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Should Jericho be kept on CBS and should someone call the head of CBS to let them know the viewers feelings?


CBS did not give Jericho a fair chance, by asking the cast and crew for seven (1/3 the number of the first season) episodes. CBS changed the time of the showing of the show, a show which could help families to have some positive conversation on their beliefs of the reality of the show, as well as a chance to speculate "what if atomic bombs were to go off in the United States?"

This show gave families a chance to allow children to watch the show without having to worry about sexual innuendos and a chance to bring families closer

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Why do all the good tv shows like jericho get taken off, while tv shows that are mind numbing and have no sole to them get to stay on the air, bring back jericho, a show with substance and heart. LONG LIVE JERICHO!!!

J&R is Halliburton, Brown&Root, ets. They big guy is Cheny. So what else is new? These people have clout and money and they forced CBS to cancel the show. It was to close to Home.



we need to keep jericho going. its one of the best things i've seen in a long time. come on people!!!

Pleas bring Jericho back. It is a great show. We all need to see it.

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i vote to keep jericho running for more seasons. jericho, jericho, jericho, jericho. all together now. we must fight for what we believe in. and thats jericho. go jericho.

Please bring it of the better shows..shouldn't let it go

We miss Jericho! This was a show that me and my husband watched together. I love Skeet Ulrich's character and just the whole story line.

Please please renew Jericho its the only programme that is not Law and Order and still entertains the cast is great the storyline believable so please renew it and show that you really do appreciate your viewers

I vote to keep jericho going, green light season 3 or sell the show to another channel that will.

I started watching jericho during the second season and it caught my attention. So i went back and watched the entire first season and I fell in love with it. To see Jericho get cancelled again really upsetts me. I work second shift so I would always have to record them on DVR. Jericho is my most favorite show. I was looking forward to season 3. I hope it won't end.

please please i love that show

i love jericho and i vote to keep jericho on.. it is a good show with a different perspective on political issues. good luck jericho!

BRING BACK JERICHO I live in Australia and love the show as does my family. I was saddened to hear they had canceled it yet again the CBS Execs must be idiots considering the shows fan base.....good luck Jericho

Jericho is a great show it really is. I enjoyed it and you could feel the emotions in with it like when Bonnie died OH everyone wanted that guy dead lol.

Renew Jericho or sell it to FX or SciFi!

I vote to keep jericho on.

Also I wanted to add for every person who doesn't post there comments there is a thousands who do not.

I to love Jerich and has a great plot. What if we had a wack job in the government in a high position that could effectively do something like this?

Bring MoonLight and Jericho back, then the CBS season would be complete, your are just sending me to another major network to watch shows because you don't bring back America's favorite and most asked for shows. Very disappointing, very uncustomer friendly!!!!!!!! R.Maness

Why cancel Jericho? Maybe a little too scarey and close to truth? I have to wonder now. hmmmmm
I happened to really enjoy Jericho and the characters portrayed. I hope they bring it back and finish the story.

surely there is more to write on this story.
Jericho has been an excellent series and well worth
a third and forth season
i feel this program gives a good indication of what could happen if we allow democracy to be taken from the people and the power placed into the hands of one super power.

I vote yes on bringing Jericho into season 3. This was a good thrill seeking, fun show with acting that only got better as the seasons continued. PLEASE hear our voices! We work hard all week long and look forward to that night when "our show" is on. I watch Prison Break... Lost... 24.... and Jericho would make my week complete!

i loved this show got the dvd,s from blockbuster and couldnt wait till the next one... cmon like star treck years before bring back jericho please... it was a 10 show !!!


Why? o Why? Please do right by your viewers. The chemistry of the cast and the reality of...maybe. You just never know. PLEASE! It is something I didn't have to worry about a crude joke or foul phrase my kids would repeat. PLEASE!

please bring back jericho...if shows like family guy can come back after 3 years, why cant we bring back a great show like jericho????

I am a senior citizen and I loved the show and cast..very clever story line...and no sex innuendos..
Please bring it back

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