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How should the US deal with Illegal Immigration?

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New York Plans to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants; Virginia County Votes to Deny Services to Illegal Immigrants.  Our administration is trying to get at one of America's favorite instances of tolerated lawbreaking: our de facto guest-worker program, created by the nonenforcement of immigration laws. 



How do you think the US should handle illegal immigration?

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illegals should be deported. they are breaking the usa laws. their children that are born in this country should also be deported. the I. R. S. from this country should pay money back to us, by giving a tax card to Illegals. So they can get a jobs which belongs to us. these jobs are ours. That is why we have just a very high umemployment rate. gilbertbrown
i think the u.s should fix their country so that way they would not want to come here.all they want is to have a better life why not help them and stop the argueing.we spend so much money on border patrol why not use it to help !
because that costs money, that we don't have. unless you're planning on paying out of your own pocket that is.
Laws already say illegals must be deported so I dont c y there is any questions. ALL elected officials have been sworn to uphold our laws. their oath doesnt say " up hold the laws of the USA unless u dont agree with them". for any of them to ignore the laws of this land on any issue is and should be grounds for their removal from office.
we have the laws.ENFORCE them!!
They should attempt to weed out the problem ones and then let the rest stay and pay fines and penilties and pay for there applications to become citizens, let the ones who do so by or are trying to do just the stay and use that money to pay on the US debts, and use some to send the ones who are problems and arent trying to pay fines and penalties, and file there applications back to there home.
My wife is a legal immigrant. Immigrants are great, if they are legal. Ship the illegals back to wherever they come from.
Welcome to the Misses. Glad she came here the right way.
Ship them? wow are we talking about people here or cargo? Have you studied the US Constitution or the Carta Magna? Wow you might want to see what the framers of the United States stood for before writing something stupid like this.
yes you are so luck, but some people arent so luck, there are actually good people here just trying to live, and i feel if we just gave them the chance and a way to fix there mistake, they would actually try. after all sometimes you cant help who you fall in love with.
My great ,great grandfather,was a legal immigrant,from germany,he was proud to be an american,but people should respectfully and legally immigrant here if they want to live here. ,Canada, and the U.S.has to respect and obey,China, Japan's ,England's,,Iraq's, Italy's,India's,laws,we would be in alot of trouble, if we tryed to get over there illegally,so thats what I think should happen here,one country is not better than the other,were all people in gods eyes and should respect one another that way;The government needs to make harsher laws so this does not continue,also over population is happening due to the government not doing their job!!!!
yes but back then you didn't have to wait 10- 12 years to become legal, all you had to do was jump on a boat, sail overf and get your papers at the dock. can u really say in in gods name, that id your family was starving and there were no jobs in your country, that you would just there and watch them die, that you would do not, just depend on your government to realize that you and your family are starving, then pick your family out of thousands and give your fami;y food? Do you think that it is that way, and what makes your family better then the other family that has 7 kids and u with your one? how dose that work. and if it were that easy, why has it not been done? I don't mean to be rude to you or any one, i just really don't get how you could say that and then talk about god. God told us in his Book, to help others in need, not turn in them because money is low. its been that way for a lot of years now. but you know what we keep sending money to Iraq to a war mo one really belives in any more. letting our lovely men and women die at the stupidity of others. we are already streaching our selves thin to help every one over seas,and it cost more to help over seas, but we cant even help the ones in our own back yards. If we penilized and fined and made them file applications to be come citizens, and then they could file taxes like the rest of us, it would actully help us in the long run, do you even know how many billions of dollors the US government would make in the first mounth?! And our taxes would not have to go up. The us could use that money to whats needed in the U.S. Like i said i dont mean to be rude or disrespectful, but there is a better way the ripping familys apart.
The economy would collapse if we let everyone in that wants to come in ,everyone would be starving ,there would not be enough jobs to go around,our economy would fail in a few years,the government has a right to not let illegal immigrants in ,and by the way it took years before my grandfather could immigrate here ,because the U.S did their job like they were suppose to and he had to sign paper's take his oath ,among everything else just to get here,so he couldn't just jump on a boat and get here ,he had to work his ass off just to get over here,and work his ass off like any other person with a job to make a living,so I do feel that respect is a big factor ,along with hard work,immigration should come with respect,with the country you want to live in, along with immigration should be legal,yes their are people starving,in their own country,all over the world but illegal immigration is not going to help ,people coming together and helping one another is the solution!!!
K.I.S.S - Don't allow Students to Enroll into School without showing they're parents last years Tax Forms or a SS# that would be checked out. Mexicans are good Parents and they would leave on their own if they couldn't get free education.
That is a good idea, but what id they came here for the education? Then they are not going to leave, if they came here for that reason, then the schools were they came from arent any good to them, so they have no reason to go back. and what if that was only part of there reson for coming here, maby then were starving, or could not find a job? then what, they arent going to leave, why go back to a place were you are doing 20 worse then you are now?
Not only a free education but anything else they can get for free. They are depleting our welfare system and they don't even pay anything into it. Everyone that checks out at a store in front of you can't speak English and uses their little food stamp card. Enough already.
That is only partly true, there are a lot of americans doing the same thing,but only worse because the are americans. I know people that get food stamps, WIC, and SSI and Disability, and aint one good reason for them to have it, theres nothing wrong with them to the point of them not being able to hold a full time job. so enough already! trying to act like only people from other places do that, its been going on here for years and it americans just as much as any one else.
Deportation is the answer. Surely deporting the illegal Aliens will cost less than supporting them with medical, educational and other services. We need those funds to help our citizens, those people who already are and want to continue to be Americans. Truth be known, the illegal Aliens do not want to become Americans they just want the money to support their family, build a nest egg and then go back to their own country. We conservative Americans do not want to support that liberal platform and should let the politicians know that we can and will vote them out of office. The majority MUST organize. Remember: an organized minority will always rule an unorganized majority. Let's roll!!
Not Really, If we penilize then and make them pay fines and file for legal status, the us government would be rolling in the doe, and those that dont want to do it that way, deport there butts! those are the ones that are just taking from the us, but the ones that want to be here and stay here will do all they can to keep staying here, thats how you will be able to rule out the users, from the ones that want actually want to be here long term. getting rid of all of them would cost a butt load of money, 1 you have to weed out the ones that donr belong, then you have to catch them, them you have to hold them for deportaion, and you will have to feed them and pay for there transport, not to mention all the man power you would need, and how about our taxes, they are shure to sky rocket, they have to get the money from some were right?!

