetts airplane, (unless the old images were shot after Sep 3, 2007.)  The new image area can be seen by backing out to a high eye altitude.

I believe the  KML file you want is ossett/geoeye-color.kml , at least that was an updated one, I'm having some problem loading it now, I tried the slide bar thing it did nothing but I did find I could turn it off and on by clicking on an item in the places side bar.  I was able to go to the snow scene, but then it dissappeared and I can't get it to reload, says errors loading the KML file.   So now I have the original satellite image from monday but can turn it on and off to go to the old pre Fossett stuff underneath it.  They might be working on it now.   Thanks,  I'm part of the blind leading the blind on here.  But we are making progress. Lot is being learned about this process, next time when I'm lost it should work much better....   Jon Held

I don't see these coordinates here:

38.7115479833, -118.976558


It is up the creek about ten miles from the airstrip to the right in the green belt. It seems it would have been seen by now.


It looks to me like a spine of rock, a shadow of a plane wreck would show up real well there. the trees cast very nice shadows. Jon Held
I've noticed that when I put in the coord given by people or pull up one of the satellite images on GEarth, the coord given do not match up with the pointer coord....I've reloaded Google but it's still happening.  Help?
Teresa   There are many problems that cause this,  We have to live with it for now.  People make mistakes in reporting coordinates, but most of it is happening because the new satellite images are not exactly positioned in Google earth.  In a large area there are two images, taken on different days, the snow scene and the green tree one, the both have position errors that vary with location and vary in diredtion and magnitude, up to 1800 feet off in places.  Many of the hit coordinates come off the snow scene but when working with google earth we have the green tree scene.  When your looking for a 32 foot plane 1800 feet is very significant.  The only thing I can say good about it, is that it's much better than not having any images at all.  You can estimate position error buy turning roads on and then looking for an intersection nearby, find it on the road overlay and the satellite map and measure the error magnitude and direction.  Knowing that might help a little in telling you which direction to look, but often the snow scene error is unkown on top of that.    Jon Held

For example, I loaded a satellite image  38.756332,-118.964767 which is the correct area.

But it shows up as 38.452280,-118.575316 on my pointers in the map with my cursor on that area.

Got it. Changed tools setting to degrees only.
I don't understand something here?  If you're happy I'm happy... LOL    Jon Held

Hi Jon,

The default setting in tools on GEarth is for either Degrees, minutes, seconds. I had to set it for degrees only to get it to sync up with the Satellite images info. Dunno why. Just the way the "world turns" I guess. LOL

The image Paul B. sees (below, several posts down) is on the "standard" Google image, not the Fossett overlay.  John,  the biggest problems here are 1) searchers not searching the proper satellite images, 2) bad coordinates reported, and 3) searching outside the area of new images.  Though it would take some time, perhaps a post here would help if it documented: 1 -- The filenames of the new sat images and how to get/apply them (I know of at,least 3 overlays, are there more?), 2-- How to properly "placemark" in GEarth to get good coordinates (moving the placemark right over the item, looking at the placemark "properties" and copying/pasting the coordinates directly into this post, etc) and 3 -- A map of the area with valid search areas outlined.
I agree, I just emailed mike about the old image suff and needing to be up top where it doesn't "go away" with all the other posts, I was going to post a map, but couldn't figure how to insert an image, looked like it needed to be online somplace and didn't want to go to the trouble of putting it on another web site and linking to it.   Bad coordinates are going to happen, can't get away from that with something like this, it is even more frustrating when all the maps are shifted varring amounts and I can only see part of them, (green vs white issue) and people can't understand why they can't find Kennedy in a 1776 picture.  Jon Held
kennedy was around in 1776? woa thats trippy.


 Also please take a look at

40 40 34.06N - 118 27 50.53W

You can see a larger white outline of a plane shape surrounded by trees.  Let me know...

Outside area, old pic, can't be Steve.  Please read comment about Kennedy below.   Jon Held
I see a rock, much like all the other rocks in that area, and no trees? are you sure your coordinate is right.   Jon Held

Please take a look at  38°23'47.42"N-118°54'35.17"W



 < /p>

Dimensions too small, 12 feet white spot. probably snow.  Jon Held

38 37'59.13 N 118 48'31.71 W WHITE BRIGHT SPOT IN THE TREES.



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