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Should Jericho be kept on CBS and should someone call the head of CBS to let them know the viewers feelings?


CBS did not give Jericho a fair chance, by asking the cast and crew for seven (1/3 the number of the first season) episodes. CBS changed the time of the showing of the show, a show which could help families to have some positive conversation on their beliefs of the reality of the show, as well as a chance to speculate "what if atomic bombs were to go off in the United States?"

This show gave families a chance to allow children to watch the show without having to worry about sexual innuendos and a chance to bring families closer

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united we stand boycott c b s

I am very disappointed that Jericho has been cancelled. Finally a show with some real substance was on TV. The issues explored on the show were relevant to life in america today and allowed viewers to ask WHAT IF?

Just like a new american revolution was needed there to overthrow the corrupt government, we too have a chance to do that NOW. Look around at your neighbors and the decline of theirs and your quality of life in the past 8 years. It's time for ordinary people, like the ones in Jericho take a stand to protect themselves from the encroaching juggernaught. Yes, it's an election year, time to take a stand. VOTE VOTE VOTE. Doesn't matter who for, just do it. Let's give the power back to the people and take it away from the big businesses and greedy power hungry people that have been calling our toon for years. Give the power back the people. People take the power back. Start at your local level and work your way up. Look at the degredation of your schools, look at the economy. Are you better off today than you were last year or 20 years ago. I think not. Our medical care is an abomination for the elderly and disabled on social security. Yet many don't qualify for foodstamps or medicaid. They go without simple medicines for things like high blood pressure because they can't afford them. It seems the federal poverty level needs to be raised. Changes to these ills will not happen overnight but they can happen if we start now.

A show like Jericho lets you think about these kinds of issues and I have a bad feeling that the powers that be don't want that to happen.

oops! CBS

Save Jericho! If ABC doesn't want us, find another network!

Stop putting crap on televison and keep Jericho!

Jericho is a good program that my whole famliy stays up to watch. It's nice to have a good program to look forward to watching on CBS.CBS used to have an all star line up of shows to watch,but it has been going down hill lately with the execption of a few shows,(Jericho) being one of them.It is a good show with a great cast, and a great storie line that keeps you in suspence and I can't ever wait for the next episode. I hope this makes a differance and CBS changes there mind and has a nother season of JERICHO!!!!!!!!!

Jericho is an awesome show! You need to bring it back. You tried killing the show from the beginning with Season One and now you tried killing it with Season Two by changing the time so people couldn't watch it. I love Jericho and I'm so sick and tired of these whiny reality TV shows. I hate them. Take them off and put Jericho on. If you don't let Sci-Fi or some other channel continue it. Every show I like gets cancelled because of stupid reality shows or some other reason.

Jericho is a family show for a change Something you can watch without having to change the channel We need more of that Reality shows are too annoying and often just inappropriate.

i'm on the verge to stop watching tv all together.they keep canceling good shows & putting crap on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jericho is a good Family show, it was a show finally I could sit down with my children and watch, The other show that came on like Brother house showed be canceled and Jericho should of stay on, I will not watch CBS anymore,Jericho was the only show I watched, I guess I have to turn back to reruns of Law and Order, I am serious, Keep Jericho On, or let another station have it to keep it going,

Jericho is a great show. It is the only thing on CBS worth watching. Me and my wife watch it every week faithfully. Please put the show back on again, but at an earlier time so my kids can watch it too.

I love Jericho and I can't believe it got canceled again.CBS said all would be resolved in final. I don't think so. Bring Jericho back please I want closure.

Jericho was one of my personal favorite shows and loved the characters. I personally love history and would have loved to seen where they would have gone with the "revolutionary angle." Please bring it back.

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