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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah…What should I say!

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With all the political correctness going on today I don’t know what I should say anymore.  Fights break out if you say the wrong holiday greeting to the wrong person.


I think people should be able to say what they want.  I am Jewish and if people say Merry Christmas to me I just say thank you and say it back.  It’s not a big deal and they mean no harm by it.  It’s the same as if I would say Happy Hanukkah to some one or a group of people.

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Every things getting out of hand. There is nothing wrong with saying What you feel to say on a HOLIDAY GREETING to someone. Weather its in person or not...Getting so that you will not even be able to look at some one or some thing and it piss some one off.. OH WILL.. I'll say what I wont to.. MARRY CHRITMAS TOO EVERY ONE.. Thats the way its been and thats the way it should be.

I really have never understood this issue.  I think it takes political correctness too far.  I can understand some people taking issue when companies have "Christmas Parties".  But as far as wishing someone well on their holiday? 

Merry christmas and Happy Birthday!!!!

I agree with the sponsor's position that saying Merry Christmas, or Happy Hanukkah, is not and should not be interpreted as offensive. 

Merry Christmas!

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People should "be able" to say whatever they want but some religious people "act like exposed nerves" if they are greeted with a holiday wish that is not specific to or indifferent to their religious beliefs.

The problem is that often people confuse the content of the message with the intent of the message - sad but true....

God help you if said "Merry Chistmas" in some Madrassas or named a stuff Teddy Bear - 'Muhammed' in Sudan.

With all of this political correctness, we lose our diversity. 


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