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Miley vs. Selena and Demi

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Are you on the side on super sensation Miley Cyrus, or are you for the Disney newbies Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato? Miley posted a video making fun of Demi and Selena and posted it on YouTube. Selena Gomez is known as from the Disney Channel show " Wizards of Waverly Place" and Demi Lovato from the recent movie "Camp Rock". unless you live under a rock you would know who Miley is. The JoBro have their say (as kevin jonas was seen wearing a team demi and selena shirt) now you have yours =]

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Miley was good when she first came out but I think now she is overdoing it. I thnk Selena and Demi are all natural. They don't sound like they are forcing the sound from their throats like Miley does.
Demi plus selena are sure better than miley. Miley is such a show of who sings through her throat. Demi and selena are more natural. P.S demi and selena are alaways smiling. Miley always rolls her eyes, like a loser who can't solve a single problem.

OMG!! I love all of them so But id have to say Selena and demi sorry miley i love you too but i like them like a fraction more than you :(

i've always liked miley never selena and demi

I hate miley, she's so spoilt. Everyone likes her only cuz she's pretty. She's also kind of rude, i mean she rolls her eyes and talks through her nose when there's a problem. demi and selena are very natural and they don't show of or act like sombody they're not.

Anyways, I'm going to break this down by talent. This is from an objective point of view, I am not trying to be bias.

I have heard Miley singing on specials like American Idol and such. I admire her not lip singing, but a part of me wishes she did. She does well for a moment, but then when she gets to higher or lower notes (most notably in her hit, "See You Again"), she breaks down. Like bad.

Demi however, I have noticed has a wide range of vocals. She can rock out, pop out, or just make you cry. She can scream (Yes, you can scream in pitch. See Linkin Park) or whisper while maintaining her pitch and tone. No "Talking" as Miley does once in a while. Her songs "This is Me" and "Don't Forget" are so different from her rock out songs. They are sad, serious, and she sounds like she is crying, while maintaining pitch and tone. The saddest, most beautiful voice.

They both co-wrote their songs, but I again go Demi on this one. It just sounds more honest, "I still eat McDonalds", and less like "I wear sunglasses at night." I have to say however, I think Get Back is Demi's worst song. Her other songs (That Disney probably don't want to be broadcasting), are far more superior. That actually goes the same with Miley.

That being said, Demi shows more "raw" talent. Her voice is already suberb, like Leann Rhymes good. She fits her style better. She mixes Rock-pop. Miley needs to eliminate one. Rock-pop-country trio sounds like three good things mashed up in one meal, only to come back out as...poop. Miley, give one up. Any combination of two would be could. I recommend holding country though. Go Leann Rhymes or Shania Twyane (can't spell) with the slight country voice and you're playing your strengths. Demi is already playing hers, in fact, she prefers more metal, more harder than her Disney bosses would allow. She needed Jonas Brother's help to lighten up.

Demi's songs are more realistic and honest, but that is a good and bad thing.

Miley mixes too many genres into one song. Simplify and she's good.

Yes I did lean Demi with a ratio of 8:3ish, but I believe in competition (as long as it doesn't get ugly). But this is still the preseason of their careers. Anything can happen. Especially in two years after they turn 18. That's when it gets really interesting.

Miley is a princess...Selena is a skank...where's the confusion??

skank... lol. Selena wasn't wearing only a blanket on a major magazine. That's just her character on Wizards.

Miley sucks and is stuckup and rude!Selena is nice and cool!

I like Selena and Demi more than Miley. They are more natural somehow...

Plus, I love Wizard's Of Waverly Place and Camp Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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