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Be the first to tell your friends and family you helped name the satellite that will give new insight into the nature of the universe.

Help NASA with naming the cutting edge Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope, otherwise known as GLAST, observatory before it launches in mid-2008. The satellite will observe some of the most energetic sources of radiation in the universe.

 The name can be no longer than 30 characters and also must include an explanation of no more than 25 words for each suggestion.

GLAST Education and Public Outreach

When coming up with your suggestion, please consider the following:
  • The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2008.
  • The name should capture the excitement of GLAST’s mission, bringing attention to gamma rays and high-energy astronomy.
  • The name should be catchy, something that people will talk about.
  • Make it simple and easy to say. Nothing says complex and inaccessible like a mouthful of acronyms.
  • In keeping with NASA tradition, the satellite will not be named after a person who is still living.
  • Finally, the name must be original and not associated with any past, present or future astronomical observatory or space mission (domestic or international) or any NASA program. Sorry, Voyager fans!
Anyone who suggests a name in our forum section will receive a "Certificate of Participation" from NASA via return e-mail, and their name will be entered into drawing to win a year's worth of online telescope time donated by SLOOH, the Live Online Observatory.  All names and statements submitted by you become the property of NASA and will not be acknowledged or returned. Your e-mail address will not be provided to others but will be used only for providing you a "Certificate of Participation".  Your name may be used in a NASA, SLOOH or press release.


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"Deep Space Eye" or "D.S. Eye" for short. The name says what it is.


Use "INNERGLOW" refering to the radiation absorbed
throughout it's jouney, warning people to take
precaution should they come in contact.

I suggest "ORASIS" by the Greek verb see.

I suggested name "ZORA", which means "borning of new day" on Serbian.

I suggested name ZORA, which means "borning of new day".

"Semiramis" and in greek alphabet is "?????????" half god & half human

ISE, I See Everythink or iSeE, iSEE





"eirinh" is a greek word which meens "peace" and in greek alphabet is "??????"

It means Eagle

I have 2 suggestions, 2 polynesian name

1- mata i te reva (eye in the space)

2- tiitii pô (searching in the dark)

RadSight or RadStar is my suggestion, Rad for radiation and sight for the visions the telescope will be bringing or star for the stars being captured.

I think a good name for the new Satellite would be
"EARTH STAR" because it will be watching out for the whole earth. It would be nice knowing we had another beautiful star shineing down on us and protecting our world.

BIXBY (or BILL BIXBY) in honor of the late actor/director that popularized the Incredible Hulk character and the existence of Gamma Rays for the general public.

Bill Bixby set a wholesome example for everyone and the name would be a great marriage of science and science-fiction.

I would back this name up, it was one of his best accomplishments and fits the situation.

i like glast one also


Like Alice through the looking glass, our next generation of dreamers can discover fantastic wonders. Its also a Star Trek tie-in, I'm a nerd!

Gamma-ray Large Area Space Scope

Cosmos Passion - Passion for the universe and all it's wonders.

Questar - 'quest-star' quest amongst the stars.

I believe that you should consider naming the satellite the "Outer Boundaries Radiation Observer" (OBRO) because of its duty to examine radiation.

I like the name "Orion's Eyes" it's catchy!

I will name NASA Satellite as "GABRIEL" The Angel brought the good news of Christ coming to the world saving mankind - GABRIEL is the gama ray telescope bring peace to the world and space.

you should name it superman becuase he came from space to help the people of earth and that is what the gama ray telescope willhelp us just like superman did in the comics

Name it GiRL toy Why not? Plenty of men get notice

Hawkens named after Steven Hawkens who could only communicated with his eyes

The Issac Asimov, this is the stuff of science fiction, lets name it after one of the greats.

Or maybe Yoda as it's going to tell us things from long ago but help us prepare for the future.

Well I think Floatie, as it's another peice of our creation lurking around in space, and while we know it has it's purpose the Aliens just think it's disgusting,

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