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Led Zeppelin to donate songs to Supernatural

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Led Zeppelin members (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones )


A petition from Supernatural fans to Led Zeppelin to request the donation of 1 or 2 songs to be used in the show. As fans of Supernatural, we all know how important classic rock is to the show. We also know that the creator of Supernatural, Eric Kripke, is a huge fan of Led Zeppelin as is the character Dean Winchester. Due to budget constraints and the cost of songs, it is almost guaranteed that Led Zeppelin music will never be heard on the show unless the band agrees to donate the songs. This is a petition to the surviving band members, a plea from the fans, to allow the show to use 1 or 2 songs. We the fans have complained all season long how much we miss the classic rock. Now it is time we step up and ask for what we want. So please sign!!!
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What would be more appropriate than Dean starting up the Impala and speeding off with either The Immigrant Song or Whole Lotta Love thumping through the stereo system? Or driving down a dark and empty country road about to meet some demon or ghost with No Quarter or When the Levee Breaks playing in the background... and laying a beating on that same monster with the hard rhythm of Communication Breakdown? There are so many great Zep anthems it's impossible to pick just two...
The entire Supernatural series is practically a running tribute to Led Zeppelin. And hey, letting some of their songs be used by Supernatural sure beats using "Rock n Roll" to sell Cadillacs!
I've been a lifelong fan of Zeppelin-- Supernatural is always referencing how epic the band is (even naming episodes after songs), so it's time to combine the two.
Please, it would be some amazing!
You have no idea what this would mean to us! Regardless: Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of all time!
I listen to Led Zeppelin for years. And im a huge Supernatural fan. Of course im always grinning like a loon when there is yet another episode with a LedZep song title. But its really about time they acually play a song! I mean in Houses of the Holy Deans mp3 player says he currently listens to Kashmir. But they dubed it with another song! The agony! Whatever the guys plan for season 6. But i just hope for some oldschool fun: Sam and Dean back on the street together and what better song to pick for that then "Rock and Roll"? Also parts of Gallows Pole are made for this show. Hangman, hangman, hold it a little while, I think I see my brother coming, riding many a mile. And would Trampled Underfoot be too kinky for a Impala tribute. Imo it'll rock.
whoops double post. so lets see what they gave us so far: 7 episodes got named related to LedZep In 4 different episodes they call themself Plant, Bonham and Page. There is one where Dean says Ramble on and Traveling Riverside Blues are his favorite songs. So much Led Zeppelin. Kripke or someone else there must really love the music. So play it already. Please
Before I started watching Supernatural I'd only heard one Zeppelin song, now I checked out more of their music. It would be awesome to hear "Ramble On" or "Travelin Riverside Blues" on the show.
Because of Supernatural I found out how great and awesome the music of Led Zeppelin (and other classic rock bands) is. Since the first Supernatural-episode I have bought all of the Led Zeppelin CDs. It would be great to hear their music finally on my favourite TV-show.
Because of Supernatural I found out how great and awesome the music of Led Zeppelin is. I've bought since then all of their CDs.It would be great to hear them finally on the show I love so very much. Anke P.
I am a huge, huge fan of Supernatural - already love the music on the show - I agree, we must have some Led zeppelin!
What's the worst that could happen? Zeppelin would sell more CDs!!!! Let Dean have his Rock and Roll!
It would be a dream come true to the creator and the fans to hear some Led Zeppelin!!!

The music is the first thing that peaked my attention to the show. From there I watched and fell in love with the show. I've recognized many subtle Zeppelin references. My favorite being Agents Page and Plant. Had to rewind to be sure I heard what I thought I did. Tonight were more references to Zep. I think it would be great to hear some Zep in the show. Rock on!

It would be great to hear some Led Zeppelin on Supernatural. It's one of the best show in years ...

Led Zeppelin songs would be amazing for Supernatural

led zepp tracks would be awesome as would be some metallica. season 3 didnt sound the same without the classic rock and ballards.

Led Zeppelin Rocks and would be so great on Supernatural! Please be the great band that you always have been and lend some tunes for our show and fans! Thankyou!

Zeppelin Rules, so does Supernatural = It makes sense people! PLEASE!

I was wondering why they never used any Zeppelin. Seriously they should be paying supernatural to use their songs considering all the media it gives them lol.

best show, best music for this show, ya'll will love the fact that your music is appreciated by this t.v. shows audience. It introduces your music to the teenagers and they love it. Come on take a look!!!

best show, best music, best reason to use your music for any show cause it 'will' be appreciated. A very cool show and your music fits so well with the writing. Take a look and ya'll have no choice.

best show best band best songs, what more can you ask for please please lets hear Zeppelin on a 'cool' show! where people actually will appreciate it!

I'll admit I should have known all of Led Zeppelin's songs, but unfortunately they weren't my band back then. However BECAUSE of Supernatural I have discovered your amazing music and am now a huge fan. I won't be the only one. Please educate the uninformed of your awesomeness and share some tunes!

Supernatural is a fantastic show that totally deserves your music. Kripke is reverent where Led Zeppelin is concerned. Zeppelin Rules according to Dean Winchester. Trust me, you won't regret it. Let the Led out... please? And R.P., totally loved Raising Sand! Thanks, guys!

oh yeah we need some more clasic rock on the show

The only way to rock, watch the show and then decide.

could you put the " linkin park"

you must put the rock classic ( l am a french so sorry for my english)

supernatural is the best show tv !!!

I know classic rock with Supernatural. Supernatural rocks, we need Led Zeppelin songs.

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