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Kristen Stewart as Isabella Swan ?????????

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Is Kristen Stewart the right girl to play Twilights Isabella Swan????? what do you think???


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she can get to the character really
I thought she was too tomboyish to be Bella. She never stepped out of her own personality to portray Bella. Bella was soft and feminine but still intelligent and spunky. Would have cast Emily Browning.
She was not soft enough to play Bella. She played it too tomboyish.She never stepped out of her own personality to portray Bella well. I wish Emily Browning had auditioned and gotten the part. she has the perfect acting style to play Bella. some people don't like the idea of Emily and Rob. One of the only reasons Rob took the part was Kristen, so recast Edward too. I'm more of a fan of the books. I don't like what Catherine Hardwick did with Twilight.
she definitely perfect for the part and her look is just right for the character... t

i think her plain, (but still pretty) ordinary face and plain brown hair fits bella's description in the book exactly. she is also rather petite, not looking too young, because don't forget she's supposed to be feeble.
however, twilight was NOT the best movie. it certainly got as much credit as it did ONLY because the books were so popular. edward and bella were nearly perfect, but, everyone else was so far off i couldn't even stand it.

she didnt fit perfectly but she is a good actress good on her for trying.

she kinda sucked in the movie. i read the books and i think bella in the book is better then the bella in the movie.

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I think that she right for Bella, but she looks to kiddy to play the part. She's sopst to be 18-19 and she looks like she's 16. But, she's really good at actting, but Edward is too hott of her. He needs someone like me to play in the movie. But, other than that she's really good, and she's really pretty in alot of her pic.
I love you Edward Cullen.

And Emily would deffinatly be able to do Bella's part better. Deffinatly.

Kristen Stewart sucked as Bella, seriously. She kinda has the look, but she doesn't really portray Bella. She doesn't express emotions like Bella does. She doesn't act inlove with Edward. It was killing me to even sit through an hour of the movie bc of her. I almost fell asleep.

i want to kill her
edward's so hot
she's not the right girl
more beautiful perhaps...

I don't think she's right for Bella, she seems to shy..? It's like she's struggling to get out her lines!

ummm isn't she supposed to be shy... in the book she is exactly the way she acted. GOOD JOB KIRSTEN STEWART... you did absolutely perfect!

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i tmhought she was ok at first then no im startin to think she aint the right bella
but i unno shes ok i just love rob as edward

I think she's as close as Bella can get. My hair color is like hers. I am seriously not kidding!!!!

She sort of looks like bella, why not!

To be honest, I wasn't sure of Kristen as Bella at first. I pictured her as someone completely different in my head while reading the Twilight series, but now, having watched the trailers and teasers, I've revised my opionion. She does a fantastic job for what I've seen so far. So I'm very pleased with Kristen.

And I just have to say, Rob was a big shock to me in the choice of Edward, but I'm getting used to it. Gonna have to hold my final opinion til the 21st, tho. He is hot though, and I think he and kristen look good together

i think Kristen Stewart is pretty much the only actress in the world who could portray bella in the best way possible. She's exactly like Stephenie Meyer's description on her website, and exactly how I imagined her. Kristen Stewart has put a lot of thought into which acting roles she chose. She has chosen mainly independent films, which are the movies that truly show amazing acting. She seems to really care about the role, and to have approached it very professionally and seriously - i think we as fans are very lucky to get her to portray Bella Swan, our amazing heroine.

oh and yeah, Robert Pattinson or whatever is not Edward. I'm starting to get used to the idea, but he really isnt how I pictured him.

She kind of looks like Bella, but I imagined Bella having a warmer appearence. Kristen seems a little bit cold and her acting seems a little bit passionless. Bella is very emotional so....

I like her as Bella, cause I can totally see her as Bella. At first, I was quite uncertain about her playing the lead role, but now I am positive that she will do an awesome job!!!!!!

i think she is a good actor for the part

im with Taylor m.
in my head im bella and edward dosent look like rob he looks way different but in a better way!

but yes i think kristen is good but i personally think her voice is too deep!

i think her voice does sound a bit funny, but in an interview somewhere, Stephenie Meyer says that that's exactly how she imagined Bella's voice to be, so maybe we got lucky that she's the lead actress :))

i dont think she is because she toallly sucked in speak and i wish they picked someone else

I like Kristen and I think she is perfect for Bella on screen but in my head I am Bella :D

In my own movie (in my head) I am Bella And I get to kiss the real Edward..No offense to any Rob-lovers..idk I just picture Edward way different

I like Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan...I can't imagine other actress who will play as Bella truth I kinda envy Bella Swan because she got Edward Cullen...hahaha! therefore, I kinda envy Kristen for having Robert Pattinson...tsk! tsk! tsk! I love the kissing scene...makes me wish it was me...hahaha! I love both Bella and Kristen...You rock girl!...:)

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