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Should Jericho be kept on CBS and should someone call the head of CBS to let them know the viewers feelings?


CBS did not give Jericho a fair chance, by asking the cast and crew for seven (1/3 the number of the first season) episodes. CBS changed the time of the showing of the show, a show which could help families to have some positive conversation on their beliefs of the reality of the show, as well as a chance to speculate "what if atomic bombs were to go off in the United States?"

This show gave families a chance to allow children to watch the show without having to worry about sexual innuendos and a chance to bring families closer

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Why doesn't Fox pick it up like they had "21" on for years and it was based on somewhat the same background but Jericho was better because it was like a reality of what could be. Yes we waited so long to see it and feel awful about not seeing it again. It was one of the better if not best show that has been on in a longtime.

Jericho is one of the best shows on television. CBS once picked up a series called "JAG" from NBC and had a very sucessful run. CBS has other good shows such as NCIS and the CSI group. I thought CBS's management was on the ball. Maybe NBC should pick up Jericho and make a run with it and get even with CBS for the JAG mistake.

We are sorry to see such a good series be canceled. We had family discussions on Jericho. Maybe they could put together sometimes a movie to go on like they did in the series "North & South" Did they count how many watched it on demand or taped it? Thank you for all the fans who were dedicated.

Can we all start DVRing the news, will they cut the news if no one watches it live?

And if CBS is not counting the viewers who are watching online or on DVR/TiVo, they are living in the dark ages.

I love to watch this show and "DVR" it every week. I am sick to death of reality and game shows. What exactly is wrong with you people? It used to be that bad shows got cancelled and good ones went on for years. Now it is just the opposite. I cannot believe the crap that survives year after year. Don't you realize that people are reluctant to get involved with a new drama these days because they just assume it will be cancelled?? The sad fact is that they are more often right than not. CBS is in danger of losing me entirely if they don't renew Jericho.

I cannot believe Jericho is being taken off the air. There must be something wrong with CBS's rating system. I want to see Jericho back on the air for Season 3. sac, Delaware

Jericho is a very refreshing survival show which can be both entertaining and imformative, what would you do?
Please bring the Show back
Craig Howell

I love this show and look forward to it every week. I was heartbroken when it was first cancelled, elated when it was brought back, and upset when it was cancelled again. Please bring back the best show that has been on in years. *signed--41 year old female

Jericho is a wonderful show that should NOT have been canceled. It was one of the few TV shows that my husband, high school aged son, and I all loved to watch (either on the date aired or at a more convenient time thanks to the DVR) Jericho initiated a lot of discussion among the 3 of us. If another national network does not pick up the show, one of the cable channels should. This was too good to lose. It is MUCH better than any of the reality shows (which my family and I refuse to watch any longer)

Laurie C


I have been waiting patiently for Jerichos return and I can't believe THE SHOW IS GOING OFF THE AIR!!! Cbs must be bonkers, I am 62 and I love jericho. if the sci fi station picks the show up jericho will only glorify the station with this excellent program and i will be a very happy viewer again, i can't wait for the next episode I PRAY THIS IS NOT THE END OF GREAT PROGRAMING.

Jericho needs to come back! So many of my friends and family were thrilled when it came back for a second season. It's upsetting to see really good shows like Jericho be replaced with more reality garbage. There's enough of that out there already!

First season was great, second season (while short) was just as good. Please, somebody, don't let this show die!

They changed the time slot. I am a working mom and full time student with a very hectic schedule. I am exhausted by 10 I am in bed by then, but faithfully, I have watched the episodes online. I have never missed an episode and know many, many, many people who are also faithful veiwers. They want more of an audience, well check their website, check itunes, check everywhere, tally up THOSE numbers as well as television numbers and tell me it doesn't have enough viewers!!!!!They don't know what they are talking about! Jericho should still be aired!!!

I am the woman in the house hold and we all know that the man controls the remote. Not in this case. My husband last year didn't see what I saw in this show and if nothing else was on then I would get to watch Jericho. Other wise he would tape it for me and I would watch it later. This season watched it when it aired every week and by the last three shows he was watching it with me. It is very seldom I have found a show that means this much to me that I have to watch it every week and nothing comes it its way. Not the wash nor the dishes. This show holds my total attention. It's too soon for it to just go away. Great shows don't come around that often. Part of me thinks is CBS just playing games with us to stir controversy up for people to wonder what it's all about? Has this been their plan all along to get people to get people to get worked up over the show and take a stand? I can not believe that CBS is just that stupid to take it off the air. What are they thinking?

Bad move CBS! One of the best shows in recent years. I will protest with my wallet and not support ANY advertisers on CBS. Save Jericho!

Save Jericho. There are no other shows that can compete. Too many cliffhangers. We need more episodes. There are so many ways this story can continue.

Jericho is one of the best new shows in a long time.
Bring it back. I love it!!!

Nuts Best show on TV never miss it no matter what time its on. It took years to get such a great shoe on TV not sciences Bonanza, Walton's mountain, or little house on the prairie has a show gave me so much joy. At least sell the rights to the SCIFI channel so this show can keep in syndication

Great show. CBS has no guts. Refused to give it a chance to find the audience.

CBS doesn't deserve to have Jericho if they can't see the brilliance of the story. What if we were bombed with nuclear weapons? It is the best show on the worst network. If they don't keep it. i hope they sell it off to a better network. Sci-Fi is better than CBS.

Save jericho It is one of the best shows on T.V for years scrap the reality shows they are stupid. I wait all week to see the show and is kept on the of my seat thru the show Please give it a chance.You are the ones to blame when you have these fall finales. Please do something.

stop messing with this's the best on tv.

Jericho was a great show. It's a travesty that it has been canceled, only to be replaced by yet another pathetic reality series.

my wife and i are dedicated viewers of jericho and can not believe that cbs is pulling the plug on one of our favorite shows again. please do not pull it or if it has to be sell the show off to sci fi network where it can still live for the true fans to continue to enjoy.
shawn and dara martin

I haven't missed an episode yet. I signed petitions to get it back the first time and I will do it again. You can enjoy another bag of nuts on me.

I love this show -it's far more interesting than all the stupid sit-coms - this one is for people who like to think - it's a KEEPER!!!!

Please bring Jericho back!!! Both my husband and I love it.
2 Florida Fans

Also look at star track, they only film 3 seasons and it is still on TV. maybe the should look at the fan base and try again.

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