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Make a 5th twilight book

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Stephenie Meyer


To make a 5th Twilight book maybe telling what happens next in Bella's new life, what happens to her baby, and Jacob explaining more about Bella's gift.

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I definitly agree, that their should be a next book telling your fans world wide whats the ending. just like any other story. More power to all the staff & crew. god bless!

i think twilight was the best movie i have ever sceen

umm yes the 4th book just left us all hanging...
as to what happens with bellas baby and jacob and his new love(: and what happens to bella as time goes on

plaese bring out a fifth book, i feel like i've lost something now that there isn't another book. it would be great to see what happens with renesmee and jacob and how the volturi react...

make a 5th book with a FIGHT SCENE this time


i like the movie very much. i wish that icould buy all the books.

all the way from new zealand PLEASSSEEE Make The Book!

yes i really think there sould be more in the twilight sage. Omg that would be totally awesome considering i've read all the books 3 times

Omg Omg Omg.... yes a 5th twilight book would be awesome. I need 2 read more about there life together nd when i finished the saga i just had 2 read the books over again. I want a 5th book!!!

i really think that there should be a 5th book! when i finished the saga, i felt so bored!UNTIL I STARTED TO DO chores!

There should be another Book in the series because I have so many questions. I could not put the book down as soon as I got into the book. Good luck with the 5th book1!1!11!!!!!

i really think that there should be a 5th book. i really love all of them and it makes me just want to read more. when i finished Breaking Dawn i was upset because i didnt have another book from the sega to read. I also think there should be a movie for all of them. That would be extremely GREAT!!!!!! I LOVE YOU STEPHENIE

if your no going to finish midnight sun PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE at least write a 5th book to the twilight saga

Me too i want more on about jacob and nessie reaationship

Of course we need a new book!!! Bella and edward and their daughter have so many things left to do!! I AM DYING TO READ ON!!! PLEASE PLEASE?!?!?!

Oh Please! A fifth book would mean so much to me! Twilight is my favorite series! I'm completely addicted to it. A 5th book would be more than flabulous. People are craving for these books! So am I. What can I say? Im obsessed!


make a 5th twilight book mrs. stephenie meyer but please! please! please! not in Jacob's perspective! make it Edward's or if not.......still Bella's and tell us what happens on jacob and renesmee's relationship when she's already the right age, or you can put it in the 6th, or 7th, or 8th book! or you could put a little suspense on the 5th book where renesmee encounters some complications that none of her kind, (half-human, half-vampire) has ever experienced. or you could put a little twist,,: a female vampire appearing out of the blue claiming that edward is hers and they have something special.......let's see how would the cullen family and the wolf pack would deal with it.......hmmmmmmm =3

of course i am waiting for the 5th twilight book!!
please write it.. and of course more about EDWARD CULLEN PLEASE!

I want more books ,
the 5th , 6th and 7th .
Please (:

I do agree with ending of the fourth book, it leaves us hanging and wanting more! Which, you have to see, makes us even more desperate for a 5th book. I do understand that you have new projects to work on, however, I do hope that you find a new brainwave that would lead in the creation on another twilight series! And if you dont decide to write another book in the series, please at least finish Midnight Sun! Perhaps that would satisfy this new 'thirst', if i may, for new twilight saga literature. TY!



helll yes we should get a fifth book

Yes oh yes a 5th book!!! more of the lovely little Renesmee & Jacob. And how Bella is handling the gife and how Edward is handling everything!!

yes i want the 5th twight light book

yess! i really want to have a 5th twilight book series! the other four books are really good and i really want to know what happens to jacob and renesmee, and alice and jasper and everyone else. it'll be nice to know how bella is doing with her vampire life and if charlie will ever find out the truth and what has happened with angela and ben? i loveeeee this series and i've never been this attach to a book series before. PLEASEEE WRiTE A 5TH BOOK! [:

I'm interested to know in the 5th book what happens between Jacob and Renesmee and how Bella and Edward would take Jacob as a son-in-law (or maybe the other half-human half-vampire character in Breaking Dawn).

Ok so I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all want to find out about Renesmee! And what happens to Jacob, Charlie, Sam, Bella, and Edward.

<3 Edward

i cant wait for midnight sun!!!!!!!!! i hope u finish writing it!!! i think we should be able to know how edward and bella and all the cullens do and what kind of badles they have to face later as vampires!! i mean what happens to charlie?? i hope u write another one!!
Niika Lee

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