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Karen David for Leah in New Moon!!

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Okay. So I signed a petition about Venessa Hudgens being Leah in New Moon (HELL NO), and I thought that whoever picked these actors/actresses should be helped out. After some snooping around on google images and, I narrowed it down to the two perfect (to me) actresses; Megan Fox, or Karen David. I voiced my opinion on different websites, and I got some feedback on Megan Fox.

:) Karen David for Leah Clearwater? (:



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Im only siging this to keep that skank bitch vanessa H outta the twilight saga...what does this wanna-be need for her to away? Ugh Im sick of all these aactor who just do whatever for fame...If your a real actor , your an artist and you need to choose movies that show your inner soul...Not movies that will get you lots of fans and a 100million dollar check...Vanessa stop stealing work from REAL actors, stop being such a slutty gross troll and disappear
omg shes the perfect person to play Leah!

This is perfect! She's also not too old looking, still a fresh face.

She is really pretty...I think she could do a great job as Leah...I did say yes for Vanessa Hudgens but now i wish i hadn't.

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