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Should Jericho be kept on CBS and should someone call the head of CBS to let them know the viewers feelings?


CBS did not give Jericho a fair chance, by asking the cast and crew for seven (1/3 the number of the first season) episodes. CBS changed the time of the showing of the show, a show which could help families to have some positive conversation on their beliefs of the reality of the show, as well as a chance to speculate "what if atomic bombs were to go off in the United States?"

This show gave families a chance to allow children to watch the show without having to worry about sexual innuendos and a chance to bring families closer

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just finish watching jericho three days of the best tv shows i have ever seen besides the walking dead ..keep me glue to the tv .so thank you netflix for showing it and there is no way this show got bad ratings.please bring us season 3...we the people
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people can get thrue a disater don't kill it good show
The new TV guide says they are making a movie of it with all the original cast. So, we at least have that to look forward to.
Jericho was my favorite show and I havent watched CBS since, and unless jericho comes back on I won't be watching anything on cbs.
We need someone to pick up Jericho and give us several more seasons. I really miss new episodes. It was a great show. We have too many reality shows for my liking. I was hoping someone would have picked it up by now in order to give us more seasons.
I hope the CW would pick this show up it was incredible, and the only thing we had troubles with was it had SO many story lines, perhaps keep it a bit cleaner and it would have been more of a hit. Loved it however!
is the government telling you to shut this show off? Maybe this show will get some people an idea of what they need to do to stay alive when anything happens.
I wrote to the CW (Channel 5 here in L.A.)since they have Jericho reruns on Sunday evenings and suggested that they pick up the program themselves as they would have a hit. I haven't heard from them but if more people write to them we might get them to do something about it.

Jericho is an AWESOME show. It should NEVER have been cancelled.

Jericho is the one show that I looked forward to seeing. With all the stupid shows that get renewed I have to wonder about the audience out there or is it the executives?
T northup

I agree with Jeremiah on the story telling and plot. I would also call it a very good conspiracy theory show that does not include aliens. For those that love Tom Clancy books, it is great.


i am so tied of shows going of the air. and i fell in love with jericho.and they take it of the air this makes me very upset. i wont to see jericho back on tv. because now i dont watch any new tv shows that come tv.thank you. pauline girle 1 18 09

Jericho is a great show, good plot, great story telling, almost up there with 24

I thought CBS was bringing it back with new episodes 1/7/2009. What happen.

listen to us or we could strike all products you sell to show just how much we care

It's a nice place to share my thoughts. I'm willing to stick around here and

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I loved jericho it was one of the best shows on TV. I could not wait everweek to see the show. It was a truly great show.why take of jericho and put stupid reality tv the geek take that off the race around the world stupid also.

Every time CBS gets a good show on they hack it to death and then cancel it. I really followed the show while it was on. No wonder no one watches CBS. They cancell every good show that comes along. I don't watch CBS any longer. Bring back Jerico.

Please put this show back on!!! I love the story and characters. I hate when networks cancel these shows and leave you hanging on the outcome! Do they not pay attention to the viewers.

keep jericho, we need more real showa less reality.what happened to the talent of writers with class and morals,ittakes more effort to make ashow like jericho then it does to send people to an island or make people eat bugs!!!bring it back!!!

I miss watching Jericho. I love the plots and the cast.

Please bring back Jericho... my wife and I just watched the last episode and will miss it greatly

keep this show on! it is a great show!

Good one Lois R ... What has happened to people who don't like to think??? Why do all programs have to have gore and sex. How sick are people today?
It was a pleasure to watch, and Skeet Ulrich was and has been a compelling actor to watch.
What has happen?? ... brainless society seems to be ruling ... especially it seems with CBS executives.
Please give us some intelligent thought provoking TV .. bring Jericho back and at least finish the story, there is so much still that could be explored.
Jericho just kept getting better and better.
I got to wonder how and why they decide for us what we can watch. Who do they test to find these answers?
It doesn't have to be the top grossing show of all time as long as it is popular. And Jericho was and still is.
I have found that shows like this have a loyal following. CBS would do well to remember this and realize loyalty is much more valuable that a flash in the pan.
Another problem with good shows that fail .. well a few actually.
The airing of advertising for a show - if it's not there how are people supposed to even know what it is, we have lives you know. Encoring episodes in the begining I have found to be a treat and gives more people a chance to watch.
Another are the time slots ... not only bad time slots but swapping them around all the time.
They really kill a lot that can do well.
CBS, think with the right head when choosing shows.
There are a number of people in society where sex doesn't sell it but marks it to be missed.
Please be loyal to all your veiwers not just the Vouyers ... PLEASE !!!

I'm posting a comment on behalf of my husband although I enjoyed watching the show as well. If the show has to be pulled off the air I feel the viewers deserve some sort of ending....We were all left hanging so to speak with no finality to the story. Please bring the show back on or at least end it with a true ending.

I still can't believe you guys let this show go, It is one of the biggest mistakes that you have made. You will cancel this show but put on a show about wife swapping. Jericho was so good because something could happen to our world just lke the show. It always left you thinking. What would we do if one day our tv went of the air and we did not know what was destroyed in the world. I love in a small town and Jericho was a show that our whole family watched. We even were talking about a plan. There are so many people out there that do have weapons that could blow up the nations. Now what would be better to watch for the family. A show that is life like and teaches you something or a show that teaches us that it is ok to share wives. Not a hard question is it? Please put Jericho back on the air and this time leave it on.

gee guys no sex, no blood, no gore what did you think
that something that was thought provoking and showed how the coupling of the good against the evil was to survive.... I have been so reveved up I watched season 1 & 2 in two days. I found it to be so entertaining without bouncing boobs, red splater, and tounge ostomies that it was a delight. The hopes that it never happens combined with the thought of it could happen keeps you engaged in the series. The entertainment is there but so is the answers to what if. Im so there for season 3...

please keep jericho on im the only 1 i think watches it out of all my m8s its qaulity put on ova itv 1or bbc much better than the soaps they put on

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