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Which do you prefer?PC users believe they are on the tried and tested platform that most software is developed for.Mac users simply state that for power and ease of use there is no comparison between PC and Mac. With Apple using Intel processors and the battle heating up - which is your choice and why?  


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I believe mac is number 1

I believe mac is number 1 for you can't get viruses from the mac like you do with the mac also never shuts down on me like my pc system or never crashes.

I got a pc (but on

I got a pc (but on vista...); next one will be a Mac !

Macs missed their

Macs missed their opportunity when Windows first came out. Windows was truly awful. If MACs lowered their prices to be closer to Windows OS computers, they might be number one today. Today I don't see that much difference and Macs still cost more. Also there was the third system -- Unix/Linux, which it's inventor made free for anybody to use. So very large companies who had to write programs for big data applications for all kinds of different machines started programing in Unix and Linux. Over time because it was an open system compatibility became easier and easier. But it's like Blue Ray today, big companies had to choose a PC OS for their PCs that interfaced with their servers and mainframes that worked on Unix/Linus and rather than develop two interface protocols, one for Macs and one for Windows, they chose just to buy Windows based PCs.

These guys are a bogus

These guys are a bogus representation anyway. In real life Mac and PC would both be old with PC being only slightly younger.

Mac architecture is better,

Mac architecture is better, made with better parts, true they don't have as many games or programs made, but still really nice to have you can find the best pc game on mac as well.

Macs and their blindly

Macs and their blindly devoted acolytes make me sick to my stomach.

Macs suck

Macs suck

At least Microsoft doesn't

At least Microsoft doesn't try to name it's operating systems after fluffy animals. But I think that says something about Mac users anyway. They like fluff and purple velvet suits.

My next PC is going to be a

My next PC is going to be a MAC.

No one can resist the power

No one can resist the power of the DARK SIDE.

Shouldn't this be Windows

Shouldn't this be Windows vs. Mac? It's not the PC's fault it has a crappy OS installed on it.

Sorry boys. They were just

Sorry boys. They were just so bad for so long. There was a song out last summer "It's just a little to late." Mac is too little to late for me.

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