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Should Jericho be kept on CBS and should someone call the head of CBS to let them know the viewers feelings?


CBS did not give Jericho a fair chance, by asking the cast and crew for seven (1/3 the number of the first season) episodes. CBS changed the time of the showing of the show, a show which could help families to have some positive conversation on their beliefs of the reality of the show, as well as a chance to speculate "what if atomic bombs were to go off in the United States?"

This show gave families a chance to allow children to watch the show without having to worry about sexual innuendos and a chance to bring families closer

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Please,please,please keep Jericho! One of the best shows ever on TV!

Why does CBS put on those stupid reality shows and ignore Jericho? This was a superb series!!!!! I do not watch the stupid reality shows they present, thus I do not watch CBS. Bring this show back!!!! I also do not understand cancellation after all the protest last year when they pulled this same stupid decision. They (CBS) do not listen to the viewers!!!

Bring it back, we like this show and want it back.

I don't understand the cancellation after all of the response when you tried to cancel it last year! BRING IT BACK!!!

BRING Jericho BACKKKKK never missed a show, good family show sick of reality shows

I so want Jericho back!!!!! It is a show that all can watch. My sister and I never missed a show. We are both wanting the show to continue. Please. please bring the show back!!!!!!!!

JERICO ROCKS! I give thumbs up to all you saying your thoughts on the subject of this show, being canceled. I am so sick and tired of finding something cool and interesting to watch, then have it canceled, or replaced by crap! This is one show I could sit with my fiance, that we both enjoyed and watch together. If your not going to bring it back, find another station that will. OTherwise keep putting on crap and see how your ratings will go down. YOur veiwers want good shows not shows about things noone cares about!!!!!

I feel Jerico is one of the best shows on TV and if the dummies at CBS had any sence this would not be an issue. I am so sick of getting into a show just to find out it is cancelled after a couple of seasons or you wait two to six weeks sometimes just to catch a new episode. I might as well not even bother!!!!

My family loves Jericho-It is the only series that we have consistently watched in the past few years. CBS can't cancel this great show.

Network television has once again fallen to the level of the common denominator. Once again, a great show with fine actors, solid direction, and an interesting story line has been cancelled.


So the corporate TV giants can shove another reality TV show down our throats?

So that they can club us into insenseability with more Wrestle Mania type programs?

You people are pathetic beyond words or description. You invariably cancel the best and finest shows on TV and feed us pap in their place. What a load of CRAP!

Jericho was a great show, really made you think, really scary because you can picture it actually happening someday. Great show to watch with my pre-teen daughter, as it was one of the few shows on TV without sex or a lot of swearing. If CBS picks it up again (as I hope they will), please let them keep Esai Morales, who was an excellent addition to the cast. I hope another network picks it up, other than Sci-Fi which we no longer get thanks to our cable company, but someone like USA or FX or, wouldn't this be great, ABC or NBC. (Hint, NBC: you could gain a lot of viewership and raise yourself out of last place if you got Jericho.) I, too, am sick and tired of reality shows. I don't even watch ANY on CBS now, so why would I want more garbage when I could be watching intelligent shows like Jericho. Another bummer - Shark getting cancelled. If CBS pulls any of the CSIs or NCIS, I will quit watching CBS for good! BRING BACK JERICHO!!!

NONONONO--don't cancel Jerico again. It IS the best show on prime time TV. I actually got very involved with the plot and characters--it was very suspensful and "edge of the seat" thrilling. I watch about 20-30 hrs. of tv a week and have for over 50 yrs. So what I am saying is from a LOT of experience.
As for Shark and Cane, they will be missed--very very good shows with great actors and good plots. What's wrong with CBS anyway????? Maybe they do not want the ratings--I'll just watch other stations. We have a lot of choices, you know. DO NOT CANCEL JERICO.
A loyal watcher

Jerico was one of the very best shows on television...I am sick and tired of reality shows, or I would be IF I WATCHED THEM but I don't and probably never will. Jerico made you actually think...what if, could it, maybe some day it will happen...! Not everyone watching T.V. has the mentality to sit and watch stupid shows like Swingers...Get Real and give us back Jerico.


Thanks a lot CBS for canceling three of our favorite shows - Shark, Jericho and Cane. You have lost yet two more loyal (until now) viewers. When your ratings start to decline and you find yourself more in competition with the likes of FX, USA or SciFi, you shouldn't wonder how you lost the #1 slot.

Why do you cancelthe good shows? I enjoy watching JERICHO, This is much better than those reality shows which seems to be taking of much of the TV time
NOW that really SUCKS!!!

My wife and I allow ourselves very few "distractions" in life and Jericho was one of them. It was THE one show we looked forward to each week and rarely missed.

CBS, we are all adults. We understand business; every show is an investment. Where are you going to put your stakeholders money and time? Whet shows attract the most (not people) advertisements, while keeping costs down. How do you keep the populace interested and captivated in a world where we have too many distractions? How do you avoid the Tivo where everyone can fast forward thru the commercials?

Obviously we cannot speak to the costs and wouldn't have a clue. So let's discuss what we viewers can speak intelligently about. Ourselves and our interests on both shows and advertising. When I'm fastforwarding, if I glimpse a catchy advertisement, I watch it. Tivo allows me to zero in on the ads I am most interested in, as well as the shows. Sell that to those that purchase ad time from you.

