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How long did it take to read the Twilight Saga???

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How long did it take for you to read the Twilight Saga??? It took me a week 1/2. I probably would've gotten it done faster than that but I had school so...I stayed up as late as I could reading it and when I had time to during school and when I was done with homework.

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Ha. I read the first book the day I got it. xDD I couldn't put it down. Irritated the crap outta my dad. :DD
Can't remember the time span for the other three, though. =/

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I cant remember how long it took me the first time but i do know i bought the whole series the 27th of Sept and by oct 31 I'd read the whole series four times through. I LOVE these books. Im working on reading them for the fifth time. I think Im obessed.

I CANNOT REPEAT NOT GET THE SERIES OUT OF MY MIND!!!! I even read some of them during dinner or stayed up half the night (not on school nights. my parents would have killed me)

cant put the books down! I stayed up till about 4am reading them most days, even though i had school the next day! and mum had to physically take the books off me to get me to have dinner every day...

Aw crap! To be honest it took me only 8 hrs 27 min staight to read Twilight, New Moon, Eqlipse, Braeking Dawn, AND the preview pf Midnight Sun!! I had actually decided to take a saturday and test myself to see if i would ever get bored with the series and it turns out that i just cant put any of the books down! It took the rest of my friends between 14 and 19 hours.

it took me 3 days to read all 4 books i didnt eat or sleep and i faked sick to get off school.
i just love them.
they are such a huge part of my life, how sad lol.

i took less than a day for each of them and got done in 2.5 days i didnt even eat

a day each for new moon and twilight. and two days each for eclipse and breaking dawn.

though when i first got breaking dawn, it took me ten hours!!!!!

I read Breaking Dawn all night. I finished it the next day because i faked sick, haha

i read twilight in 2 days.
new moon in 2 days
eclipse in 1 day and
breaking dawn took me 2 days to read it the first time.
this included TAFE and study

school messed me up it took me a day each to read twilight-eclipse, but school started messed me up big time.

if u count the time it took me inbetween getting the books i guess it be around the four months for bd, the week between t and nm, and the week between nm and e so a long time if u count the weeks in between if its just the reading 4-7 days is correct. bd took me 2 days i read nostop during the summer after the first day out i was not very social. im glad i finished it wen i did my rents wanted to take it away.

Well it took me like a week 1/2 to read the first three becasue i had to wait like 4 months for breaking dawn !!! but breaking dawn took me like 4 days ..... with school and all.

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