All illegal immigrants should be deported just as President Hoover did in the past. America is for legal citizens. America's jobs are for legal citizens. The country is in a huge mess right now and Americans are losing their jobs, homes and pensions. If there were jobs for them, which they have a right to over an illegal alien, then they should get the position. Unfortunately our government seems to think it is more important to have the illegal vote for most politicians. Isn't that sad; greedy and self-serving. What is more important: politicians and getting the illegals vote or Americans who have built this country on hard work?

This country was built on lies and deciet and the labor of others, now that they have done there job you dont want them here any more?! If thats the case then americans are users too!

Go Back from which you came ILLEGAL immigrants!

only if the gov can raise your taxes 20% or 40%. If you want that then go a head, say good bye to all of your gift giving holidays, all those summuer vacations with the kids, being able to wash when ever you choose, because everything i mean every thing is going to seem like it sky rocketed.

Deport them all.

and your little dog too!
clearly you're a sympathizer, so we should chuck you in a crate and airmail you to mexico too. bye.

I have the best solution to this problem, kill them.
simple as that. there is no middle ground on this opinion. they are f***ing up our country. they are illegal=they are dead to me.
The Great Wolverine

and when your done you will die! because once that gets on the news hat america is a murderous country, all allies will abandon us, and all countries will rage war on the U.S and then every ine will die, even the innocent little children who have no idea whats going on. GREAT IDEA!


Shoot on sight.

some of you may find this harsh. well im tired of this deportation crap. its not working. start killing them when the hop the border and that will stop them.
well more then are being stopped now.

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