Distractions. We have too many distractions in life. Fact: People lose interest. How? Long running shows? Nope, wrong. How about not being able to follow a storyline because CBS (& others) keep changing the time slot, the quantity of shows in a season & the dates of a season.

I have too little time, to track down new shows that may interest me. I find a show that does and stick to it. I have too little time to determine what dates and what time a show aires. I setup a series recording and let Tivo grab them. When I come home and find my show no longer tapes, I'm upset. So give us: 1. some regularity, 2. some consistency, 3. more catchy advertisements. 1. We don't care what time the shows aire, just that they do regularly so that our Tivo captures them and we can watch when we want (along with the ads we want). 2. You alienate more people from both watching tv, and their shows, when they are not consistently aired at the same time or range of dates in a season. If you have more shows, make more channels. I'll tape what I want. Don't cancel "well followed" shows to make room for new premiers. You already have my interest and loyalty and risk losing me. Back to investments 101...

A great investment is one that increases wealth. So in the sense of tv, you are increasing the money pulled in from advertisements while maintaining the same budget. To pull in more ads, viewership over the last cycle must increase or a new hot product must be established. ie. Many new shows must premier; hopefully one becomes the next phenomenon. In order to increase viewers, you must first maintain the existing established base of viewers. Do viewers want to drop one show to watch the latest phenomenon? Yes and no. I'll tape and watch both. If the new show is a real phenomenon, word of mouth will pull in new viewers. The real question, you CBS should be asking, what is best for an investment? Cancel one and push all viewers over? Nope. You do not gain any new viewers that way. By doing so, you whittle away your established base. You need to maintain that base while bringing in new viewers. The current practice of canceling one great show to make room for another, all it does is drag your existing base from one show to another. Instead keep them watching one established show, and give them another to watch. More people watching more shows (possibly on more channels) = more advertising = better investment. Bring jericho back. It has a great following of dedicated loyal viewers. It has a lot of untapped storyline potential and could be the next Star Trek, or SG-1 or General Hospital, etc. Not that I liked them. Those were shows with loyal followers that lasted nearly a decade or longer.

If CBS isn't smart enough to keep then let USA or SciFi or some other savvy station pick it up.


Let's see, It wasn't a reality show, nor did it contain a lot of SEX. I guess that is good enough reasons for CBS to decide to cancel it. Don't even consider the fact that it has been one of the best shows on the CBS line up and the fact that we the people fought to keep it on last year, we have to do it again this year too? Granted, "Jericho" isn't anywhere as exciting as "Big Brother", or as spicey as "Swingtown", or as loyal as "Greatest American Dog", but I guarantee you I'll watch "Jericho" no matter what station it is on before I would watch one episode of any of these three or even your remake of "BH 90210". I believe you need to check your priorities again. None of the sponsors for these shows will keep you going if you lose your fan base because you keep cancelling good shows for trash such as these.

JEricho was one of my most faverite show out there. I am deeply upset that they cancelled it yet again, my hope is that it gets picked back up through another network.


CBS needs to realize that some of us prefer to watch something other than "reality TV". Jericho is a great show that can be viewed by any age group, a rare treat in today's world. Stop canceling good drama's!

Don't cancel Jericho. I like this thoughtful drama.every time a good drama gets replaced with another "stupid reality show," I change the channel.

I can't believe that the audience is having to fight with CBS about Jericho. The government is always trying to tell the citizens to become prepared. WHat a concept to have a show that demonstrates why we should think outside the box. This story line was great!Please bring Jericho season 3

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We desperately need someone to pick up this great show. I really miss watching it. and I agree they need to get rid of the stupid Nielson ratings. They're complete garbage. Someone needs to pick up the show and carry it on for several more seasons.

This is execellant show to watch and very relaxing.excited. My all niece watch it, too. They missed so much the cast/crew writer were great and as drama draw attention what next week is going to be but it not easy to follow the program if they didn't put viewer for next week plans, if only they change the story like more creative such as maybe pull up some stunt action maybe people will watch it

Maybe CBS thinks this program is a little too close to home ! A little to close to Censorship is what I believe .
To quote Robin Williams "REALITY WHAT A CONCEPT !!" This scenario could and may happen someday ! With Foriegn Nations running our ports , Toll Roads Foriegn Truckers on our highways etc. Is like opening the door .But then we have the enemies within that think tey have a better way of running things .
I guess ANYTHING is for sale at a price including our countries security .
The Cast , Story Line ,is superbly written . Jericho is disturbing and inspireing all at the same time .
time . Bring it back CBS !!
We as a nation need to wake up and smell the coffee . Complacency is deadly .Jericho shows just how deadly it could become if we can't pull ourselves together if a disater to this proportion ever hit us .
I think it's a little to "involved" for the younger children put it on at 10pm in ALL time zones ,If that is an issue .
Please bring Jericho back and enough of this on again-off again drama !!!!
Steve "The Desertrat"

I think it should be on at a time when children can see it as long as they are with their parents so the parents can explain however, it should only be children 10 years and up.

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