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If you were givin $200 where would you shop?

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NOTE: if you pick other, comment on where you would shop instead!


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I would donate $100 to the hospital for taking so good care of my grandma ,and the other $100 for flowers for her grave,she won't be with us for christmas ,but she will always be here in memory!

i would go to like hot topic because im that way!

Macy's or Dillards

the electric company or phone company maybe the bank for my car payment,the gas company no wait i know the water company cause they won't extend your bill.

Thrift stores, vintage stores, and beach markets :)

I would spend it at Kmart on my four grandchildren.

i would spend it all on jonas brothers mech of ther website :)

I would probably spend it on my daughter, and maybe a little somthing for myself. I would go to kholes or the outlet mall

I'd give fifty for the closest no kill animal shelter.
Id give Fifty to the local womens shelter.
than go to the local mall where I would buy things for my brothers and sisters in laws kids. And maybe something for myself if I had any left.

I would head to Marshall's

Joe Jonas Lover
everywhere at the mall!!!!! duh!!!! hey Mia!!!

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