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Should Jericho be kept on CBS and should someone call the head of CBS to let them know the viewers feelings?


CBS did not give Jericho a fair chance, by asking the cast and crew for seven (1/3 the number of the first season) episodes. CBS changed the time of the showing of the show, a show which could help families to have some positive conversation on their beliefs of the reality of the show, as well as a chance to speculate "what if atomic bombs were to go off in the United States?"

This show gave families a chance to allow children to watch the show without having to worry about sexual innuendos and a chance to bring families closer

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This was one the few shows that my husband and I both enjoyed watching. It was a great season albeit short. Maybe the answer is to allow Jericho to move to another network that will give the show the respect it deserves.

Jericho is one show that should remain on air. The writers are awsome, they have taken a story that could happen in middle america and kept it alive and how to survive and right through to last nites show showed america that we can and will survive no matter what. I releaize it is just a TV show, however, not many of thoes come along that really make you think!!!!

I really like Jericho. I will not turn on the
reality shows, to cast a vote here. We are tired
of the reality shows. Please put Jericho back on.
Bring back Gayle too. This was a great idea.......

Save Jericho!

This was only CBS show I've watched in a long time. Watched it religiously.

Bring back Jericho. I do not know why most of the shows I find interesting seem to end up being canceled. Jericho was one of my favorites.

I was hooked on the show and HATE that is has been cancelled AGAIN. This season was riveting. Seriously. There is NO other show on tv that moves that fast and didn't treat viewers like we were stupid. A very engaging show. Shame on them for not giving it a better chance. We are surrounded by reality tv and talent shows, yet a good drama gets cancelled. Go figure.

Please keep on the air ~ best storylines, actors are incredible, a believable plot. My husband and I have been hooked from first episode!

Jericho is great TV. Dancing with the Stars and other reality stuff is trash. Jericho and Lost are 2 of the best TV shows since the Cosby Show.

Hard to believe that Deal or No Deal, Dancing with the Stars or Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader are still around but Jericho gets axed. It had a great story line that was well written and good actors you could identify with. What kind of audience is out there?

I will be less likely to watch new shows on CBS as they cancel what I like before the show has a full chance.

I believe Jericho has the makings of a very popular series. It needs to be picked up by CBS again, or a different station. It's one of the best shows on TV and a very comparable to shows like Lost and Heros. If someone gives it a chance(prime slot, full season, etc) it could become very popular. The story lines are well thought out, and the characters seem very real and easy to identify with. The mixture of genres(survivial, family,small town values, romance, loyalties, action) make it very appealing to most audiences. If promoted and put in a good slot it could succedd and become very profitable!

This is so sad, that Jericho is being cancelled. It is one of very few shows that is clean enough for my 9 and 12 year old to watch, as well as having interesting topics and questions that can be discussed with our children. Please bring Jericho back!

Please save this show. I just starting watching and I'm hooked. Please pick this show up on another network.

Not having children at home, I could care less about the time and day of the week that Jericho is aired... what is important to me is that it comes back next season! I am getting sick and tired of all these supposed "reality shows" and rechoice when new and interesting and intriquing and different shows like Jericho, Journeyman and Heroes come along. Then the networks pull the rug out from underneath me (most of the time) and TV viewing becomes more frustration than entertainment.

This is a great show. Well written, great acting. Skeet is a great actor and I miss Gerald McRainey

My family loves watching Jericho I have to tape it so my 10 yr old son can watch it, unfortunately due to the inappropiate time slot - Too late for him on a school night. It has lead to lots of interesting conversations about society. Why does CBS keep a show like Big Brother but not Jericho another sad sign of society.

i do not watch much tv because it is all the same most of the time. this show is different, i like the show and actually get into it. i like most of the actors i can relate to them. these are simple people with regular lives, like myself. it sucks they are going to cut it off short it has so much potential. i loved the texas flag on the jet in last nights episode.

Big Big mistake. This is a great series. And not far off of what could happen some day, hope not but very realistic. I am so so sick of reality shows. This show gave me some hope of new shows coming, but now that you have cancelled it. I don't know.


Jericho is my favorite show; the ONLY show I watch on CBS!!! I abhorr reality shows and never, ever watch them. Please, please, oh please, bring back Jericho!

Keep Jericho it is one of the best shows. I am sick and tired of reality tv and sitcoms.
KEEP JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a long time cbs watcher and I am getting sick and tired of watching shows that get canceled without giving them a chance. What is going on. I hate reality shows because you know what is going to happen. I want entertained with great acting. Don't be like the others and cancel so quickly. Give Jericho a chance.

boycott c b s united we stand dont tread on me

My TV is on more then it should but there are only a few shows where I am sitting in front of it on the edge of the couch and Jericho is definitely one of them. The cast meld so well together and the acting is excellent! Renew it!

This is one of my favorite shows. I guess it will be replaced with yet another "reality" show, or something equally stupid.

There are very few programs left that appeal to senior citizens. Jericho was one of them. Please bring back Jericho!!!!!!!!

I've watched Jericho from the beginning and it is without question my favorite show. I watch a great deal of television so please reconsider and bring this great show back to us.

This is a complex, compelling, and original series- that was not given a fair chance. Many new shows of the past year have put on hold until the fall, due to the damage done to television by the writers strike. Jericho should have received the same treatment, getting a new chance in television season. Honestly, how many people besides jericho "Nuts", look for a new show to start in February in the midst of a writers strike that has stripped all new episodes from the airwaves at that point?

I like many others am tired of the so called "reality shows". When Jericho premiered I watched with my husband. The following week my whole family was watching it. I have gotten to the point when most evening I will put a movie in the DVD player instead of watching the networks. When I do watch TV I have been watching many of the alternate stations, such as CW, USA, SciFi, Fox, and TBS. There are very few shows worth watching on the air. Most of the decent ones are crime dramas or science fiction which are not always family shows. Moving Jericho to the 10/9pm slot on Tuesday was a lousy move, designed to make it fail.

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